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Wedding pictures!

Knitting continues on the tilted duster.  The pieces above the skirt are really small and easy to complete!

We got the proofs back from the photographer this week, and I am so happy with how all the photos came out!  We haven’t decided yet which ones to buy, but I thought I would share a few here.  I would recommend my photographers to anyone, they were really wonderful to work with!

Wedding party:

With my new in-laws

My favorite shot of Marc and I together:

With my piano (yes, it’s a little strange getting married where you work!)

The church:

Entering the reception (after we had a power scare – 15 minutes with no power!)


I couldn’t be more pleased!

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And… we’re back!

We’ve made it in from Chicago, where we had a wonderful time!  I’d never been before, but I really enjoyed all the city had to offer.

Thank you again for all the lovely comments on the wedding, they really made me smile!  I will try to get to them soon, but I am so behind in work that it may be a bit!  To answer the most frequent question… the LEGO Bride and Groom topper were made by Marc to resemble both of us.  Other LEGOs? The Church where we were married was replicated in LEGOs and sat on the Guestbook table.  The favors were little boxes of LEGOs, which everyone had just so much fun with!  They came in very handy during the brief power outage!  The biggest hit on the dancefloor?  Mr Roboto by Styx.  I did not know that it was possible for 4 geeky guys to do the robot for 5 minutes straight.  I love my friends!

My favorite candid photo so far!  Marc claims this is my “warning” look.  I don’t see it!  I will post more when the professional photos come in.

While I was in Chicago I did get to two knitting stores.  We visited both Loopy Yarns and Arcadia Knitting.  They were both very nice, but of the two I preferred Arcadia – the lady behind the counter was so nice and gave us a great lunch recommendation!  While I was there I bought some Interlacements Tiny Toes and began (I can’t believe it either) a sock!

Plain stockinette with a little ribbing at the cuff.  I just felt the urge to make a pair of socks, and since this rarely happens I thought I had better go along with that!  The yarn is nice if not exceptional, and I do love the colors (much prettier greens than this photo… I am too impatient for daylight!)

Since I had finished my last large project (the Nantucket Jacket, which awaits a bit of seaming tonight) before the wedding, I started a new sweater.

I present… the Tree Jacket from Zephyrstyle!  I’m not certain how it’s going to look on me,  so we shall see.  Right now I’m trapped in the neverending raglan increases.  I think this is why I rarely make top down sweaters anymore – I just hate those long rows before splitting for the sleeves.  And since this is garter in the round, it involves purling every other row, which is slower.  Fortunately, the sleeves call for knitting flat and seaming, so this is the last of the round garter.  I am further along than in this photo.

I arrived home to find that I had finally received the new Interweave Knits (I think I must be the last!)  I was happy to realize that I have yarn I can use for my two favorites.


Felted Tweed in Watery for Eunny Jang’s cardigan, and Peace Fleece for the Minimalist cardigan.  I must continue my record of knitting teal cardigans.

And now I must go to seam a non teal cardigan, my poor lonely nantucket jacket.  I’m a little worried about it, so here’s hoping it goes well!

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Thank you all for the warm wishes on my wedding.   Everything went far better than I could have expected!  Everything was beautiful, and we only had a few little mishaps (I forgot the ring and one of the bridesmaids had to run for it, and the power went out at the beginning of the reception (but it was fixed relatively quickly!)  I had a wonderful time, and I am so happy now to be married to such a wonderful man!  We are off to Chicago for the honeymoon, but I will leave you with some shots of the day from friends!

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I’m calm… no, really

I keep telling people that I am not freaking out, but I’m not sure that they really believe me.  After all, my wedding is on Friday after all!  Everything is going pretty smoothly, although my relationship with the caterer seems to be quickly souring.

First, the on topic knitty stuff, then onto wedding!

I bought some Garnstudio Eskimo on the cheap, because I want to make this cardigan.   This yarn smells straight up like sheep, which to be honest kind of freaks me out (am I the only knitter who doesn’t like this?  People are always saying how much they love natural smelling yarn, but I am not such a fan.)  The cat, however, is totally fascinated by the stuff.  I’m not sure… maybe I will wash it? (And to answer the questions about this, I use my swift to get the yarn into hanks (is this the right word?), tie it in a few places so it won’t tangle, and then soak it in woolwash and hang to dry.)

WIP update!  I have finished all the pieces of my Nantucket jacket.  I need to block the pieces above, and then I can get to seaming.  This may or may not happen before the wedding, depending on what else I have to do.  It certainly can’t happen until I get my table cleared off!  The entrelac scarf continues, and I still just adore making it.  The photo above is slightly above one ball of SWS.  I bought 4, which looks like it will make a nice long scarf.

Wedding checklist: I have come up with a simple centerpiece (we got all the tiles, vases etc from friends who got married last year.)

Yes, those are coffee beans in here.  I left that one lit for hours, so that I could make sure it wouldn’t burn or smell.  It doesn’t.

Our escort cards and seating chart are done:

One of my best friends who is a fellow Catholic music person is both playing the music and made the worship aids.  He worked very hard on them, and they are so nice!  I think it will make the mass much easier on my (mostly) non Catholic family.  He’s also handling rehearsals with the musicians (we are having violin, flute and a cantor, and one of my best students is singing Ave Maria.)

I have made a little card that lists directions to the reception (unfortunately it requires highway travel) and lists the members of the bridal party.   Of course, the most important part is the little bride and groom robots I placed there!

I know, computer picture is not good, but I need to still print these off.  That quote is from star trek!  Let’s see if anyone notices who Leonard McCoy is.

Other than that… it’s all pretty good!  We can drop off most of our things at the reception venue tomorrow, and they will set them up.  I still need to get a few gifts for people who have helped us with the wedding, and Marc needs to finish up his favors.  I thought today was Wednesday all morning, so I was really happy to realize it was only Tuesday!  I think we should be ready in plenty of time (knock on wood!)

The most important part?  Leon is so happy when we get presents in the mail!

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I’m working on that *&%$ Montego Bay scarf today.  I’m determined to finish it, but I am so tired of making K2togs!  I’m also still waiting on my pattern for Agnes before I can start on that.  I cannot wait for fall knits now!  It was sooo hot and humid here yesterday.  I finally broke down and subscribed to Interweave Knits and crochet, and they gave me a shipping date of 8/15 for the fall knits issue.  Who knows what that means… In the meantime, I found two knits for fall that I’ve added to my list.

On the left is zephyrstyle‘s new pattern, the treejacket.  I think it has some cute details, although I will confess to a certain amount of suspicion towards any knit that includes garter stitch, because I fear stretching.  On the right is Patti, from Rowan Studio One.  I joined Rowan International a little bit ago, since they’ve lowered prices, making it about the same cost as 2 magazines, and I ordered this as a single pattern off their website, since I don’t care for any of the other designs in this book.  As an aside, has anyone ever done that, and how long did it take them to email you your patterns?  It’s only been a day, but I’m curious if I should check.

Patti is also lovely because she is knit in Felted tweed, which is of course still my most favorite yarn. I only hope I don’t get allergic to it the way I was to the alpaca in my pie shawl (I doubt it; the alpaca content isn’t too high, and it hasn’t bothered me before.)

I’m also printing little stickers to go on the favor boxes at our wedding.  We’re having little boxes of legos as favors, so here is the sticker I made (I got the idea online, it wasn’t mine!)

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wedding wedding wedding

I think I officially have “wedding brain” now. I met with a florist this afternoon and decided on flowers. I’m doing simple flowers – only for the wedding party, no decorative flowers. Everything is in lovely shades of peach and rust, with scatterings of little green berries. My bouquet will look something like this, without the really orange flowers.

Other wedding things… our favors are mostly finished, and that is Marc’s domain anyway. I’m working on programs and placecards, but I am held back a bit by the non rsvp-ers (I just know I’m going to have to call around to my relatives!) We have contracts with the caterer and the bar people. I’ve decided on music finally, and lined up which of my wonderful fellow musicians will be performing. And we have rings!

Marc’s is titanium and mine is… something. It’s a family ring. I am glad that mine is so teeny, because I cannot play piano in large rings! I still have a lot to do, but I am not stressed… it will get finished, and all will be well!

I also (to keep it on topic) made a few more hexagons and joined them together. I really love the way these look, even if my acrylic leftovers are a bit brighter than my usual colors.

I’m eagerly awaiting the release of the fall knitting magazines now, or at least the previews from Interweave knit and crochet, and from Vogue (I want to make the debbie bliss sweater on the cover!) I am so ready for fall knitting now, and I chose to wait on buying my birthday yarn until I could see what the fall magazines were offering.

Edited to add: This is the cover of vogue knitting I have seen, URL is here.

I love swingy cardigans!  This is, I’m pretty sure, also in Debbie Bliss’ new Cashmerino book as Romy.   And unlike most Debbie Bliss patterns it doesn’t call for crazy amounts of ease – the 32″ bust is 32″ inches, according to the schematic at the website above.

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Busy life!

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July! We had my friends Althea and Jason over for grilled chicken and veggie couscous, and then we went to see “Sicko” at the local indie theater. I don’t trumpet my political opinions on this blog, but I do recommend seeing this film. I thought it was excellent and very moving. It especially touched me, as up until this past year I had been without insurance for 6 years (the joys of self-employment!)

Enough of that though, and onto knitting! Last night I finished the back of Camisa.

I’m following the directions for the smallest size, so here’s hoping it fits! Hopefully the front will go faster, since I’m no longer stuck in wedding invitation hell. Yes, they have all been sent out as of Tuesday! Now, of course, I have to make programs and place cards, but those won’t be nearly as bad as trying to remember to put all those enclosures in the invites!

I do have a few photos of our shower on Sunday. Here’s Marc with his favorite present:

Hanging around with friends (the weather was so nice!)

And our cake!

And the cats were not forgotten! Jason bought them a kitty tent to call their own.

Sorry there isn’t a cat actually in the tent, they can be so difficult when they want to!

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Big news!

Things are so hectic here right now.  My aunt Debby and my friend Althea threw me a shower this weekend.  It was so lovely to see everyone together (my Dad even came to meet Marc’s parents for the first time – it was a coed shower.)  We are so, so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family, and I’m really touched by how happy everyone seems to be for us.  Althea bought Marc these:

Yes… LEGO shaped fruit snacks.  I know I’ve mentioned Marc’s LEGO hobby, but I’d like to point out the LEGO contributions to our upcoming wedding.

On the left: our wedding cake topper (although we are having cupcakes… same difference!) On the right is the groom’s cake topper.  The little guy looks so scared!

And the church in legos, a work in progress:

He built the church his sister was married in for her wedding, and it was a big hit.

And my big news is that I’ve been promoted at work and am now the director of the entire music program!  It’s really very exciting, and while it is a lot more work I am looking forward to building my own program.

We’ve also just sold my car (*sniff* farewell green bug!) and are looking for a new car.  Marc has a Volvo now, so we’re hoping to find a nice used Volvo and make it our only car later on, since Marc doesn’t really drive. So… many things going on now, but very little knitting!

I am planning some yarn purchases, as the knit nook is having their summer sale on my birthday in a few weeks.  Marc is going to buy me the yarn for the Vintage Pink Cardigan as my present, since I could not bring myself to buy the Blue Sky Alpaca silk myself.

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Drowning in a sea of paper.

One of the best things about planning this wedding is the amount of crafting I get to do.  And not just fiber crafts – I get to step outside my comfort zone and try my hand at new things.  We’re creating and printing all the paper items for our wedding ourself, because I got a look at how much professional invitations cost and nearly passed out.  I am not a scrapbooker or a collage artist, or anything having to do with paper, so this was all new to me.  I bought some blank invitations, designed simple wording, added a little paper and ribbon, and voila… our invitations!

I am very pleased.  My paper happiness keeps me from getting annoyed at family members who say things like “You expect people to go downtown that late?” (um… 6 pm.  Yeah.)   Ah yes… my family the southern Baptists.  I specifically printed on the invitations the word “dancing” so that if they come, at least they know what they’re in for…

I have been knitting too!  Last night I finished the back of Josephine.

So far all the modifications have been pretty easy.  I blocked it lightly just to see how it would lay, but I didn’t try to get it to fit the measurements.  It blocked longer than the pattern and a little more narrow, both of which are just fine with me.  I’ll cast on for the front this afternoon if I have time.  Oh – and yes, there is an extra eyelet on the eyelet row, but I didn’t notice it until the back was nearly done… and it will be hidden by the cord, so I don’t care.

I should mention now that I really love the Karabella Vintage Cotton.  I am having absolutely no trouble with my hands on this yarn, and it has a really wonderful sheen.  It’s reasonably priced too, so I would definitely recommend it.

I’ve finished the raglan increases on my shrug,  and I’m off on the sleeves.  I’m not alternating balls, because I don’t mind the tiny bit of striping, but I am going to use the 2nd skein for the ribbing, just in case there is a slight color difference (I don’t think there is, but you never know!)

There are men working outside, shoring up the foundation of our building.  They’ve been at it since 8 am, right outside my window.  I don’t get up at 8 am (I work nights after all) so I wasn’t too thrilled.  Ah well… I get to leave for work in an hour, so I can finally escape the horrible drilling noise!

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More new pattern excitement!

Thanks for all the comments on the bedjacket – I really appreciate them, and will do my best to reply to everyone! I have finished the front of the fitted tank and begun the back, but today I’ve just been running around doing wedding errands. We bought a suit for Marc and went to Hobby Lobby, where I purchased a whole bunch of papers (at 50% off) for various wedding purposes. Just for the record, I do find all this to be stressful. We only have 2 months before the wedding now, and I’m trying to get everything done. We have our Catholic pre-cana course next weekend as well as a meeting with the priest, and I’m a little nervous about that, plus I’m trying to keep myself in check and not allow myself to think things like “Oh my God, we had a fight, this means that we will fight about this for the rest of our lives.” It’s odd how everything achieves a greater level of significance, even things that probably shouldn’t. I think we’re both feeling the stress, but we will survive! Tomorrow I’m only playing one mass, and then we’re going to the Irish Festival with friends, so perhaps that will be a nice break.

Oh! And I curled my hair as many of you suggested, and tried out the fascinator I bought for my wedding. My hair holds curl pretty well. The verdict? I like it very much with curly hair, so that is how my hair will be for the wedding. Sorry for the self-picture, I couldn’t have Marc take this one, so it’s kind of a weird angle, but the comb looks very nice and not as tall as it appears here.

Previews for the fall knitting books and magazines are already beginning to appear! I have to confess that I have a few books on preorder from Amazon, and I saw today that one of them, “Lacy Little Knits” by Iris Schreier of Artyarns is shipping already, several weeks early, so I should receive my copy early next week. There are some preview pictures on the amazon page, and I do like the looks of these sweaters:

There are more photos on the Amazon page, and I think they are all cute (sorry my pictures are so compressed and crummy!) I also have Veronik Avery’s book on preorder (it isn’t due out until September) as well as Romantic Handknits by Annie Modesitt (for a little preview go to her flickr account here) and “CrochetMe” which looks to have some really fashionable and interesting crocheted items. You can see a preview of Crochet me here. In fact, you can now preview all of Interweave’s upcoming fall books. I’m not going to get the best of Interweave Knits I don’t think – I’d rather collect the magazines. I also think that “Felt Forward” has some interesting looking designs, but I’m not really all that interested in felting.

The Fall issue of Knitscene will be out at the end of this month, and a few of the projects look interesting.

I will have to see the projects bigger of course, but these are nice looking. Doesn’t it seem early for fall projects? But Berroco has just released their fall patterns, most of which I am not too impressed by. I do like this sweater, from the Norah Gaughan (did I spell that right?) collection.

I think it looks a lot like the sweater she did for lace style, only this one comes in more sizes. There’s also a pretty skirt/dress thing… but I am not sure that the geometric based/ drapey designs really look good on me. That’s why I don’t own “Knitting Nature,” even at the great price Amazon was selling it for.