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Not the best of weeks

I have had a bad week.  People have been upset with me, I’ve been cried on, and in one memorable conversation, someone tried to convince me that I was morally a bad person (which is so completely the wrong thing to say to me if you don’t want a fight.)  I avoid confrontation at almost any cost, and I’ve had a lot of it.  For years I would find myself crying angry tears any time I was mad, but now at least I can hold them until after the argument… but still, it makes me upset for days.

Last night I couldn’t even sew, because I got so upset when I didn’t understand a piece of the directions that I cried. Seriously, big tears.  Marc cheered me up a bit with a vodka gimlet and the Mad Men premiere, but it was still a bad week.

Ok, enough self-pity – I’m sure things will look up soon!

I am working on the Tracy Reese dress muslin, but the neck facing directions are confusing me.  I hope to figure them out today (thank goodness it’s a light work day!)

I also bought 2 new vintage patterns.

I saw Mccall 6849 come up once before and I missed out on it, so when this turned up on Etsy I bought it right away.  I love this dress, and I hope I can make it work!  The lines are simple, and I can wear junior sizes.

Simplicity 5789 was one I had been searching for in my size (this isn’t the one I bought… I have a 32.)  I like the shaped midriff piece, and I’m pretty sure I want to make it out of a tweedy wool with the long sleeves.  It is perhaps a bit like a Star Trek uniform, but for me, let’s face it, that’s sort of a plus.

Oh yes, she would approve.

(and yes, I am a Trekkie, conventions and all.)


Etsy faves and 10 things about me

Above: A sneak peak of this week’s project!  It’s actually all finished, and awaiting photos this weekend.  I went with dark brown piping, as it was the overwhelming winner!   Does anyone else feel like they can never get piping the way they want?  I have the special piping foot, but my zipper foot works better… even so, it’s not as close as I would like!

I’ve been tagged by Karin at Ancien-Nouveau for the Beautiful Blogger award, and I’m supposed to list 10 things you might not know about me… here goes!

1. I’m pretty much nocturnal.  I work in the afternoons and evenings, and play gigs late at night.  I sleep the hours when most people are beginning their work days.  I don’t go out in the bright sunlight if I can help it – I’m extremely fair, and I swathe myself in spf 75 and hats if I have to venture out.  And my sewing?  Happens almost entirely late at night, or on weekends.  You do not want to see me on the Sundays when I have to get up early to play mass (fortunately not that often anymore!)

2.  I have an absolutely shameful addiction to historical romance novels, especially the regency novels of Georgette Heyer etc.  Admittedly, I will read just about anything to feed my appetite for fiction, but there really is no excuse for loving these books.  Are they formulaic?  Heck yeah.  Should they offend my feminist sensibilties?  Probably.  I don’t care though… for me they are the comfort food of books!

3.  Speaking of, I’m also a feminist.  I wouldn’t mention it, except that when people find out my hobbies, or that I teach music lessons, they tend to assume that I’m not.  I also wear a lot of dresses, and unfortunately many people buy into the old stereotypes of a feminist.   As I say, the freedom be what you want includes the freedom to follow a more traditional path (and to dress however you like!)

4.  I have a weird diet.  I pretty much don’t eat meat, though I’m not a vegetarian, and I will eat the same thing for lunch for a month running (yet rarely do I repeat recipes for dinner!)  I also like the world’s most bland snack foods – plain saltine crackers and pretzel sticks are my favorites, and I will choose them over any other snack (especially sugar… I do not really like sugar.)

5.  I like what my husband terms “old man drinks.”  Vodka gimlets, gin and tonics, rusty nails, the Manhattan, the sidecar… you name it, if your grandpa drinks it then I probably like it.  My husband, meanwhile, has never met a drink with an umbrella in it that he didn’t like… and he has a deep and abiding love for sweet madeira wine, which I think is disgustingly sweet.

6.  I am really, extremely shy with new people (and always with large groups!)  My whole life people have assumed I’m being snobby when, in fact, I am desperately trying to remember how to make small talk.  I do completely fail at small talk – I just can’t do it!

7.  My Meyers-Briggs type is INFJ, one of the rarest types.   My best friends have the same type, which must be why we get along!  The description on the Wikipedia pages sounds exactly like me!

8.  When I was a child I wanted to grow up to be a novelist.  I still love to write, thus the blog (and various unpublished stories that I write for fun!)

9.  I met my husband when we were both dating siblings (ie, he was dating the sister, I was dating her brother.)  It’s less sordid than it all sounds, really… one day we found ourselves both single, and hey – we already had something in common!  His ex (we are still friends) recently introduced her new boyfriend  to her brother’s  girlfriend as “your future husband.”

10.  I had to buy a cabinet to store my nail polish in, because I have a nail polish problem.  I can’t grown my nails long, so I like to at least make them look pretty!  Right now I am sporting taupe nails (Orly Country Club Khaki) to match the dress I just finished sewing.  My students stare at my hands all the time, and I like to think they appreciate my extensive glitter nail polish collection!

Whew… that was hard, and I bet they weren’t all new – but after 4 years of blogging I can’t even remember what I’ve mentioned before!



I’ve been tagged for two of the memes going around the crafting community, and I am never one to avoid filling out a questionaire (is that odd? I love to answer random questions!)  Tasia tagged me for the “Eight Questions” meme – here are my answers (I’ll save the other answers for later on!)

1. Which pattern/vintage style have you been thinking about lately? I’m in the midst of a Mad Men rewatch, in preparation for the new season, so I’d have to say that my obsession with the early 60s continues.  I’m also desperate for some flattering black pants – I bought mine in 2002, and they aren’t looking so good!

2. What’s your sewing threshold? As in, what will you let go, what must you absolutely fix? If it looks fine on the outside, I probably won’t fix it.  Slightly puckered lining?  I’m not going to bother.  I will fix a puckered seam on the outside, and I cannot bear if I can see the hem when it’s supposed to be invisible.  I will always fix fitting problems if I can – I often have to take a dress apart and adjust the side seams a bit!

3.  A designer you consistently like and why? It’s only since I started sewing that I paid much attention to designers at all, other than an unhealthy obsession with Project Runway. Flipping through my inspiration file, it seems I do like Carolina Herrera, Michael Kors,  and Armani.   Classic looks, which makes sense since I am far more inspired by vintage design than I am by what’s happening on the runway now!

4. What garment/accessory do you wear the most? I wear the diamond stud earrings that my grandma gave me for my 16th birthday almost every day.  I am not much of one for fancy earrings or necklaces, but I do love a nice brooch!

5. What song never fails to move you? A question you should never ask a musician!  I would have to say The Luckiest by Ben Folds… it was the first dance song at my wedding. Of course, when the first line said “I don’t get many things right the first time,” all our guests snickered… guess they know us well!

6. What is one place that you really want to visit that you haven’t been to before? So many places!  I love to travel.  Right now England is at the top of my list… I’ve been to Europe several times, but somehow I’ve never quite made it there!

7. How do you relax? I am not exactly known for being a relaxed person, but… I love to take walks around my neighborhood, looking at the lovely old houses, maybe stopping at a coffee shop.  My neighborhood is not quiet at all, so I suppose many people wouldn’t consider it relaxing, but I love the feeling of being a part of everything, and the excitement that something is always going on (that I don’t have to take part in.)  Since I work from home, my concept of relaxing may be different from yours!  I get really stir crazy if I don’t get out of the house for a bit every day.

8. Your motto/mantra?Music is what happens between the notes.”  (Duke Ellington… I think) Although I don’t talk about it so much here, most of my life is taken up by teaching and performing.  It’s easy to get caught up in the notes, in a sometimes futile attempt to achieve technical perfection.   And yet… some of the singers who move us the most have imperfect voices.  The most simple music can be the achingly beautiful.  As an example I offer this:  Metamorphosis I by Philip Glass, one of my favorite pieces to play lately.  Technically demanding?  Not especially, though there is an art to minimalism.  But there is something there that speaks to me (so I guess this is another answer to #5 as well!)

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Still alive!

I have survived my dentist experience!  It may have been the hardest one so far (and I am including having the front crowns) because I had a deep root cleaning at the same time.  I would not wish that on anyone, but fortunately I was sedated and remember very little of it.  (Although apparently I made my husband promise not to film me and put me on youtube before the drugs wore off!)  It is still pretty painful, but it’s getting better now.  Today all I did was sit around and try to come up with things I could eat that didn’t involve chewing.   When I’m sick, I still eat exactly the same things I did when I was 8… chicken soup (from the lipton mix… I know, it’s awful for you, but I love it,) yogurt (with cream on the top if I can find it,) and rice pudding.   My husband voted for Jello, but I don’t like jello… I know, I’m the only one.


I did manage to put the buttons on my dress, and it is basically finished.  The only issue I’m having is that the lining wants to show in the front, so it will need to be shortened.  I didn’t do the hem the way the instructions said, so it’s probably a bit long.  That’s an easy enough fix, and I hope to finish it in time to wear it to a baptism this weekend.

I’m considering my next sewing and knitting projects.  I really want a knitted bolero, so I’ve been sifting through my books.  I’m considering this vintage pattern, from an issue of Stitchcraft:

The pattern is available free here.  I would need to purchase yarn and decide on a color scheme… my supplies of skinny yarn are sadly depleted.

I also have quite a few Kim Hargreaves patterns I’m thinking of… but we will see.  I can’t wait for her new book, I always find them so inspiring (and yes, they can be similar, but I adore a peplum, I can’t help it!)

The next dress I make will be the 50s sundress with the rose fabric I showed a few entries back.  I want to finish it for a wedding, and I don’t want to be rushed.  I’m also thinking of blouses, and maybe trying a pair of ankle length pants?  I haven’t got a pattern for that though… I want something tapered, but without too much fullness around the hips.  Think late 50s/early 60s.  I think they were called cigarette pants?  And I’m still searching for fabric for my purse.  I’d better hurry up – spring has arrived, and I’m still carrying a purse made of tweed!

Thanks for the shoe help – I’ve ordered the Clarks and the Seychelles – I can’t wait for them to arrive!  I love Zappos… not only do they have free shipping, but they are headquartered here, meaning that they sell off all their returned shoes super cheap in their warehouse store.  Must make a trip there soon…

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Distraction required

First of all, thanks for all the wonderful responses to my last post – it was so interesting to read how you all deal with mistakes!  I really think that dealing with mistakes is something you have to learn.  You may know that I teach piano for a living, and often a large part of my job is teaching how to deal with mistakes.  For almost every child there will be a point in the first few months when they reach their first wall – the thing they find hard to do.  Many of them are horrified at the thought of making mistakes, and we work hard on how to practice effectively.  Mostly I try to impart that mistakes are normal and fine – a part of learning.  It always surprises me how many of them are really afraid to fail (at first.)  Oddly, teaching them how to deal with mistakes has helped me to become more patient with myself!

The blue dress is very nearly finished – I still need to sew the buttonholes and the hem.  I hope to wear it for Easter.  I found a new technique for narrow hemming, which I practiced and quite like.  You serge the edge of the hem without cutting (I use a 3 thread setup.)  Then you fold up the hem on the serging line, which is very easy to do, fold over again to enclose the stitching, and sew your hem.  It’s very easy, and saves most of the finger burning I always get from ironing hems.

However, I very much doubt the dress is finished before this weekend.  Early tomorrow morning I have a dentist appointment which I am not at all looking forward to.  I’ve talked about my dental troubles before – I have this disorder, which causes abnormally thin and weak enamel (although no, my teeth do not look like that photo)- my family is from Sweden, where the incidence of the disorder is 1 in 700, so it is much more common than in the US.  My Mom also has this.  I seem to be constantly at the dentist having terrible things done – all my front teeth are capped now, and we are beginning on the back teeth.  Tomorrow I need root canals, and yes I do mean multiple ones.  Dental insurance does not cover this, since in their opinion it would be cheaper for me to get dentures (never mind that I won’t need them with this care, and that with my career dentures are not an option.)  I try not to think about how much I have spent, and how much I will spend on my teeth.  I am being sedated, which I have never had before, so hopefully everything will go smoothly!

Anyway, I was planning to buy myself some shoes as a reward for going through with things, but I’m having an awfully hard time finding shoes I actually like this year.  I’m pretty picky about shoes – I stand up a lot, and in the summertime we walk nearly everywhere.  But I don’t like ugly shoes, and I don’t particularly like clunky shoes.  Luckily, I do like retro styles, as those styles are often more foot friendly.

I’m considering these styles, for a low heeled sandal:

1. Clarks Carrie May  2. Sofft Andrea

I generally have great luck with these brands.  Sofft makes great comfortable, vintage inspired heels, but I haven’t had their sandals before.  Clarks have a lot more nice styles than they used to.  I’d like to order from Zappos, because my best friend works there, and I can use the friends/family discount.

I’m also definitely getting these, in black, for a summer dress sandal:

Seychelles Trip the Light Fantastic

I love t-straps  and mary janes right now.  The heel isn’t too high. I wear a heel nearly every day, and  the way I get away with that is by never wearing insane heels.

I’m about to head off to Macys to try on the ones they have in stock… I have to go to the drugstore anyway, where I will be buying some nailpolish – the other thing, besides shoes, that I buy when I’m worried.  I suppose there could be worse habits.

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Still winter? Just checking…

More snow… ugh.  I am so over winter now.  But soon it will be March – and at some point the weather will have to warm up!

For Valentine’s day Marc and I went to our local Skyline Chili, where they were having a 3 course V-day dinner.   I’m not a huge fan of the holiday, so we like to do something silly!  If you’ve never had Cincinnati chili, you really should try it.  The key is to think of it more like spaghetti and less like chili, as I don’t really consider it chili if it’s served on a plate of spaghetti, contains cinnamon  and chocolate, and is topped with american cheese.  Marc, being from Cincinnati, is of course obsessed with the stuff, and I have cultivated a certain fondness for it as well!

And this afternoon we drove north into Indiana to pick up my new serger!

It’s the Brother 1034d, a pretty basic model, but it gets great reviews from beginning serger users on Patternreview.  It’s used, but looks in good shape.  I figure it’s a good place to start, and if I wind up using one all the time I can upgrade to a fancier model later.  I’m going to sit down with my copy of SEW U: Home Stretch this week and see if I can figure it out… and I figure that I will have time to work on things, what with the coming snow, and my city’s general lack of preparedness for bad weather.

I’ve spent this weekend cleaning out my closet, which is always fun… I think sewing is making me pickier about the fit of my clothes, and I was finally able to let go of some things I just don’t feel good in.  I also found plenty of items I had forgotten I owned.  For instance… I was gifted this vintage faux fur coat this winter by my Mom.  I think it’s from the 40s.   It isn’t exactly convincing fur from up close, which is fine by me.  It has a nice lining and a label from a defunct local department store.   I feel a little silly in it, but it’s staying in the wardrobe – you never know when you will be invited to a formal event in a blizzard!

And finally… I finished my skirt!

No FO post yet… I have yet to decide how I’m going to wear it.  It may require some shopping, so it will have to wait until after the snow – thank you for all the suggestions, they really helped me decide how to style a maxi skirt – a style I haven’t worn in years, since they have been out of style so long (but they are back this year!)   I highly recommend the pattern – it went together with no problem, and the instructions were really excellent.  I did wear it out to play piano for a mass this morning, and it was nice and warm in the cold weather!

And that reminds me of one more thing I’m excited about… fish fry season!  Don’t ask me why, but there’s nothing I love more than a catholic fish fry… and living in a heavily Catholic area, we usually hit a different one every week during lent.  I hope you have all had a fabulous weekend!

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Randomness, answers to comments

You guys, I am seriously exhausted this week.  I’m singing in the Verdi Requiem with the Louisville Orchestra (and if you’re local you should totally come… it’s going to be great!)  We’ve been rehearsing every day, and today was the first full dress, on stage with orchestra etc.  Let me tell you, standing shoulder to shoulder with 150 people under hot stage lights for 3 hours, singing music that is seriously hard, is not as glamorous as it sounds.    But… the music is fabulous and it will be worth it.  Just watch out for fainting sopranos!

So in lieu of actual blog fodder this week, I’m going to answer a recent comment, and then talk about things I don’t have time to make right now!  And I’d just like to say… I don’t always have time to reply to everyone, but I appreciate so much when you stop to comment!

Emma in France “Is it just me or are you going back to red hair again? Perhaps it’s just the green in the blouse bringing out the red tones. Looks great anyway!” You know, that’s actually a funny story.  I haven’t had my hair dyed in about 6 months.  Do you see roots?  Yeah, me either.  I have apparently managed to end up with hair the same color as my natural color, which of course I had no idea what was, since I haven’t seen it in over a decade.  Apparently now my hair is red.  Which is fine, albeit weird, but I’m still probably going to dye it more brown, since I still don’t love how the red limits the colors I can wear.  I have no idea how it ended up this color, especially when I started out like this:

Oh yeah… I rocked that early 80s haircut.  And I loved that dress.  But anyway, last I checked I was a blonde (though darker than I was at age 6, obviously) so it’s really weird that it’s turned reddish now.

I also have had a few questions about how I set my hair in pincurls, so let me recommend a youtube channel for you… LisaFreemontStreet does tons of vintage hair tutorials, especially 40s, which are my favorites.  I don’t usually do actual pincurls – I use pillow rollers, which you can buy at the drugstore.  They’re little sponges covered in cloth with wires through the middle.  You roll the hair and then twist the roller to make it stay.  I usually wash my hair and then dry the roots partially (so it won’t set funny in the back.)  I roll my hair, using a setting lotion, and then sleep in the rollers (I wear a scarf to cover them… oh yeah, it’s pretty attractive!)  They are much more comfortable to sleep in than the foam rollers you can also buy, since they are small and very soft.  The look is similar to rag curlers.  My hair is naturally somewhat wavy, at least underneath, but has always been hard to curl, so I generally blow dry it straight.  Curling it this way, it will last until I wash it out.  I sometimes use the caruso steam rollers you can buy at Sally Beauty also… they make a nice long lasting curl, but not as tight, and you don’t have to sleep in them.  After you take out the rollers you have to brush the curls out, and I recommend watching some of the videos to get an idea about that, because at first it looks pretty frightful… you just have to keep brushing!

I really love vintage hairstyles, so I’ve been trying some of these out.   I’ve always been terrible with my hair, so if I can do it anyone can!

Last weekend I decided that this week would be “finish Salina” week.  Um… yeah.  I have had zero time to work on that, and this weekend we may be going to Cincinnati (Marc’s grandfather passed away 2 weeks ago, and we need to help his parents clean some things out.)  My schedule this year has been tough on my knitting – before I was always traveling and waiting around, so I had lots of incidental time.  Now that I’m home, it seems I always have something that needs to be done- plus I’m doing a lot more performing, and lately those groups are taking up a lot of time (last weekend, for instance, I was on retreat, learning all the music for a spring concert.)  Sewing requires dedicated time, but not necessarily over a long period.  But don’t worry if I’ve been all about the sewing lately – I am not giving up knitting, I’ve just been soaking up all sorts of information.  I do love to learn new things, and I am nothing if not obsessive about learning to do things the right way.  And I really need some new clothes.

I’ve been looking for cardigans to make when I finish Salina.  My black cardigan was purchased in, no kidding, 1998.  It’s not really black anymore.  I’m still deciding on what pattern to make, and considering my glacial progress, I have time!

I do have loads of fashion inspiration though.  For instance, I love everything Emma wears on Glee (and Marc and I are way more obsessed with that show than we have any right to be!) So I have a new blog added to my blogroll… WWEPW (What Would Emma Pillsbury wear.)  It’s possible that we went as Emma and Ken for Halloween.  No one knew who we were, but hey we had fun (it’s better if you can see that he’s in gym shorts and I’m wearing rubber gloves.)

Ok, enough randomness – hope everyone is having a great week!

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Wearing handknits: Vaila + resolutions 2010

I only wear Vaila when the weather gets super cold – and as we aren’t breaking the freezing line this week, I think it qualifies!  Made of Malabrigo, it’s soft but tends to pill and catch lint.  After a year’s distance, I like it far better than when it was new.  I wouldn’t make it again, because I have sworn off of bottom up sweaters knit in one piece, but it makes a nice cozy sweater on a day of teaching indoors.

I have an update for you all about my attic!  It isn’t finished yet – we will be working on it during this long weekend (Marc has Friday off.)  The floor is in, and the paint is done on my side.  We have another window and the stairwell to paint, and then I have to panel in around my windows where the wall is exposed.  The biggest change was probably the floor, going from this:

to this:

Believe it or not, that’s vinyl.  It looks very realistic, and I just love it!  It looks great with the new wallcolor

I made a trek to IKEA this weekend and got a desk that was on sale, as well as a table for cutting and crafting.  I set it up, and I’m so pleased with my area!

Oops, need to put that vent cover back!  Having the extra space is going to be wonderful, I can already tell.  I’ve put the futon at the end of the room, in front of the windows – it hides the duct back there for now, and makes it harder to see in at night from the street, though there is still a ton of light.

Of course, all this work means that I haven’t actually made anything in weeks, but that’s ok… it’s going to be worth it in the end.

As for 2009… farewell to you, I say!  I’ve had a hard year, which involved me making a major job change and starting my own business.  The first half of the year I was very depressed and felt trapped… now it’s as though I’ve come out into the sunlight and can breathe again.  Church work was not for me – I found that working that closely with church officials produced a level of cynicism that I’m having a hard time dealing with… but in time I think I will feel better.  I also had a lot of difficulties where my personal beliefs conflicted with church teaching… let’s just say that I’ve never been good at not speaking my mind, and while I succeeded in keeping quiet it only made me miserable.

But that’s all over, and building my studio has been a great experience!  I’ve also been doing quite a bit of performing again, which is great… and most of all I actually get weekends, and I get to spend them with my wonderful husband, who has been there for me through all this strife.

I’ve made a lot of new friends this year, and I feel as though my shyness is finally behind me.  I’ve learned to sew, which has been great and has opened a new world to me.  So while it’s been a difficult year, it was necessary to get me through to a healthier place.

Now to the hard part… my resolutions for 2010.  Let’s look at them more as “suggestions,” shall we?

1. Continue to build my teaching studio.  I want to maintain between 30 and 35 students, and right now I’m at 30.  I need to remind myself to be selective about who I accept – I don’t necessarily take everyone as a student, because sometimes I can tell it’s going to be a bad fit.

2. Build my sewing skills.  I’ve really taken off with sewing in the last half of 2009, and I want to build on those skills.  I want to sew from some vintage patterns and work towards my goal of having 50% of my wardrobe be handmade (I won’t get there this year, but it’s a goal for the future.)

3.  I’m interested in going further into vintage dressing/hairstyles (and to that end I’ve been setting pincurls in my hair often, as in the photo above.)  I’ve gotten positive reactions from the people around me, which pleases me.  I don’t want to look costume y, you understand, but I have a passion for those styles that I have been stifling in order to blend into my position.

4.  Knit more basics.  Look, I love color.  Everyone knows it.  But sometimes you need a little white or black cardigan, and I don’t have one.  I’m definitely going to be focusing on basics in the first part of the year.  I also want to really try to know from some of my vintage patterns.  I resolve to slow down – I have 90 bajillion sweaters, and I need to stop rejecting beautiful small gauge knits because I think they take too long.

5.  Don’t keep unhealthy relationships going.  Enough said.

6.  Continue to become more comfortable with who I am.  I’ve made great strides, and I want to come to a place where I don’t apologize for myself anymore.

7. Take more weekend trips with Marc, now that I have weekends.  We love to travel, and there are lots of little places to visit in easy driving distance.

That’s all for now – I hope you all have a great 2010.  This blog has really meant a lot to me, and I appreciate everyone who has stopped to read and comment!

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In the meantime…

Wow – what a great response to my question about other crafts – I’m glad to be in such great company, and I hope my quest to learn to sew goes well!  I’m waiting on a part for my machine, though I do now have a copy of the manual, and I’ve been working on my knitting (of course!)

My next sweater is going to be Salina, from Rowan’s Vintage Knits.

Yes, I finally found a yarn.  I’m using Rowanspun 4-ply, double stranded.  I actually have 2 colors – Jade and a dark blue, and they look great together!

I also finished one of my tsunami socks.

Socks that rock lightweight is surprisingly not light.  It’s got to be on the heavy side of fingering, or maybe it’s just very dense.  I like knitting with it quite a bit!

I’m also giving serious thought to redoing our attic soon.  Marc uses it for his things, but I don’t like to be up there, and I would like a craft area.  It has central air and new windows (including skylights) as well as plumbing, but it lacks drywall and needs a new floor (currently a very old linoleum.

The stairs:

main area

Big new windows (at either end.)

What do you all think?  I think we can it mostly do ourselves, and I need a house project!

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At least it will be funny someday…

It’s been a crazy weekend, you might say.  Friday night, Marc and I went to the opera (we love opera, and one of my best friends works for the opera company, so we’re supporting!)

I especially love dressing up.  It was la Traviata, not my favorite (a bit too much dying of consumption for my taste) but the cast was phenomenal!

Saturday we made a trek to Cincinnati, to see Marc’s parents and go to Ikea (I finally got a new dressing table, and I am super excited to get my stuff out of the bathroom where guests and students can’t see it!)

We got back pretty late, and went to bed.  We woke up at 4 am to the sound of someone opening our front door.  I woke up Marc, who armed himself with our only real weapon, a fire extinguisher, and called 911.  We stayed shut it our room, as we heard someone coming up the stairs.  I don’t mind saying that I was completely terrified!  The police arrived and, as it turned out, there was a drunk stranger passed out in the bed in our guest room.  One of the policemen attempted to calm me by saying “don’t worry, we get this sort of thing all the time!” which was somewhat less than comforting.  Of course, the guy had decided that it would be a good idea to lose his pants in our foyer, so our neighbors got to witness someone without pants being dragged out of our house at 4:30 am.

As it turns out, I had left the keys in the front door when we got back so late, and the drunk thought he had made it to his friends’ house near us (and they had thoughtfully left the keys!)  Don’t ask me how he failed to notice that he was not even faintly in the right house.  He called this morning to apologize profusely and with much embarrassment.

I love my neighborhood, and wouldn’t leave it for anything, but tomorrow we are so getting an alarm system, so as to avoid more confused drunks!

Ahem… I have also been crocheting, although not since Friday!  After crocheting the yoke of my sweater at least twice, I’m on the body, which is pretty smooth sailing.

If you make this pattern, be sure to count your stitches after each row of the yoke – I could have saved myself so much trouble that way.

Happy Monday everyone – here’s hoping for a great week!