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First a knitting preview… the Old Penny Cardigan is finished!

As soon as it finishes drying and I can get my photographer during the daylight hours I will have a post about it with modeled photos.  I will say that I am much more pleased than I expected, and that the errata, such as it is, is really not that bad and is confined to the fronts only.

And now a house preview.  I am on the last room of my big painting project (the bathroom is going to wait until we can afford to redo it properly, I suspect it may be my Christmas present this year.)  I am still incredibly sick, so this room has been slow going, especially as I had to remove wallpaper.  Here is the room before painting (but after wallpaper removal)

And here it is this afternoon, before the final coat of paint.

I had to adjust the levels on this photo (it was looking very blue green on my monitor, and it isn’t at all) but it looks close on my screen now.  The color is “terrarium” by Martha Stewart paints.  Green is (obviously) my favorite color, but after painting many rooms in many houses green I have come to realize that it’s always best to choose the darker option, lest you end up with slimey looking walls (ask me how I know!) This color looked too dark on the card, but on the walls it is just what I wanted!  The tiles in the fireplace are a blend of green and rose, and I think this paint compliments the green better than the previous pale blue wallpaper.

About the fireplace… the previous owners painted the entire thing, including the tiles, white.  Most of the paint is off the tiles and they look great, but I still need to paint the grate/screen thingy (what do you call it in old gas fireplaces like these?)  All the other screens in the house (which are identical to this one) are black.

I am unable to sleep when I’m sick, thus the late night posting.  I’m also doing a lot of thinking about what I want out of life… doing this work on the house has brought up old dreams that I forgot about.  I love old buildings and am passionate about their preservation and restoration.  I also love design, and for a long time wanted to be an interior designer.  I would love to find a way to combine those things in a job… or something.  Ah… who know, but thinking about it is fun!

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Happy 2nd Blogiversary!

Ok, so it was a week ago… but I’ve been busy!  My second year of blogging has passed, and I love it as much as ever!  I thought I would try to turn last year’s feature into a tradition… one where I talk about how various yarns have held up in the sweaters I’ve made this year.

1.  Printed Silk Cardigan in Frog Tree Pima Silk – I get a lot of nice compliments on this sweater.  The yarn has stretched a bit, but nothing you wouldn’t expect for a cotton/silk blend.  It’s nice and cool and light.  I might not use this yarn again because of the splittiness (the memory has not yet faded) but so far it is holding up well!

2. Juliet in Cotton Fleece: One of my most favorite sweaters.  I love the swingy shape that’s so popular right now.  This color of cotton fleece has faded a bit – it’s more peach than terra cotta, but I still love it!

3.Green Gable in Knitpicks Comfy –  I don’t wear this so often, because even though I added 2.5 inches to the body it’s still way short.  The yarn itself is holding up ok – a little fuzzy maybe – but the real problem is that it catches every piece of lint in a room.  It was lovely to work with, but I have concerns about it long term, so I wouldn’t use it again.

4. Thermal in Knitpicks Gloss – Everything they say about Gloss is true – it stretches insanely upon washing.  I made my sweater too small, and now it’s a bit big, but it is lovely and warm, and I like to wear it on cold days.  The yarn otherwise is holding up great – no pilling, and the color has stayed true through washing.

5. Tree Jacket in Valley Yarns Colrain –  I love this sweater – it’s unusual but not crazy looking.  Colrain is one of my true yarn loves – soft and shiny, and it holds up great!  My sweater has no pilling, and I wore this all the time last winter.  It does attract lint thought, but not too bad.

6. Tuxedo top in Berroco Naturlin – Like knitting with twine, but the results are so worth it.  I don’t wear this much because I’m always cold, but whenever I do it makes me so happy!  The yarn gets softer with every wear, just like they say with linen.

7. Briar Rose in Moda Dea Fashionista – The only sweater here that I do not wear.  I cannot seem to figure out what to wear it with, and the yarn  is pilling badly after only a few outings.  It was strange to knit with, and I cannot recommend it for garments (but I bet it would make a lovely soft blanket!)


1. Something Red in Blue Sky cotton – Sometimes you have to learn for yourself – for instance, I had to learn that this yarn really does wear as badly as they say.  I have worn this a lot (I always get tons of compliments on it) and it’s stretched out and really worn looking.  I could live with the wear if only it would stop stretching – at this point it is far wider in the shoulders than I am.

2. Flutter Sleeve Cardigan in O Wool Balance –  I wanted to try this yarn forever.  It was a bit rustic to knit with – papery and full of twigs.  But the sweater is great – lightweight and soft, and it holds its shape well.  I find short sleeved cardigans hard to wear (as I said, I am a cold person!) but this is my favorite!

3.  Vest Evereste in Cascade 220 heather – I love vests, why don’t I knit more?  I will have to make one this winter (Victoria from the new Kim Hargreaves is first.)  This vest has held up wonderfully – it has not stretched, and the yarn looks like new.  I’m planning to knit Forecast with Cascade 220 this year, since this was such a success.

4.  Comfy Cardi in Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino –  I didn’t love this when it was done, but to my surprise it is one of my favorite sweaters now.  I love Baby Cashmerino.  It’s more tightly twisted than the other cashmerinos, and it does not pill a bit.  I’m planning to knit Ripple, from Kim Hargreaves Nectar, from this yarn.

5. Gathered Pullover in Naturespun Sport –  I love the color and the sleeves fit me perfectly, but I do wish I had made the body with a normal hem – I am always pulling at the rolled bottom.  Ah well – I wear it all the time.  It has not stretched or pilled, surprising for a cheap yarn knit at a loose gauge.

6. Emily in Venezia Worsted – This sweater is so luxurious – the silk yarn has a nice weight and drape and the color is beautiful!  It has not pilled, although I am careful with it because of the silk content.  It stretches a bit, to be expected with wool/silk blends, but it’s still one of my favorites.  I do love this yarn, and I thought the price was very good

7. Central ParkHoodie in Kathmandu Aran – My favorite sweater, hands down.  I must have worn this three times a week last winter.  I know some people think the yarn is too rustic, but I didn’t find it to be too bad – I thought it was quite soft, if not a smooth knitting experience.  It has not pilled, and it has not stretched.  I am planning two knits this winter out of this, one of my favorite yarns (28 Thirty and Bianca’s Jacket.)  I am all about a soft tweed!


This year I have tried more complicated techniques – twisted stitches, cables, and lace. I have two sweaters nearly finished now, to make up for my slowness during the move.  I hope the information on the yarn is useful to you all, I know I often wish I could know how a yarn does over time!

If you’ve read this far, here is a preview of the new color of our guest room (previously painted ceiling white everywhere with a hideous built in shelf.)

It’s a tad brighter in real life, a true french blue that I chose because it matches the french blue in my babette blanket (which will live in here as soon as I finish it!)

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It was bound to happen.  There is no way I was going to get away with painting nine rooms (if you count the hall as a room) without making a fatal paint choice error.

I’m painting the living room this week (I’m on vacation, and we are having a housewarming party soon, so I’m anxious to get the public rooms finished.)  I had originally thought that I might paint this room yellow, but the room has a problem.  Problem #1 is that it is a sort of loft area, overlooking the stairwell and flowing into the upstairs hall, so whatever I use has to work in several areas.  Problem #2 is that when the previous owners opened up this room they built a new stairwell… out of yellow pine (the rest of the house is a mix of red oak and tiger oak.)  The yellow pine is crazy orangey, and any sort of warm shade tends to emphasize the orange, and the fact that it does not even match the rest of the stairwell.

I had decided on a sage green, which I thought would look nice with my red sofa and the blue fireplace, and which wouldn’t be overwhelming carried into the hall.  I only got as far as the window before I knew I hated it, but I continued on for another wall to make sure.  Yup… instead of the pretty sage on the card, this color looked like a gray-ish mint on the walls.

This picture actually just looks gray, but trust me that the mint was there.  It’s actually a nice color, but in my opinion it would look better with white trim.  It really gave the room a cold feel, which wasn’t what I wanted for our private living area.

I was sad because I really do love this color, but it isn’t for our home.

I decided to give the leftovers to my Mom, who is repainting her house to sell it, and started going through the huge pile of samples I have amassed, looking for a color that might work.

I threw a few up on the wall:

Yup, I still don’t like yellow.  But that blue… it had possibilities, although it looks a little bland in this photo.  It’s from the Sherwin Williams Arts and Crafts Collection.  The color is “Bunglehouse Blue.”  I decided to go with my instincts, so I went with the blue, which happens to go well with the fireplace.

Perfect!  The darker color makes the wood glow, and this blue contains enough green to avoid feeling cold with the northern light.  I need to learn to go with my instincts – I knew that light colors didn’t look great with our woodwork, but I was worried about the house being a cave.  Strangely enough, dark colors seem to work better with the dark trim.  I think it has to do with the amount of contrast.

While I was painting I discovered what color the room was painted before the owners painted to sell last year – ballerina pink.  Wow… I really cannot imagine thinking that was a good idea, but then these are the same people who repainted to sell using only mint green and butter yellow, and without using any drop cloths on the wood floors.

I had been considering using more muted colors for the bedrooms upstairs (I hope to get to those labor day weekend) but I have changed my mind based on this experience.

These are the colors I picked up today to think about for our bedroom (yes, I know I’m indecisive, you are all thinking “Didn’t she already go through this?”)  I like the two on the far left, Martha Stewart Terrarium and Ralph Lauren Alpine Pool.

The guest room will actually be next, and I am deciding between a Martha color called “chalkboard green” and an eddie bauer color called “bordeaux.”  We will not talk about how many swatches are currently on the walls.  I clearly have a paint problem.

Tomorrow this room will get a second coat (I am so pleased with the coverage of this paint, Sherwin Williams Cashmere) and then I will have a living room again.  I have hardly been able to knit, and I am so close to being finished with Honey.  Last summer I took over a month to complete the Nantucket Jacket because of the wedding, and this summer I am taking ages to finish anything because of the house – it must be something about july and august!  I cannot wait for colder weather…

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Kitchen painting, and yes I’m still thinking about fall!

My excitement of the day is that I set up an appointment with the piano movers, and my piano is coming to our house on next Thursday!  It’s been a good eight years since I was able to have a piano in my house, and I’m so excited I could cry (um… that’s what I do when I’m excited, apparently.)

We also got the kitchen painted.  It took three coats, and I did not prime, since the previous owners painted right before we moved in.  I didn’t think it made a difference in terms of coverage, which I thought was pretty good for a dark red!

We went from this…

To this:

I love the color so much, it’s really helped with my perception of the kitchen (of course, the kitchen is still awful if you open any of the cabinets, but it looks great from the outside!)

The job was not without it’s “why did they do that” moments, as is the case with every room in an old house.  In this case, we wondered why the owners left their telephone on the wall when they moved.

The answer became apparent when the wall was viewed from behind (this is inside a closet.)

Yes, a big old hole in the wall for the phone line, and not one, not two, but three anchor screws for the phone, which Marc and I now refer to as “the wold’s heaviest telephone.” We were lucky to be able to get at the screws from the back, I suppose, but there was plenty of patching going on after we took the phone down.  I solved the problem of a patch in a visible place by hanging my first picture in the new house!

Please ignore the wavy edging… this house has no straight lines, and this trim has many layers of paint and caulk.

Our condo had plaster walls.  I was amazed at how easy it was to hang a picture in the drywall!  This room has a large empty wall by the stairs (if we were eating in the kitchen I suppose we would put a table there, but we aren’t.)  I’ve decided to take photos of some local landmarks in black and white, and hang them all together in similar frames.  This will go with the photo above, which is of a tiny little park near our house.

And… with this room all the painting in the downstairs is finished!  It took us about a month to paint four rooms, two of which were wallpapered, and one that included a stairwell.  We are having a house warming party at the end of next week, and I hope to have the living room painted by then.  The bedrooms and the big bathroom will happen shortly after that is over.  I am on vacation until September 8th, so I’m really hoping to be mostly done by the time I start teaching again.

As a reward for finishing the first floor, I went ahead and ordered the new Kim Hargreaves book.  There are several sweaters and a hat I want to make.  I love her designs – she even makes chunky knits look elegant!

I have been obsessed with that first sweater for awhile.  I plan to use Reynolds Whiskey, which I already own.  I have kid classic in a light gray for the vest, and enough light blue 4-ply soft to make the hat.  I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I have been on a yarn buying hiatus for quite awhile, waiting to sell the condo, so I am trying not to buy.  I do love those coats though, in big wool and cashsoft chunky.

I also bought the new Rowan Mag, because I am not on a pattern buying hiatus, and I’m going to make the lamour slipover out of wool cotton from stash, and possibly the grable tunic, although I don’t know that I have a yarn for that…

(I think the styling on both these sweaters is awful, and neither looks the correct size for the model (isn’t she lovely?) but I like them anyway!)

I may allow myself yarn for grable, but we will see… it is expensive to move a grand piano, let me tell you!

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Honey and chartreuse

I’ve finished the back of Honey, and I’m nearly finished with one sleeve (the sleeves are 3/4 length, but they start out with a lot of stitches to produce a little puff.)  I’m still loving this knit, and a little nervous about yarn amounts.  I have the amount the pattern calls for, but the back took an awful lot of yarn!

The bust came out to 34″, same as the smallest size in the pattern.  It occurs to me that this is similar to the nantucket jacket, which looked like doodoo on me, but I think this pattern is going to be more flattering – the decreases are more gradual, the shoulders are more narrow, and the sleeves aren’t tight.

In the meantime we have finished painting the foyer and the hallway.  These photos are a little dark, but I didn’t want to distort the color.  It’s a little brighter in there actually.

About the paint I’m using: all of the paints in the house, except for the parlor (which was a custom color) are full spectrum paints, specifically Ellen Kennon paints.  This means that they contain more different pigments than traditional colors, and tend to avoid using black pigment.  Some people can see a difference, some cant’t, and the idea is a little controversial.  I can see a difference, and I think they are worth it (the paints I’m using are a little cheaper than the really nice paint I was going to use at benjamin moore anyway, and the store is down the street from my house)I find that they look extremely different under different lights.  The photo above shows two walls painted in the same paint, but because they are getting light from different directions they look like different colors.  At night they look the same.  I love this effect, because the color is always changing.  This color, called chartreuse, is alternately a celery green, dark gold, or medium tan, depending on the light.

Next to the fireplace with southern exposure it looks green, but at night this wall is a deep beautiful gold.

Did you know we have push button lights?

The foyer and our bedroom both still have push buttons, and I like them so much that I’m replacing several other switches with new push buttons, since they were probably that way originally.  This fixture actually needs to be replaced with new push buttons(the switches are really worn), but for now I replaced the old one after painting.

Finally, meet my new best friend:

On clearance at Target, ready to suck up giant balls of cat hair and wallpaper dust(and large amounts of dirt… I’m not sure the previous owners knew how to clean.)

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First things first… have you seen the fall edition from Twist Collective?    I want to make Victoria ,  Linden, and Little Birds, but it’s all gorgeous stuff!  I’m chugging along on the tempest cardi, and I have to say that I really love the yarn (Mountain Colors Bearfoot.)  I am a little worried about size, but it is supposed to be fitted and it is very stretchy, so hopefully it will be ok – just more fitted than a normal cardigan!

We have completed work on the parlor, except for the woodwork, but I don’t have pictures yet because the piano isn’t in yet.  Marc really liked the Sherwin Williams Duration paint, but I was less impressed.  It was very thick, kind of like pudding, and I think it is shinier than an eggshell has any right to be.  Even so, I adore the color, I hope to have photos soon!

In the meantime, we have been turning this:

mmm, hospital green

Into this:

It needs another coat, obviously, and that will be done tonight, but I am so pleased with the color against the woodwork!  This is one of the rooms the previous owners painted right before selling, and I cannot imagine what they were thinking.  That mint doesn’t even go with the beautiful wood tones a little bit.  I get the idea of green with wood (as you’ll see in a minute) but I hate that mint (which is still in my living room, sigh…)  Oh well… their bad taste is our gain, as it kept the house from selling!

I don’t even hate that chandelier as much anymore, which is a relief, we can’t afford new ones yet, because… our condo is back on the market.  The deal fell through because the buyer was going FHA, but the loan people felt that our condo association did not have sufficient savings and they refused to do the loan.  We are (naturally) very disappointed, and it’s frustrating because we aren’t able to start the larger projects in the house (ie the kitchen remodel, which has been moved up the list of important things) until we sell.   We have had several showings this week, so at least there is continued interest, but I really was hoping to be through with it by now.  And with us no longer able to take FHA buyers, it becomes much more difficult to sell in the price range.

But enough gloom – we love our new house, and it was totally worth all this aggravation.  The condo will sell, it will just take longer than I would prefer.  In the meantime, I can focus on painting my house in lovely colors, and we can at least afford the fix the bathroom (we need a new sink and floor, both are in really awful condition.)

Let me show you my colors for upstairs!  The first room is the living room, which was once a small bedroom but was opened up to create an open, loft-like space.  This means that the living room and upstairs hallway will have to be the same color, and I had trouble finding one I liked.  Here is my decision, Citrine, a lovely soft gold.

I would not ordinarily choose a yellow, but it looks lovely with the tiger oak fireplace and my red sofa, not an easy thing to do!

For my bedroom I am leaning towards a gray-ish green called Magnolia.

It goes well with the copper accents I have there, as well as the rose/green marble tiles in the fireplace.

The guest room is also green, this time peridot (I love this color, I was sad it looked icky in my room.)

The guest room gets a ton of light, although it is currently painted entirely in ultra-white ceiling paint (thanks, previous owners!)

The second floor feels very much like a treehouse, which I love (see the living room view below) and I want to use natural colors to emphasize this.

The bathroom is going to be a pale blue/gray called dusk, hopefully to coordinate with the giant stone shower.

The color is less blue and more gray than the photo – the walls are a nasty sort of pastel yellow, which my camera doesn’t like.

The ceilings are also getting repainted upstairs – they did not do a good job, and I don’t like ultra white.  The ceiling in my bedroom is actually peeling, probably a result of the wallpaper that appears to have been removed from the ceiling.

Tonight I get to demo the chair rail in the foyer and start removing wallpaper for my chartreuse foyer.  The kitchen is going to be berry red I think, but that will wait until the renovation.  I thought I could live with the kitchen, but I didn’t realize that half the drawers were unusable or that under the sink was completely disgusting and water damaged.  We’re probably going to install an ikea kitchen, but we will see…

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busy weekend

The parlor has now been diversted of all wallpaper, sealed, patched, primed, and coated with two coats of “Delicious Berry” by Behr (as copied by Sherwin Williams.)  It needs another coat, which I will be adding after I finish writing this!  New outlet covers have been purchased and are ready to go, and I am so ready to call the piano movers!  I love this color, which is hard to see here, but imagine a beautiful plum that makes the room feel cozy and warm.

I must love the color, because my current knitting project fits right in.

It occurs to me that my color tastes have not progressed much past the fifth grade, whenI was obsessed with all things hot pink and purple (preferably at the same time!)  Tempest is fun and easy to knit, and it’s going pretty quickly when I have the time – not often on this super busy weekend!

I also have a garden now… I can’t believe it either!

And closer…

My Mom (the gardening queen) helped out a lot here.  I wish I had a before shot, but picture a sad brown mess with scattered elm seedlings (there is an enormous 100 year old elm in front of the garden wall.)  We haven’t gotten to the other side of the walk yet, but fortunately we have narrow lots here!

I have also picked the other paint colors for the first floor.

Sapphire by Ellen Kennon paints for the dining room.  I’ve already bought my paint and will probably start here on Tuesday.

Chartreuse, also by Ellen Kennon, for the foyer.  This color changes between gold and green in different lights.  It’s exactly the same green as the lightest shade in the fireplace, and I think it’s going to go really well. This will be painted after the dining room, but as it is yet another wallpaper room it will be a challenge.  We are having a housewarming party at the end of August, and I hope to have the downstairs painted by then.  I am still wavering on the kitchen color – I love the bright kelly green I picked out, but I am being tempted by a wicked berry red which I love so much against the bright white trim.  We will see – I am filled with energy right now, I am making everyone around me tired!

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Still here!

Yes, I am still here!  I’m even still knitting (well, crocheting) but I have been working almost exclusively on Babette.  I have finished 7 out of 10 sections.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t make for the most interesting photos, but I’m getting there!  It’s a good project for right now, because I find myself totally unable to focus on my other WIPs (I did finish the back of the Ocean Pearls Cardigan, but then I decided to take a break because I kept snagging the yarn.)

I really want to start the February Lady sweater, but I’m holding back until I finish something else.  Stress in my life always gives me startitis!

We close on the house next Friday (the 11th) so I’m in desperate packing/planning/list making mode.  The good news is that it looks like we have sold our condo, and for a better price than our first offer that fell through (contingent on the inspection, of course.)

I have made even more paint swatches, and I’m itching to stick them up in the house and live with them for awhile!  I also wanted to show a picture of our new (old) stove.

Sorry for the terrible photo, but it’s a Chambers stove (I usually tell people it’s like Rachael Ray’s stove and then they get it.)  It’s in working condition and needs only a few minor repairs – it belonged to Marc’s aunt and was cooked on every day up until a few months ago.  The finish is in great shape, and it’s obviously been very well cared for.  I have wanted one of these for a very long time (we had a retro stove like this at one point and I loved it,) so I’m happy to help keep it in the family!  It’s still in his Aunt’s house, so we will go up with a truck after we move in to pick it up (we will also be visiting the Cincinnati Ikea at that time… I have been making a list for that as well!)

Once we move in I will be able to show more.  My plan is to go room by room, starting with the parlor so that the piano can get moved in.   I’m so excited to get started!
And I promise… next post will contain actual photos of my WIPs!

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World’s largest fan deck and inspiration.

We have our closing date (July 11th) and now we have scheduled our movers (July 12th) so it’s all seeming very real!  In just a little over 2 weeks we will be in our new home.  Meanwhile, I have become slightly obsessed with decorating.  It’s funny, when we were looking at houses we would occasionally see one that was newly remodeled and I would think “Oh, I don’t want that… I want to choose my own kitchen/bath/flooring and I would never choose that!”  We ended up just where I wanted – with a house that needs very little structural work (just the attic, and that’s Marc’s domain.)  I get the fun job of choosing colors and fixtures without having to do major work. It’s possible that I used to really want to be an interior decorator.

It’s also possible that I got a bunch of paint samples and painted big pieces of foamcore board, even though it will be 2 weeks before I can stick them up in the new house.  I have learned my lesson about not seeing colors under artificial lighting after our current kitchen.  The colors from Left to right are for: Kitchen, above the chair rail in the foyer, dining room, below stair rail in the foyer, piano room, bathroom, master bedroom, guest bedroom, and the three colors to be used in the upstairs hallway, foyer, and living room (these areas are all open and will require some creative ideas in order to make it look like they are separate from each other.)

The kitchen color is not quite right, it’s a bit too flat looking and too minty.  I was inspired for a kelly green kitchen by Domino magazine, so I’m going to use the color they used, Direct Green by Sherwin Williams.

I’ve actually gotten quite a few paint colors from Domino.  The first pitcture below is the color I’m using for the bathroom (BM Waterfall,) and the 2nd is for the living room (that room is kind of dark, so it needs light colors, and this shows 2 rooms next to each other like mine, although I am not using the same color brown, mine is more gray/taupe.)

I like all my choices, although I’m going to try a few more colors for the piano room to decide whether I want to go more purple or more blue with the color.  That room (and the foyer) have coffered ceilings (see a similar example here) so I really need to see the colors up against the wood.  This is in fact a concern throughout – because the woodwork is natural in all the rooms except the kitchen and bathrooms, the colors look very different from the way they look up against the white woodwork you always see in magazines.

Painting is my favorite bit of decorating, because it makes the biggest immediate difference.

Ah well – right now I’m just playing, who knows what will happen after we move in!  Some of the colors are bound to change. I had a dream last night that it all fell through at the last minute, so I need to distract myself.

I hope the next 2 weeks pass quickly!  Once we move in I will be able to tackle my lists for each room and the exterior.  How I love crossing things off my list!

I have also been crocheting on both my cardigan and my blanket.  I hope to finish the blanket by the time we get the guest room set up (not until the attic is finished, so not for awhile.)  It looks great up against the lilac paint!

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If you are a regular reader of this blog, you may have noticed my obsession with color. And not just any colors – bright saturated colors. I generally only like neutrals insofar as they make the brights pop (chocolate brown is the exception, and lately I do like gray a bit.) Forced out of my house yesterday by a house showing, I went to the knit nook and spent the yarn credit I had saved up.

This is Mountain Colors bearfoot to make Tempest from Knitty.  The colors in real life (magenta and lupine) are less vibrant, but I turned up the contrast to show the pretty olive greens in with the purple.  I love bearfoot, but I don’t like it as much for socks (too fuzzy.)  It’s a little heavier than the yarn called for, but it should work out – I won’t be getting to this til close to fall anyway, so I’d like a warmer version.  Lupine will be the main color with magenta as the contrast.  I hope it looks nice and not insane!

Today, driven again by my love of color, I went to the paint store and picked up sample cards for the new house (the house is pretty much entirely pink right now, and that is going to have to go.)

Colors are all by Benjamin Moore, because I love their aura paint.

I love the kitchen color (the bottom color here.)  I wanted a bright kelly green, and I think this will work!

The entryway and dining room will share these colors – gray in the dining room and one of the two teals below the chair rail in the entry.

I want a dramatic color for the music room, so I thought about dark raspberry.  This room also has a chair rail, and it will be painted white on the bottom.  I am torn between the two top colors on the left card, and the middle color on the middle card.

One of these colors will be the bathroom and one the bedroom.  The rooms are not attached, I just like blue-greens.  I’m leaning towards the aqua for the bedroom and waterfall in the bath, but I’m not sure.  I have a friend who painted her bedroom the aqua shade and it’s gorgeous!

I want purple in my craft room (which is also the guest room.)  My favorite is the dark lilac, the top shade on the far right.  I prefer my purples with some gray mixed in to make them less grapey.

The living room (which is upstairs) and hallways upstairs will be nice neutral chocolatey browns, so that you aren’t going straight from one color to another.  Fortunately, in addition to loving color I love to paint, so I will take this one room at a time.  Anyway, we won’t be in the house for at least a month, probably a bit longer, so I have time to plan (and I love to plan, it keeps me from going crazy with worry!)

In the name of avoiding the “what if something happens” worry I am also planning on recovering my dining room chairs.

I like the table set well enough, but this fabric is deadly dull.  I’ve wanted to change it since we bought it (2 years ago!) but I didn’t want it to clash with our next house.  Our current dining room has red walls, which I have slowly grown to dislike (you have really decorate around the red, and it makes the pretty cherry table look bland.)  I’m going to go with gray in the new house.  That rug is also going, since it’s nearly completely worn out, so I don’t have to worry about matching it.

I love Amy Butler fabric, and I’m thinking about using this pattern for the chairs, although I’m undecided about color as yet.

What do you think?