Welcome to my blog!  I started this blog as a way to record my knitting projects, and since then I’ve branched out to sewing and altering my own clothes.  I love fashion, and my goal with this blog is to document my journey to finding my own personal style.  I’m glad to have you here!  I may not respond to every comment, but I do read and enjoy them all.  If you ask  any questions, I will get back to you (and if I don’t, feel free to ask again – I’ve probably just gotten busy!)  I can be reached by email at jmills01@gmail.com.

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  1. I am interested in this:

    Knitpicks Palette yarn in Bark

    I have three untouched balls, one that is maybe 1/3 remaining, and another that was barely swatched. I would say there are 4 balls total, to be safe.

    Asking: $5.50 for all.

  2. Hi I sent you a PM on the Knitter’s Review regarding purchasing some of your stash. Hadn’t heard back from you so I thought I would send you a message here too. Thanks

  3. I saw your blog via google, and find it remarkably interesting, and that you are a talented young woman. Can I take advantage of your knowledge in giving a gift to (I think) similarly or nearly talented knitter as you. She works with me and is wild about knitting (she gets quite excited when she finishes a sock or a cap). So, I would like to buy an x-mas gift for her and as someone that knows nothing, I would appreciate any suggestions in the $20-25 range. It is just a work-related gift, and I was thinking of a silk-angora blend yarn? Thoughts? Thanks, John

  4. Hi, thanks for the nice words about my designs. I love the chocolate Cotton Glace that you might potentially use for the Drawstring Chemise. Your blog is gorgeous by the way; whenever I “visit”, I feel the urge to make whatever you’re making. And I like that you sometimes make garments I’m not familiar with.

  5. Hello 🙂

    Thank you for your yarn purchase! You can send a check for $41 to me at:

    Nachaele Olson
    9663 Lameria Drive
    Highlands Ranch, CO 80130

    please send me an e-mail with your address so I can send out your package on Monday. doxyluvr2@comcast.net

    Thank you again,
    Nachaele Olson 🙂

  6. I looked at the pic from yesterday, and if you look at
    the right side laying on the table, it looks like it’s
    missing an octagon or tri shape. I could be wrong ?
    I just happened to look at that photo.

  7. love the red paint you used in your kitchen, could you please share the brand and the name of the color, i have been looking for a nice red and yours looks perfect, thanks teresa

  8. I’m new to knitting, and depressed about the Star Trek Experience closing here in Vegas, so I searched for patterns with a Trek bent and stumbled upon your awesomeness! I will gladly admit to conventions and nerd-ness, though I’ve been told by other folks that I hide it well around “normals”. You must check out http://kimberlychapman.com/crafts/knit-littledudes.html, if you haven’t already. Fantastic! By the way, Wrath of Khan is the best of the Star Trek franchise. The Voyage Home, a close second. I strongly believe this and my father and I debate it at least once a year.
    – Leah

  9. Hello. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. It’s so colorful – I always admire color but tend toward muted basics. Someday I’ll break out – maybe. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how much pleasure I get from your projects and writing.

    Best wishes,

  10. Hi!
    Read earlier that you’d purchased a knitting machine. I’ve started shopping for one as well and I’m overwhelmed with the variety. Would you mind telling me what machine you purchased and how you like it? I’m mainly interested in completing the backs of sweaters (stockinette) on my machine and you had mentioned that is mainly what you use yours for. Thanks in advance for any advice…

  11. Just read your blog and must say that it has to be one of the better knitting blogs I have read in a long time. Thank you for posting all the pictures and I especially love the ones with your pet. so cute!!

  12. Dear Stitchywitch,
    Sitting at home, doing laundry, trying to decide whether to vacuum or not. So I didn’t. I got on the internet and started looking for swing sweater patterns. I had been looking for about 1 1/2 hours; when, I came across your site.

    You have the most interesting site I have seen. I love the many photos and all of the info you put forth on your site. You are the most prolific knitter I have ever known. You appear to be quite a bit younger than me.

    I do about any craft there is. I was in a quilting phase for several years and still have several tops I have not quilted. I have finally come back around to knitting again.

    I taught my daughter to knit and we both did a scarf marathon. Now I’m looking for something to knit that’s a little more difficult.

    I am so impressed with your work. I would like to send a set of stitch markers to you, which I make myself.

    If you’r interested, just respond to my email address.

    Thank You, Carol Hedrick

  13. hi i like your blog so much. i want to be a blogrool friend i added to you blog on my rool. could you add me

  14. Just came by your blog…You have a wonderful blog…admired all your projects…
    And a great inspiration for beginners like me!! Thanks!

  15. Hey,
    I love your blog!! Im a 17 year old girl who loves to knit. I am beginning a sweater (www.noneofakindfamily.blogspot.com) I just had a question about making this sweater, would you wash each piece of it and then assemble?? Thank you so much for your help.

  16. I too wanted to say I love checking in on what you’re working on. I can’t fathom getting all the knitting done that you are able to.

    I have just started my first sweater and must say I am terrified it will be a big chunk of junk when I am done. But we will see.

    I would really love it if you would provide a post on your blog how you block your sweaters. Do you do it in pieces or after it’s all put together? How do you block? I envision using a spray bottle and spraying the sweater in the place it will dry. But I have never blocked a thing in my life and don’t know where to begin.
    I see you sometimes have a sweater on something with holes through it? Is it a blocking tool one should purchase??

    Great work and I love seeing what you are working on and finishing/modelling photos!!


  17. Dear Stitchywitch,

    My name is Nadia Albertini and I’m writing to you to let you know about the opening of a new shop in Paris dedicated to knittting: Caf’e Tricot Studio. I follow your blog and I thought that you might be interested by the concept and by our creative team.

    After a big succes in Italy, Caf’e Tricot finally comes to Paris, with it’s wools, cottons, embroideries, beads, exclusive creations by French designers all sorts of materials for many DIY activities such as crochet, embroidery, jewelery design and more.
    The opening will take place on Saturday November 14th starting from 7pm at:

    2 rue Auguste Barbier, on the 11th district in Paris, close from the trendy Canal St Martin area and to the Goncourt metro station.

    Mrs Véronique Vieljeux (owner and manager), Babette Brouard (knitting teacher), Marie Noelle Bayard (crochet specialist) and myself (manager’s assistant and embroidery counselor) will be delighted to welcome you with a fresh cup of tea and home made biscuits.

    You can also visit our website starting from November the 14th at


    Looking forward at welcoming you at Caf’e Tricot Studio

    Warm regards from Paris


  18. Hello! Great Blog. I got into knitting last year after being given what is now one of most favorite books – which hapened to be about knitting. I really thought perhaps your readers would like to know about this book, and perhaps you could write a little blog post and hare it with them. It is a wonderful book – not a “how-to”, but a novel.
    Its called “Sadie Shapiro’s Knitting Book”
    The author has a book blog, with a video – http://www.sadieshapirosknittingbook.blogspot.com

    Thanks for a great website!
    -Haley Hamlin

  19. Hi. I found this blog while goggling for Skye Tweed Loch Ness Teal. I’ve had some in my knitting bag for years. I just started a scarf and quickly realized I don’t have enough of it and of course it’s discontinued. You won’t still happen to have some that you’d be willing to sell would you? The dye lot is 14082, but I’d be happy to buy it even if it’s not a perfect match.


  20. Hi, my name is Sarah Mathys and I am the founder of a non-profit organization, Natural Disaster Knitting. This organization makes, collects and distributes clothing to natural disaster refugees in the Leander, Cedar Park and Austin (Texas) areas. I was wondering if you could possibly use your blog to spread the word about my organization, or at least ask them to contact me at info@ndknitting.org. Whatever you can do would be greatly appreciated; the more people educated, the more people saved.

    Sarah M.
    Founder of NDK

  21. I have been trying to contact you about buying some of your yarn stash, and have recieved no reply. I thought I would try here.

  22. Hi! I saw your blog about Rowen 42…do you still have it? I’m looking for the pineapple bag crochet pattern. I love it, and I can’t find a copy. Would you consider making a copy to sell to me?
    I’m not a knitter and I agree, pictures are too dark!


  23. In your 1974 Family Circle, is there a child’s sweater (5 to 10years) with a cable running up the front? I think it may have been knitted with double yarn. If you could look when you have time I would certainly appreciate it. I made this for my daughter when she was 5 and loved the pattern, but lost it.

    Thanks for you time.

  24. Hi, I am Nancy from New Jersey. I ended up being home from an illness and am slowly getting better. In this time though I have felt the healing power of sewing. The focus and creativity that is part of it is empowering. I am so glad that even though I am not out and about a lot that I can still “talk” to others with the same enjoyment as me.

  25. I am brand new to this blogging thing, so I hope I did this right. I linked to your blog from mine (I made Vogue 8604 after seeing yours). I’m not sure about the etiquette of linking to someone’s blog (?) I hope that is ok! Let me know if it is not. I enjoy reading your blog and you definitely inspired me to make those pants. Thanks!

  26. I love your site! I’m a knitter who is teaching myself how to sew. I’m wondering if you have any tips on sewing knits. I’m afraid to take the leap from cotton but i love the styles you posted recently and would love to try a simple dress..

  27. Dear Green Apples, I wanted to state (though I think I have replied earlier) how much I enjoy your website. I have a confession: as a 4th grader, I drew pictures of the outfits that I had. I had 10 which somehow made me happy = 2 weeks for schooldays. I found your September blogging similar (an outfit for every da), with the added twist of homemade (hand-sewn, sounds better) garments. So I purchased some fabric and some patterns to finish up some stashed fabric and start something new. Shirt, for husband; blouses, for me; nothing too ambitious.
    I have another topic to broach: that you ‘quit your job’. What were you doing? (Teaching music, I’m guessing.) Clearly, you’re working now, but I’m within 4 years of retirement age, which is 60 where I work. And I’m looking forward to the gobs of free time to pursue crafty endeavors. So, in the way that you’ve shared your craft accomplishments with your new-found free-time, you are also inspiring. Thanks again!

  28. Hi,
    First I wanted to let you onow how much I enjoy your blog 🙂 Love your style and the things you are making. This weekend I finished my first A-line skirt from “Sew U” so I am a beginner.
    I think that your adventures pushed me to try different things, so thank you!
    Second, I know you’ve been a big knitter, too…that’s when I started reading your blog. I’ve knitted for quite some time, too but never adventured past the scarf or hat level. I think I am ready to move forward and in doing that I was contemplating buying the Interchangable knitting needles from knitPicks. I think i recall a post in which you were mentioning them so I thought Io’d asak you if you like them and how well the joints between the needles and the cables work…I am afraid they will come undone or break, etc…Any suggestions, comments would be very appreciated.

    Thank you and congratulations on such a nice and well written blog. I’m happy every time I get to read a new post on my way to work.

    Cheers from San Francisco!

  29. HELLO! I’ve somehow just now discovered your blog! After a quick drive-by of your archives, I have to say, I am incredibly excited to start following! I too, knit and sew and am attempting to find my way toward fashioning a completely unique wardrobe for myself. It’s inspiring to know that you’ve made such enormous strides of progress in the years since you’ve begun! I am just getting started and am sometimes discouraged at the pace of my own accomplishment. Thank you for documenting your process! It’s encouraging!

  30. Hello!

    I hope you don’t mind me posting here – I couldn’t find an e-mail address.

    I was hoping you could help me out by adding a link to http://www.ballandneedle.co.uk on your blog somewhere please 🙂 You’ll find a nice range of knitting, crochet and cross stitch accessories which should be very useful to your users!

    Sorry to have posted this here, and I’ll hope to hear from you soon.

  31. Goodness Jessica!
    As a classical pianist who studied at U of L School of Music who also happens to have a sewing blog I had to comment…… and follow your blog……
    What a great city to be a musician and good luck with your sewing projects. I love the latest Cynthia Rowley cowl neck dress.
    Best wishes, Sarah Gunn aka……. Goodbye Valentino

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