Space to Sew

I’m sure that many of us struggle with finding space to sew. Sewing is a fairly space intensive hobby, and not everyone has the luxury of extra rooms. I’ve been in both situations, but now I find myself without a dedicated sewing room. My current apartment is in a lovely neighborhood, but it is very small (only 600 square feet.) There are two bedrooms, but one of them is in use as a (tiny) living room. When I decided it was time to start sewing again I had not idea where to put my things – it probably put me off starting for at least a year.

I finally decided that they would have to go in the kitchen. The kitchen is technically supposed to also be the living room, but I found it to be too small for that purpose. So I took a desk that I already owned and set up there. This was not a good long term solution, as my things ended up everywhere.

I ended up googling “sewing cabinet for small space” and found this Sauder cabinet. The reviews were decent and the price was right so I went ahead and ordered. It comes completely unassembled and I’d recommend having a second person to help as you need to balance some doors while installing them. I’d also be sure to not tighten anything too much at first, as there are several places that need to meet up later. But we got it done and I love it!

Here is the before (no, it wasn’t usually this bad, but this is with everything piled on the table.

We’ve all been there, right?

You can see the cabinet closed above, and here it is open:

The drop leaf to the left isn’t sturdy enough for really heavy things, but it’s going to be good for holding WIPs. There are three shelves in the cabinet to the right. In addition I got a hanging shelf for my closet for fabric. I’ve always used the kitchen island for cutting. I’m looking into a pegboard for the wall above and maybe a few decorative touches. I’m so pleased, and I can’t wait to start using my new cabinet!

First up: New Look 6511 in a rayon crepe. It’s already cut and ready to sew!