The Sagebrush top

Pattern: The Sagebrush top from Friday Pattern Company

Fabric: Mint gingham in a poly/cotton blend

Size: Medium

Notes: It seems that all the garments in the shops this year are extra voluminous. I love girly details and ruffles, but I’ve generally stayed away from puff sleeves. I ran across this pattern on sale online and decided to give it a try in some inexpensive fabric. I made some modifications, but I think I like it!

My main modification was to reduce the length of the sleeves by 1.5 inches. They were just too much for me, but I think that probably depends on body type. I already have broad shoulders, so it wasn’t working for me proportion wise. Other than that, the pattern is basically as written. I cut a straight size medium, and it fits great in the shoulders and chest (I’m a 34 C/D bra size, depending on the brand and I didn’t need any adjustments.)

I love the deep hem and the bias bound neckline that extends into ties in the back. I think this will look really cute with a high-waisted skirt or pants, something I don’t currently own but am working to make!

I think it looks more broad in the photo above than in real life. My boyfriend is my photographer, and he’s nearly a foot taller than me! Here is a mirror photo for a more straight on look:

I’d recommend this pattern, especially to those looking to add elastic and ruffling to their skills. The instructions were very good, and the finish inside is clean. I also think it would be very cute hacked into a dress with some tiered layers!

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