Lighting for Sewing

After multiple trips to Joann’s and the local sewing shop, I’ve finally amassed all the notions that I need to start sewing again.  It’s amazing the number of things you need, when you’re starting from nothing!  I even had to purchase a straight stitch foot for my machine, as I could only find the walking foot.

I’ve been cutting my quilt pieces for my first block, using my kitchen island as a cutting table.  It’s not the most convenient, but it’s close to the machine, and I don’t want to purchase anything else right now.  It’s working nicely!

I’m not super experienced as a quilter, so it’s slow going doing all that cutting. The specialty rulers definitely help!

I’ve finished the triangles for the first two blocks, and I’m getting ready to sew. Which leads me to my dilemma (and the title of this post): What to do about lighting? The room I’m using as my sewing room does not have any overhead lighting.

As you can see, the ceilings are really tall. Like, 14 feet tall. So hanging a light isn’t really a viable option. I guess I’m looking at task lighting, then, for the sewing desk and the ironing station. Since I’m using the island as a cutting surface, I don’t need to worry about that. I was going to head to target and pick up some lamps, and use daylight bulbs, but I thought I would ask first if anyone has suggestions. I used to own an Ott light, but I’m hesitant to purchase another – mine developed a flicker pretty early on, which made it impossible to use for long periods.

In other news, I’m still looking through garment patterns.  I want to sew some cute summer dresses, since I have a job that runs year round now (I’m the organist/choirmaster for a large Catholic parish.)  But I’m a little overwhelmed with the number of new patterns and companies.  Soon I will make a post with my summer sewing plans.

Thanks you so much to everyone who left me a kind note – they are so appreciated!  I wasn’t sure, honestly, if anyone would remember me at all, and it was so gratifying to realize that I haven’t  been forgotten!

14 thoughts on “Lighting for Sewing

  1. I love my ott lights for any kind of sewing or crafting. I’ve had three of them and never had any problems with them except difficulty changing the bulbs. The floor lamp is the most useful since I can move it from the sewing machine to the ironing board easily.

  2. I have been looking at the Stella Task Light. It comes in a clip-on model which would be perfect for my limited space. They are expensive, but Walmart carries them now, so might be worth a look.

  3. OTT also makes some taller lights that you can use to add light and warmth to your room. You may want to check them out too! I use a combination of tall and task lighting in my sewing cave.

  4. I got a Sewing Machine LED Lighting Kit from Amazon in 2014 and it was the best $30 dollars I ever spent. It’s a flexible strip of LED lights that you stick to the inner surface of your sewing machine where it lights up the sewing surface beautifully. My lighting is here: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00KGKB02Q/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 but there are other options. I don’t have any connection with this or any other LED lighting company. I just think it makes sewing easier for my older eyes.

    As for your pressing station, I like floor lamps that shine over the shoulder.

    Welcome back to sewing!

  5. LED lighting in the natural light is my favorite. The bulbs aren’t cheap but the last forever. I’ve put them in my home fixtures, lamps, etc. and wow, what a difference. I’ve found them cheaper on Amazon than local home improvement stores. Good luck with your new career and your sewing plans!

  6. You definitely weren’t forgotten! Glad that you’re a) alive and b) back into sewing, despite all the crap you’ve been through lately.
    I have a clip-on flexi-head lamp I use as extra lighting, and that’s really helpful for me, as I take it to whatever location I’m sewing (couch, sewing room, bed, etc). I picked it up for $15 at Bunnings (Australian tradie store), but I’m sure there’ll be something similar out there. The flexi head is definitely worth having. Also…goes without saying, keep your cutting and dealing with black fabric for daylight hours! Much easier on the eyes!

  7. While not cheap, I bought an amazing light from the Daylight Company. It is sleek and you can direct the light exactly where you want it.

  8. I have an Ott light with LED bulbs and magnifier, which can be used as table or floor lamp. It works well so far, and when bought on sale at Joann, the price was good. I also have several cheap flex-arm lamps clamped to the shelving around the sewing room. In those, I have daylight 100 W equivalent compact florescent bulbs. As those wear out, I’ll switch to LED bulbs.

    IMHO, don’t feel bad about no overhead lighting. Unless you mean track lighting or cans distributed around the room. The ceiling fan light is only good for seeing what I might be about to trip over. For anything else, it is either just not bright enough or I work in a shadow.

    I love that window, and am looking forward to reading about your sewing.

  9. I love being asked for suggestions, how wonderful. Because I live in the UK I don’t know what an Ott light is but I also have a high ceiling and no central light overhead.

    Like others have said already, a light that you can direct where you need it is very useful. I have a couple of lights on snake necks that clip onto shelving or similar. If you don’t have a suitable structure in the right place, and as a temporary solution until you decide what you want, perhaps you could use a cheap broomstick or just some kind of stick or pole to lean against a wall nearby and clip a lamp to that?

    I used to use daylight bulbs so I can evaluate fabric and yarn colours properly as well as take photos in winter time when I’m not home much in daylight hours. But they do blow quite quickly. My current clip-on lights may also be LED, they seem to work okay.

  10. I forgot to say: my last place also had only one window located like yours, at the side. I put a big mirror on the wall next to it to pull more light into the room. I was very happy with that.

  11. how about a floor lamp whith some White bulbs? my sewing room is in the basement and this setup is working well for me… plus the lamps can be used in any other part of the house should the need arise…

  12. I can’t help with lighting, I have problem myself at the moment, but welcome back!! It’s great to see you pop up in my feed again, and I’m looking forward to seeing all you make 🙂

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