Dropping by

Grad school is intense so far. I am taking 2 classes right now, one of which (musical form and analysis) is taking basically all my time and attention to get through. As it turns out, 10 years is a lot of time in which to forget things like counterpoint. Ah well… I love it so far. I didn’t realize how much I missed school until I came back! There is something so wonderful about being rewarded for being opinionated.

At the end of June one of my best friends got married, and I spent a lot of time preparing (I was in charge of all the music. I also cut all my hair off! It was sort of a whim to be honest, but I really love it. I don’t have a ton of pictures, but here is one from the wedding:

1005561_662335333323_367060730_n (1)

These are my friends Malia and Althea, and when I saw this photo I just thought “Too much pattern!”  Aren’t we colorful?  Anyway, the hair is basically a pixie with extra length on the top.  I can do it like a regular pixie with bangs (think Michelle Williams) or in a fun quasi pompadour (think the singer Pink, but without the sides being shaved.)  That’s how I have it here.

I haven’t been sewing, and I probably won’t do much until this session is over (August 1st!)  We’re going to see my best friend get her PhD from the University of Florida in August (yes, Florida in August) between sessions.

I did buy myself a Nintendo 3DS for my birthday this week:
3ds xl

Pink/white naturally.  I’ve been gaming more because it’s something that doesn’t require concentration after hours of writing or studying.  Well… at least not frustrating concentration.  I do want to make myself a zippered case for it, so hopefully I will get to sew that this week!

I’d also like to make a quilt for our bedroom – we are buying a new bedroom suite and redoing everything in the fall.  I’m thinking of buying a latex foam mattress, so if anyone has any feedback on that let me know… I specifically don’t want memory foam because of the heat issue, but I like the feel of the latex.

I hope you are all well – I will be back soon, even if it’s without any new sewing!

20 thoughts on “Dropping by

  1. Hey Jessica! I’ve been reading your blog for a few years, and wanted to finally chime in; ironically, it’s about the mattress vs. sewing. I have a latex mattress (Dunlop process) that I bought in 2008. Honestly it’s one of my favorite things I’ve ever bought that’s home related. I saved my pennies and bought it from a ‘natural’ bedding store here in Seattle. My motivation for making the switch to latex was both for reduced chemical exposure and longevity of the mattress. I also bought a wool mattress topper to go with the bed, which I love as well. I like that all elements of my mattress can be disassembled and cleaned, unlike a traditional mattress. On my mattress, it’s the latex block, wrapped in wool, and then covered with a tight fitting twill cover. The wool topper is just wool roving in another twill cover, secured with quilting style ties across the top to keep the wool from shifting around. One time, my son had an accident on the bed that got all the way through the layers down to the mattress. I was able to remove each part of the mattress for cleaning, and cleaned the latex block with a mixture of alcohol followed by nature’s miracle (at the company’s recommendation). Since the latex has holes, I was even able to rinse it well before putting it back together (be sure the mattress is completely dry before reassembling). I was able to also remove the roving from the topper for a gentle wash, but it back in the cover and re-tie without too much of an issue. Long story short, I was able to get it completely clean, which wouldn’t have been an option with a sprung mattress, and is just another reason I love it. The mattress has worn very well the last 5 years, though I wish I had bought 1 more level up in firmness, as it does soften slightly, as it’s broken in. It’s very breathable and I have no heat issues with it. When this mattress is worn out, I fully intend on getting another. It is a total b*tch to move/get up stairs, though, as it’s huge, dense and floppy, vs rigid like a sprung mattress. Also, most latex mattresses require a slatted foundation, vs a box spring, so that it can adequately breath. If you’re shopping for a new furniture suite, this is an important consideration.

  2. I absolutely love your hair on you! It looks so hip and fits you so well. Hope you like it- you really should!!!

  3. I have a memory foam that comes with this gel thingy that helps with cooling my husband sweats really easy but hasn’t had a problem. I am allergic to latex so that wasn’t an option.

  4. Your new hair looks amazing; it really suits you 🙂 I’d love to see more pictures in the future of you rocking the Michelle Williams look.

    And Happy belated Birthday, Jessica! Those new 3DS models look very sleek. I’ve been thinking about finally replacing my very old and very broken DS Lite since Animal Crossing came out… hmm.

    1. Thanks! Yes, you should replace your DS… mine is the XL and it plays DS games very well (so long as you press start when the game is starting to get 1:1 size.) I also love animal crossing… it is worth it!

      On Tue, Jul 16, 2013 at 11:58 PM, Green apples

  5. Great hair! Congrats on taking the chop. 🙂 I can’t imagine going back to school now. Not at all because it wouldn’t be fun, but I’d be so embarrassed by how much I’ve forgotten!

  6. Oh man… I remember grad school theory. I always did pretty well with it during my undergrad years, but something about the way they had us analyzing pieces just totally eluded my brain. I want to say Schenkerian analysis, but it’s been awhile, and much of grad school stress has been blocked from my memory by now, lol. Good luck with it!

  7. Love the new hair! I wore mine that way for a few years and I loved it! So easy to style and more versatile then I thought it would be.

  8. I have a Natura latex mattress that came with a wool topper (it zips into the cover). We like it a lot but I second Crissy’s comment about it getting softer over time. When we replace our current mattress, we will likely buy another latex one.

  9. Hi, Jessica, just another person who was thinking about your blog and wondering how you’re doing! Hope all’s well!

  10. Hello Jessica, I often check your blog but sadly nothing has been updated. I’m guessing your life has taken on a new busyness and change of direction that obviously isn’t including blogging for now. As long as that’s the reason and you and your husband are well, is all that matters. Blessings for a healthy and happy and productive 🙂 new year. Miss you – even though I don’t know you personally and have certainly appreciated your online accomplishments and creativity. Take Care…Ruth

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