McCall’s 6554


Pattern: McCall’s 6554, Fashion Star

Fabric:  Stretch sateen (main) and Kaufman Radiance (silk/cotton) for belt


Is it bad if I confess that I could have finished this a week ago, except I was waiting on the tube turner set I ordered to arrive in the mail?  I really don’t know how I lived without this device.  I had no idea turning tubes could be easy!

I’m pretty pleased with how this dress came out.  I admit that I made it because the fabric matches my walls, even though I was afraid of the butterflies making it a little too young for me.  And to be honest, the fabric does limit the places this dress can be worn.  It feels appropriate for an afternoon tea, but alas my life is short on such events.  I think I will wear it to a wedding later this summer – it’s good for an outdoor wedding!

I didn’t have enough fabric, so I made the sash in a contrast.  I like it better that way – it makes it less matchy.  The pattern itself was easy, but do yourself a favor – do not line it the way it says!  Use the method that avoids handsewing instead.

I trimmed 3 inches off the length because, again, I was afraid it was too young looking.  I cut a straight size 10, but I would do an 8 if making it again.  The belt helps it fit, but it’s a still a little too wide in the upper chest (the neck gapes a little in the front.)  This is one of McCall’s Fashion Star patterns, but I confess I have never seen the show.  I’m surprised at this, because it’s really such a basic pattern.  Easy enough for beginners, no problem.

So… I’m back making things again.  My personal style has changed a little, and this feels more of the old me, so I plan to examine that soon, hopefully before making something else.  I am in grad school now, but luckily all my summer classes are distance learning (I was not looking forward to commuting every day!)

Back soon with more plans…


20 thoughts on “McCall’s 6554

  1. I love that color on you! And I don’t think that the print looks too young – it just makes the dress look perfect for Spring and Summer!

  2. So pretty!! Gorgeous dress, what a great job you did with it. and, I prefer the contrasting belt, as well. I’m not a fan of matching fabric belts, unless it is for a trench coat type of thing.

  3. I think this print is lovely! I would also be very interested to know more about your tube turner set. It seems that I constantly hear people say that you don’t really need them, but every time I’m turning a narrow tube, I think a little gizmo would be very helpful!

  4. Lovely dress! I’m in a summer sundress sewing mood as well. I’d love to hear about your tube turner. I have a bodkin and I don’t see what the fuss is about because I still end up cursing when I try to turn a tube with it.

  5. I love that you made a dress to match your new sewing room! It’s a very pretty dress without being too young and girly – I think the contrast sash is a great addition – perfect for all kinds of summer occasions.

  6. The two best sewing notions I’ve ever used are the tube turner and the elastic threader. For real.

    And this dress is adorable as is your turquoise wall!

  7. This is such an adorable and bright dress! I love it and the wall color behind you. (I am biased, however. We had a room painted a very similar color.) I’m sorry if you feel the dress isn’t your current style, but I do think it’s terrific.

  8. Jessica, I just wanted to say how cool it is to watch your evolution on this blog. Self-employment, going back to school, and now you’re in grad school … it’s really inspiring to see someone make changes and grow into themselves. I started following your blog for your crazy prodigious sewing output, but I’ve stayed because of who you are. Keep it up! Lovely dress, by the way, welcome back to making things :-).

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