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New project: vintage Simplicity

Thanks for all the comments about your sewing rooms – I’ve enjoyed looking at them all, and I’m starting to get a handle on what I will need.  Right now I plan to buy a corner desk for my machines, and get a freestanding kitchen island from Ikea to use as a cutting table/ironing station.  I will post more as my plans start to shape up – right now I’m just trying to get rid of all the bedroom furniture, as we will actually have 2 extra mattress sets otherwise (I’m buying a new mattress/bed for our bedroom later this year.)

Realizing that I only made one vintage pattern in 2012, I’m starting out 2013 with a vintage reprint – the recent Simplicity 1777.

Simplicity 1777

This fabric is a cotton/poly jacquard, originally used for a dress by Alice and Olivia.   I bought it from Banasch’s in Cincinnati.  It drapes well, but isn’t limp, which I think it what this design needs.  On the envelope, I like the looks of the floral version, but the red one is a bit sad:

It looks like they’ve used some sort of crepe for the floral, and a softer fabric (challis or jersey) for the red.  I prefer the crisp look.  I’m aware that the print will obscure some of the details, but I’m fine with that – I am planning on doing the center front panel in a plain black fabric so that it’s not circle overload.   Should I use the V or the high neckline?  Looking for opinions…  I want to get started tonight!

13 thoughts on “New project: vintage Simplicity

  1. I just bought that pattern too! I really like your fabric choice. As for the neckline, I prefer the high one, or if you did the V-neck, use all one fabric. I’m not a huge fan of that contrasting panel.

  2. That’s a cute pattern. I think the high neckline gives a more vintage look than the V-neck, if that’s any help. Can’t wait to see what you decide to go with.

  3. The few pictures of it I could find online make it appear that the round neck is fairly high. You might want to check the fit of that if you’re leaning in that direction. I like the v-neck, myself.

  4. I have lots of cute pretty necklaces, so I’d choose the v-neck so I could show them off while wearing the dress. Both versions are nice though – good luck deciding which one to make!

  5. First I must say that I really love your fabric choice! Personally I am not that big a fan of high necklines, but that might have something to do with the fact that they just look terrible on me. I do like a v-neck, in general and on anybody 🙂 I am not a big fan of the contrasting panel though. (I have looked up photos of other dresses you made, and I think you look great in both high necklines as well as v-necks).

  6. I love this pattern! I bought it, though I’ll probably never get around to sewing it. I like that it can be done in knit…

    I think the contrast version would look best with the lower neckline. I’m curios to see how yours turns out!

  7. That looks like it’ll be a really pretty dress. I would go for the v neck, but I just don’t like high necklines (makes me feel claustrophobic)

  8. I like your idea of having the center piece a solid contrasting color. I vote for the V neck!


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