Popping in

I hope everyone is having a lovely holiday season!  Mine has been predictably busy, and it’s not over yet – we are going to see Marc’s sister this week, and my family has one more gathering.

I wanted to post about my Christmas present from my husband because I think it proves how awesome he is!  I sadly lost my engagement ring earlier this year (well, I’m still hoping it may turn up, but it hasn’t yet, which is a bad sign.)  He decided I needed a new one, but knew I wouldn’t want a diamond or anything traditional.  So here is what I found under the tree:

Engagement ring


Why yes, that is the Star Trek insignia in ring form!  And yes, it’s upside down here, I was excited!  The ring comes from this etsy shop.  It’s silver and white gold, and the stone is a sapphire.  I’m very happy with it – it’s non traditional, but to anyone who doesn’t know what it is it probably just looks like a (slightly odd) regular ring.  In fact, I put it on Facebook and I’m pretty sure people who had no earthly idea what it was were commenting.

We’re also painting and re-doing our bathroom this week.  I’ll return with photos in a few days!

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