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Sewing funk: Butterick 5679

I haven’t been having the greatest of sewing months.  After my failed Juniper pants I made a Alma stop (which I do love,) and then tried to make Vogue 8847:
V8847 (1)

Now, I know better than to trust a drawing. I knew it would be a sack without the belt (there is a modeled photo which shows this.)  But I wasn’t expecting exactly how terribly large it would be.  I cut the smallest size, but it was enormous.  The chest was way too wide, which made the sleeves bind.  And I don’t like the way the V-neck is constructed.  I ended up throwing it away, which is sad because I loved the fabric, but  I was pretty much set against it at that point.  It might be cute in a knit, but quite frankly life is too short!

I decided to make myself a simple knit project, in order to get over the disappointment.  I chose Butterick 5679, which has the most God awful modeled shot ever:

For real, what is that?  I think it’s just an odd design, but the raglan depth on that top is much longer than the one on my shirt.  And what’s up with the single useless pocket? I was making the version in gold above.  I had a striped wool jersey, and I thought it might be fun to chevron the front and back panels.  It took only a  few hours to construct, even with all the matching.  But in the end I find myself conflicted:
Picture 832

Is this cute in a Dr Seuss kind of way or crazy (in a Dr Seuss way?)

Picture 822

The bottom hemline has to be redone.  You can see how it wants to roll, even though I hemmed and serged.  I’m considering removing the point and making it all one length.  I’m pretty sure I would like that better.  The only kind of strange hemline I like is a peplum – I knew I hated the hems that were longer at the sides, but I thought this would be better.

Maybe I just need to wear a different outfit?  I wore it Monday to voice juries (basically final exams for music students… I listened and judged singers for six hours).  I wore it with skinny black pants and flats, and I did like that better.  These jeans are too big to be skinny, and they twist around my legs (I didn’t make them – blame Gap!)

Eh… I think I just need a few days break (not just from sewing… I am super busy this year, with the new job and responsibilities and my usual December concert schedule!)  I’m having a hard time picking projects to start.  I’m starting to think I’ve got a touch of decision fatigue.  After the semester is over (graduation is the 19th, but I’ve already turned in my grades) I might post here and have you all pick one.

So, not a total win.  But I think it’s important to post my failures along with my successes.  I don’t want to give the impression that I’m perfect, because goodness knows I’m not!

I’m planning a year end roundup post.  I’m hoping to post about the actual wearability of the things I’ve worn (some are definitely more than others!)


16 thoughts on “Sewing funk: Butterick 5679

  1. Nice colors in the top, but I agree w. changing the hemline. How about something rounded, like a shirt would be? Nice neckline, too.

  2. The chevrons look great. They really do. The hem may have needed to be thicker/deeper to not roll. A straight hem would work too.
    I like that you’re back into sewing and at such a hectic time of the year too.

  3. I think it would streamline the silhouette to have something more like a cap sleeve. Otherwise it looks good to me, but I know we can’t tell what the hemline is really doing just from photos.

  4. I would definitely ditch the points in both front and back. but i am firmly against any sort of top that points to the crotch (or rear) like an arrow.

  5. The chevrons really emphasize the point of the hem. If you cut the whole thing straight it’ll make it more sporty, but also a bit more of a standard shirt, so you might wear it more. Pin it up straight and see what you think of it.

  6. I think it is cute but I agree that the hemline needs a change – I’m not a fan of points because I feel like they draw your eye to strange places. The chevron makes you look so skinny and gives you a great waist shaping!!

  7. Jessica – I agree with Ruth. There are too many design elements competing against each other in this simple top. Cutting it off allows the chevron stripes to be the primary focus which are a wonderful design element and not Dr. Suess-ish at all!

  8. That chevron effect is sassy not Suessy! I feel like the point is a bit too much with the funnel neck though. Mayhaps tidy that up and continue to rock this with skinny black pants and ballet flats.

  9. I would hardly call this a failure – I love the chevrons with the cowl, and I like the colors too! As an asymmetrical hem hater, though, I say cut off the points. You could hem it with a band, a la the Renfrew, which would solve the rolling hem problem and add another way to play with the stripes…
    I can totally relate to the loss of mojo due to no time and not wanting to make decisions. Sometimes I just sort through my stash again to get inspired, and the right fabric/pattern falls into my lap!

  10. I actually really like your top! Chevrons are so on trend right now and you did a great job matching up the stripes. Sorry about your dress… I had a recent wadder too that ended up in the trash.

  11. I never even thought of Dr Seus until you said that. I am doing well with my sewing (leggings, tanks, and purses) so I’ll send you over some good sewing energy!

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