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I am woefully behind on my coat, but as we seem unlikely to get any cold weather for a month I think I shall catch up!

In the meantime I’ve been constructing an Ikea storage unit for my fabric (Expedit) and washing everything at the same time, so I haven’t been sewing much!  All my fabric is sitting in folded piles in my laundry room, waiting for the shelves to be finished.  Since I’m note sewing, I have spent some time to come up with my next projects, and here they are:
Holiday dress

Did I mention that my husband got a new job?  Because he did, and the new job seems to be rather big on having fancy (ish) parties.  I need a dress for the holiday party (as well as my own work party).  I purchased this jacquard from Sawyer brook ages ago, and it seems appropriate as the Fleur de Lis is the symbol of Louisville, and my husband works for the University.    This vintage pattern is from the early 60s.  I love it – it has a nice vintage vibe without being a costume!
Sewaholic alma

I’m still mad for the peter pan collar, although I’m sure everyone else is tired of it!  I’ve also really wanted to try Tasia’s patterns, so I’ve ordered the Alma blouse to try.  I plan to make the full length sleeves altered to make a bishop sleeve and  (possibly) use this pin dot lawn as the collar for contrast.   Tops are still the most neglected part of my wardrobe, so I hope to make several.

I’m wearing more pants lately.  It’s curious how style evolves – 2 years ago I didn’t wear pants once all winter!  Now I’m about 50/50 with dresses,which is a nice balance.  I’ve only made one pair of pants that I like (my Kate jeans, and oh my goodness those photos make me want to cut my hair again!) and they are dead at this point.   I’m interested in the Colette Juniper and Clovers specifically because I have found Colette to have excellent instructions and I need hand holding with pants (fly fronts still scare me!)  In addition, although their draft doesn’t fit my upper half, it fits the bottom really well (I think they draft for an hourglass, and I am not so busty.)  The clovers are so cute, and I’m really into skinny pants lately.   I’m slightly iffy on the waist of the Junipers – I prefer a thinner waistband.  Vogue 8836 looks like a really great pair of wide leg pants, which I need!  Finally, I adore the Paper Cut patterns pleated pant pattern, but I can’t bring myself to buy it.  It’s a little expensive, and while I’m willing to buy Style Arc, they aren’t quite so much and usually offer a free pattern with each order.  So if anyone knows another pattern that is similar (pleated front, tapered leg without being mom jeans or harem pants) I’d really love to hear it!  I was thinking Burda might have something.  Or, if you’ve tried these patterns and they are awesome, let me know that too – I can be talked into these!

Style Arc Marita


Finally, I want to make the Style Arc Marita dress in green ITY  from Fabric Mart (can anyone name the song I’m quoting, from one of my favorite bands in college?) I bought several Style Arcs this summer, and I’m looking forward to trying them.  If they work out I’m willing to buy more – I hear good things!  I wear knit dresses constantly – they are the mainstay of my wardrobe.  I wanted to use a solid because the front is so interesting, so I picked up this knit (in my favorite color!)

Do you like my storyboards?  I made them using PicMonkey.  I own and use Photoshop, but sometimes I don’t want to deal with it (making rounded corners is an ordeal!) I was looking for a Picnik replacement after they closed.  I’ve found it in Picmonkey – isn’t the craft scissors frame fun?

Tomorrow I have an important meeting – wish me luck, and that I will magically transform myself into someone who is good at making first impressions!