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Vogue 8815: Extreme Peplum


Pattern: Vogue 8815

Fabric: Leopard double knit (ribbed, sweater like) from fabric mart.  There are 9 yards left as I write this.


When I was a little girl I used to spend hours  designing pretty dresses for my dolls to wear.  And since this was the 80s, nearly every one of them contained some variation of the peplum.  Apparently I’ve never lost my fondness for the silhouette, because I’m pretty much super excited about the current peplum revival!

I didn’t buy Vogue 8815 right away.  I didn’t like the crew neckline (they make me feel like I’m choking!) and I thought the peplum was skimpy.  But when I wanted to make a sweatery peplum, I decided I could alter the pattern for my purposes and brought it home with me.

First order of business: making the peplum larger and longer.  I specifically wanted to wear it with these skinny jeans, which were made by a designer with a vendetta against stretch fabric.  Since they don’t stretch, I like to wear longer tops with them, as the top view isn’t the best.  I added a wedge to each peplum piece, adding 6″ total to the circumference before I lengthened it.  Then I added 5 inches in length to the peplum (I wasn’t sure I would keep it all, but I wanted to make sure I had enough.  The result?  A lot of peplum!

It is not, I suppose, exactly slimming.  But I find that I don’t much care about that, so unless strangers start asking me when I’m due (note: probably never) then I’ll enjoy the exaggerated silhouette!

I also had to address the neckline.  I took out Butterick 5562 (OOP) and traced off the boatneck.  It basically sits right on my collarbone, so it requires either a camisole or strapless bra, but I’m fine with that.  I finished the neckline with a strip of the fabric (not bias, as this was a knit.)

I actually had to cut the bodice twice, as the first time I had a serger accident.  Luckily I had extra fabric!  I shortened the sleeves to 3/4 length and removed the shoulder dart before cutting:

After sewing and basting I removed an additional inch from under the arms because I wanted a fitted sleeve.  It looks off in the photo above, but that’s just because I had been moving my hair right before the photo and forgot to readjust.  The shoulders are still just a little bit wide for me – you can see how they extend onto my arm a bit.  I suspect the design is meant to be this way, but if I made it again I would narrow them.

I’m pretty happy with my peplum top, though I’m not sure it resembles the original pattern anymore.  I would recommend this as a good basic!




21 thoughts on “Vogue 8815: Extreme Peplum

  1. It’s lovely and very flattering on you, I think. I passed this one, too, because I don’t really look so great in a crew neck, but you had a great idea stealing from another pattern!

  2. I love the boat neck on this- it works really well to balance the block of colour. And may I say that is one heck of a peplum! Well played! You look fantastic in this 😀

  3. It’s adorable. I am currently altering this pattern for ponte and doubleknit as well. Since this is not off your shoulder why don’t you add some lingerie stays to keep your top from shifting and showing your bra straps? I have narrow shoulders and add them on any wide necklines.

  4. I love that. I have been wanting to make that from a knit. Did you cut a smaller size to account for the stretch in the fabric?

  5. I’m not a fan of the peplum – too much bulk where I don’t need it, but this top looks really nice on you. I love the extra length you added; it somehow looks ‘finished’ compared to the shorter ones 🙂

  6. Because this is so roomy and long, I could see it as a maternity tunic. I’ll have to let my sister know. She’s pg with twins right now!

  7. I love this peplum, I know what you mean about the necklines but you have altered it perfectly! It works really well with your jeans too… Also my fave colour AND leopard print. If I saw this in a shop – would buy it. Great job x

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