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Finished stitching: Garden of Eerie (and a coat update!)

Design: Garden of Eerie by Plum Street Samplers

Fabric: 32 ct Belfast linen in natural

Threads: DMC (conversions were provided with the pattern.)

Just in time for Halloween!  I loved this sampler because it looks like a traditional Adam and Eve sampler until you get up close.  I’m going to frame it, and then leave it up for the whole year (I have a themed collection of monsters/skeletons on one wall.)

It’s easy to stitch, as it has no fractional stitches at all and just a tiny bit of backstitching at the end.  I left off the leaves on the trees because it would have taken ages – and besides, I like the way it looks with the bare trees better.

I’m very proud of the back:


It’s much neater than my backs used to be!

I stitched this while watching the first season of the Vampire Diaries on Netflix (I am vaguely ashamed of this, but whatever… I’m out of shows to watch, and I like this one!)  My right hand was fine with the stitching, but my left thumb is a little sore from holding the hoop – I think if I want to do more embroidery (and I do!) then I need to get a lap stand so I don’t have to hold it up.

I’ve been hibernating and working on my coat all weekend.  I’m caught up with the sew-a-long.  I made bound buttonholes for the first time, and they aren’t perfect but I’m pretty proud!


The collar is interfaced.  I bought actual nice interfacing and I am truly shocked at how much nicer it is!  I generally use sew-ins on everything because all I can buy locally is pellon, and I think it’s awful.  This stuff (bought from fashion sewing supply) is amazing!  I think I will turn over a new leaf of using fusibles after this.

13 thoughts on “Finished stitching: Garden of Eerie (and a coat update!)

  1. I’ve tried fusible interfacings several times, but I have never once been able to get it to fuse, so I stick with the sew-in kind.

    Your stitching came out so cute and I love that pink houndstooth!

  2. I used to cross-stitch when I was younger, just little mofits, one bigger project. I should totally get back into it, find some “adult” patterns like this and display them. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  3. I kind of like TVD too, though I haven’t watched it in months because it’s on at the worst possible time of day if you have young kids. It was too hard to shoo him out of the living room to watch it, so I quit.

    So I was wondering, which interfacing did you end up using on your coat? It’s coming along fabulously, BTW, I think this is going to be awesome when it’s finished. 🙂

  4. The back is very tidy! I’ve had similar problems with positioning of the holding hand but not with any project in which a stand would be usable so have just taken breaks / worked on alternative projects when my hand gets tired.

  5. Firstly, how neat is the back of your needlework? Super impressive!
    Secondly, that coat looks rad! The colours are bang on trend and houndstooth is always super fab. Nice work on the buttonholes!

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