Found my coat fabric!

After checking all my usual suppliers with no inspiration, this popped up at FabricMart:

Houndstooth suiting

It’s just what I wanted for my coat – I have another houndstooth coat (gray and royal blue) that I wear more than any other.  I wanted something fun, and all the suitings I found were too plain for what I was imagining.

They also had great prices on some ponte knits:

This ponte will become this new Chado Ralph Rucci dress:

I bought a few other colors, one of which will become this new look pattern:

I like the rolled collar.  Finally, they are having 50% off solid knits, so I got this knit:


To make this tunic:

My fall plans are shaping up nicely!  I have cut my shantung blouse and my concert dress.  I hope to finish one this weekend!




9 thoughts on “Found my coat fabric!

  1. That purple ponte is beautiful! I saw that they had new pontes in but I just bought 3 new ones so I need to show some restraint and leave some fabric for others! Love the houndstooth, too.

  2. You have indeed found your coat fabric, gorgeous! I have a similar colourway in a wool but more of a tartan and I love those colours together, nice, looking forward to watching your progress.

  3. Love the fabric for your coat, but I can’t imagine being brave enough to sew a coat. I’m just learning with pajama pants and A-line skirts! Someday I hope to be as accomplished as you are. Thank you for sharing! You’re an inspiration.

  4. Great fabric choice for your coat. Did laugh when I saw the new look dress pattern. My mother made several dresses for me in that style…back in the late 1960’s. Nothing new under the sun! A classic is a classic.

  5. I absolutely adore your first fabric – it reminds me of my cherry puppytooth that ended up being a dress I didn’t like.

    I would almost kill for the “bright plum” ponte. You have a great fabric haul.

  6. hi! my sis suggested i check out your blog as i’m a newbie sewist and am in gertie’s coat sal too. i’m glad she did – enjoying reading your posts. your coat fabric is gorgeous (was able to click on link) unfortunately i cant see any of your pics as my computer has some kind of block on them :P. oh well, will have to come back and read later from anohter computer 🙂

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