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Pillows and updates!

Although I’m a bit of a dud in the posting department lately, I have been sewing!  Right now I’m still sewing mostly home dec, as I try to get to the end of my summer project.  I’ve finished my Dala horse curtains and my painted rug, but photos will have to wait until I get them set up!  In the meantime, I made some pillows:


The fabric is one of the Tannis Keefe reproductions that Michael Miller put out recently.  It’s a linen/cotton blend, around the weight of a Japanese cotton/linen print if you’ve ever felt those.  I bought it as a nameless, boltless fabric during my trip to Minnesota this summer – how could I resist those adorably evil kitties?  It’s sold out lots of places, but I was able to find it on Etsy, if anyone is looking.

These are simple envelope back pillows over a down insert.  I have to use down on the leather sofa because it can be stuffed into the corner – anything else is forever falling off!  I make my envelope pillows in one piece – you cut a piece of fabric the width of your pillow exactly by the length times 2 plus 6″ (for the overlap).  Hem the shorter edges, then pin the overlap back to the front (RS together).  Make sure it measures the same as your pillow length.  Sew the two side seams, turn right side out and you’re done.


I made two.  You can also see the lamp I remade in the back.  It was a dated rubbed bronze paint base with a cheap tiffany style shade.  I applied gold leaf spray paint to the base and replaced the shade with a modern ikea version.  I love the way it looks now! Better than the old shade:


I’ve started my floor pillow.  Here are some of the fabrics:


The big piece is for the back.  All the fabrics are Amy Butler’s Cameo collection.  So far the pattern has given me one issue – it’s hard to get in the center without shredding the fabric!  I worried it wouldn’t be secure, so I cut the wedges to 3/8″ instead of 1/4″.  I may get a little hole in the middle at the end, but I can close that up easily, and it will be more secure.

I haven’t had much time to post lately, so I thought it might be time to mention what’s up with me!

I’ve started a new job, teaching applied voice to University students.  I’m an adjunct faculty member – not a professor exactly, but it’s very exciting!  I’m doing that very part time right now, and teaching at home the other days.  I don’t plan to give up my studio, this is just something that I’m doing for me.  Many of my friends work there, and it’s great to leave the house to work occasionally!  My husband also got a new job, which he loves, so changes are abounding.

We’ve had a ton of visits and social events this summer – my best friend even came up from Florida (where she lives) for a week!

Last week we took my in-laws to the state fair.  They’d never been, which I thought was crazy, but I realize that having grown up in Louisville it was easy to go every year.   It’s not the biggest or absolute best fair in the country, but it’s a fun afternoon.  We saw lots of giant vegetables, saw some goats being paraded around a ring by their seven year old owners, and ate this year’s disgusting fair food:


What is it?  Why, a Krispy Kreme burger of course.  A hamburger with two krispy creme donuts as the bun.  I mean, I didn’t eat it, but my husband did – please note, this photo is from before he tried a bite.  Me, I stuck to my favorite, the Grater Tater.  I don’t know why it’s so good, but I basically look forward to it all year.  The nacho cheese is not optional.

We saw the textiles of course, which I always love.  There are never very many things to my taste, but that’s ok – I admire the traditional work too! My husband made me take a picture with his favorite quilt:

Yes, I thought was odd too, but I looked it up, and apparently making crafts out of Crown Royal bags is a thing.   Marc offered to sacrifice and switch to Crown Royal if I wanted to make my own, but I told him that was all right.  It was enough to take the photo.

One last photo that encapsulates the fair for me:

The blue ribbon winner in the “Little Critters” category, which seems to involve anthropomorphic vegetables.  To the left is a vegetable (a parsnip?) wearing a paper towel diaper that reads “change me”.  This, like much of the fair, is a mystery to me.  Who makes these?  What is the judging criteria?  But I don’t know… honestly, it’s sort of sweet in a wholesome, old fashioned way.  Reminds me of the film “State Fair”, which I love and watch every time it comes on Turner classics (although I am sad that I missed the jam judging – if you’ve seen the film you know what I mean!)



11 thoughts on “Pillows and updates!

  1. I love fairs! we have our annual Saanichton Fair (which is older than the COUNTRY) during labor day weekend and this year is the first year I’m taking my son 🙂

  2. The fair sounds like a lot of fun. We have something similar up here, but not with all the quirky wierdness… unless you count the patrons—yikes! Congrats on your new job!

  3. Did you have any problems getting the ikea lampshade to fit your lamp? Once I bought a replacement shade for a target lamp and it just did not fit. I’m so looking forward to seeing the final living room reveal.

  4. I loved the fair this year! I looked at every single quilt like the biggest dork and ate polish sausage, and (shamefully) deep fried girl scout cookies- they weren’t good. Stay tuned for lots of pics!
    I love the kitty pillow, super duper cute!

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