Scattered thoughts

I cannot seem to settle down to do any one thing this week!  Now that graduation is over I seem to have acres of free time, but also tons of things to fill all my free time with.  So it’s time for another post of scattered thoughts – if I wait until I can come up with a single topic I know I won’t post for a week!

– I think I need to sew some tops.  It’s been challenging this month, in part because I have so few tops for warm weather.  I love knit tops, so I need to get up and make some!  I’m having some trouble deciding on what to make next.  Look for a post soon on my plans!

– My husband and I are traveling to Minneapolis/st. Paul in a few weeks for my Godson’s baptism.  We plan to travel through Chicago, Milwaulkee and probably Madison, so  any suggestions for fabric stores along that route are more than welcome – I’m definitely planning on dragging Marc there!   In addition, I might be interested in a meetup, but it depends on my schedule.  Graduation has caused me to be slow at planning!

– I have acquired new electronics again.  It’s funny, because my husband is the computer guy, but I’m the one who always wants all the gadgets!  My Mom bought me a Kindle touch for a graduation present and I love it.  I’ve become a little obsessed with it, to tell you the truth! I’ve downloaded a ton a free classic books to it.  Currently I’m reading “Three Men in a boat“.  How have I missed this book?  Highly recommended for fans of British humor.  I also got a PSP, because I am behind the times, but I figured it would be good for travel (besides the trip this summer I’m looking at a long choir tour in Europe (Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia) in the spring.)  I love to travel, and I’m grateful to have the opportunity.

– I finished P90x – woo!  I gained a lot of strength through the program – I went from being able to do 4 pushups on my toes to 18, and now I can do full pull-ups.  I’d recommend the program to anyone looking for a solid strength program.  Be aware though that there are some limitations, as follows:

– I did all the weight workouts as proscribed (3x per week.)  There were a few weeks where I was feeling bad so I skipped the repeat of the exercises.  Most of the videos are structured so that it’s easy to do a half workout rotation just by skipping the repeats (or in the leg workout skipping the back sections, as there is another back video).

– Speaking of that legs video, you will do it every week, and that is a lot.  I got pretty tired of it at the end, but I do think it’s a decent workout.  There were a few weeks I subbed a barre workout instead.  It’s mostly unweighted (or light weights) so I feel that works.

– I only did the YogaX dvd once.  Instead I subbed other yoga (I joined “My yoga online” and really love it!)   It do think yoga helps, and I’m glad this got me started.  I try to do it twice a week now.

– I hardly did any cardio.  The weather has been nice, so I walk everywhere, and I call that good enough.  I didn’t notice any adverse effects from that, though I’m sure I should do more.

– Now that I’ve finished P90x I plan to start Cathe Friedrich’s STS (I have some of her step and strength dvds and love them.)  I probably won’t start until after our trip, as I’m too busy right now!

And… that’s all for tonight.  I haven’t had time to sew this week, but I hope to catch some time soon.  Things are generally slower for me in the summer, but I’m not sure that’s going to be the case this year.

23 thoughts on “Scattered thoughts

  1. _Three Men in a Boat_ is a favorite. Consider reading _To Say Nothing of the Dog_ by Connie Willis when you’ve finished!

    1. That’s so funny – I’m actually reading three men in a boat because of the Connie Willis novel! I had not read it before, so I was confused with all the references. I definitely plan to read it again when I finish!

  2. If you do stop in Madison, you have to check out Gayfeather Fabrics (http://www.gayfeatherfabrics.com/) on Willy Street. You can’t see much from the website, but there’s a lot of really nice stuff squeezed into one little shop and the owner is incredibly nice and helpful. You’ll pay for the difference in quality (heads-up!) but the selection really is superior to what you find a the big chain stores. I think it’s worth it.

  3. Hope your trip is swell! Not sure if you are familiar with MSP (or if you will have time family-wise) but two stores are terrific — Treadle (\www.treadleyardgoods.com) and SRHarris in Bklyn Pk (www.srharrisfabric.com) Long-time lurker (and St Paulist) who loves your blog! Ann

  4. You can’t go wrong with Vogue Fabrics (http://www.myvoguefabrics.com/html/index.html) in Chicago (they have a location in the South Loop, but the one just north of the city in Evanston is bigger), but if you’re feeling adventurous, I really recommend Textile Discount Warehouse (http://www.megafabrics.com/) in the Pilsen neighborhood. It’s definitely no Joann’s, and you might have to dig to find the perfect fabric, but when you do find it you absolutely can’t beat the price.

  5. Wow, good job finishing P90X! I did it a couple of times with my brother-in-law when he was doing it, and I was pretty sure I was going to die (or puke) each time! That’s a tough regimen!

  6. I’ve heard a lot of great things about the p90x workout, and I’m curious to try it out. Are you using this dvd set?

    I’m determined to be able to do pull ups!!
    Also, did you ever finish Final Fantasy X? That’s my favorite one in the series! Thank you for writing such a diverse and interesting blog 🙂

    1. Yes, that looks like mine! The weight videos are worth it, but I’ll confess that I hated the Kenpo-X video. It just wasn’t that intense (and I love kickboxing!) I love Plyo-x, so that makes up for it.

      I did finish FFX! I loved the ending (I may have shed a tear or two.) I have X-II, but I played the first few hours and really hated what they did to Yuna’s character. I bought Xenosaga pt 1 instead and finished that – highly recommended! Now I’m playing Persona 3. I kind of like being so behind in games – it means I can play the good ones and avoid the bad!

  7. Hi! I’m a long time reader and live in the twin cities. I agree that Treadle Yard Goods is a great place. They can be pricey, but their apparel fabrics are top-notch and they avoid cluttering everything up with too many quilting fabrics. I’d also recommend Crafty Planet in Northeast MPLS – they have lots of fun novelty fabrics and a decent yarn and notions selection. If you’re interested in ready-made craftys from MN, try I like You

  8. I am very interested in your experience with the P90X, and have become more curious about trying it for myself now. Strength is definitely my weakest point, heh.

    Excited to see what tops you make, and excited about your European travels.

  9. I second the recommendation for SR Harris in Minneapolis area. It is awesomely overwhelming and you have to be willing to dig…but I came out with some super 100’s wool suiting last time for $8/yard!

  10. I feel exactly the same way this week – I’m changing jobs but I have this week off inbetween and I’m kind of adrift about what to sew! As far as an easy knit top, I’m a big fan of McCall’s 6078, the sleeveless drapey cowl top. It goes together so fast and is dressier than most sleeveless tops!

  11. SR Harris in the north suburbs of Minneapolis is a MUST! Check out their website first and print out the coupons. Be ready to dig – but you will surely find some awesome fabric to take home!

  12. Oh, P90X. I never do the yoga video- it’s so tiresome. I was doing a lot of P90X in the winter when it was so cold I avoided even walking to the grocery store, let alone running or otherwise working out outside.These days I still try to do the shoulders and arms video once or twice a week, and the legs video once, and sometimes I throw in the kenpo- but I mainly try to get out there and run or walk. My biggest problem with the videos was that as someone who isn’t crazy strong but HAS been exercising regularly for a few years now, some of the workouts were too easy and/or too easy to not try hard in.

  13. Have fun visiting Minneapolis/St Paul! You should be coming at the best time of year. I don’t have any suggestions to add to the fabric stores listed above, but I will say that SR Harris is not a place to drop in on if you only have an hour to browse. You have to be prepared to dig – I hope someday to have the time to do just that!

  14. If you haven’t gone to Chicago yet, I HIGHLY advise a stop by my friend Rachel’s studio and fabric shop, The Needle Shop. Lots of fantastic, quirky modern fabrics and indy patterns to study, with samples made by her and her students around so you can see how things come out. It’s pretty much fantastic! http://www.theneedleshop.net/

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