MMM roundup week 2: Style Evolution

So far me-made May has been a tougher challenge than I expected.  I certainly have plenty of handmade clothes, but I find myself reluctant to wear some of them.  I have come to the realization that my personal style has changed quite a bit in the past few years!

When I started sewing I was mainly excited to have more dresses, and specifically pretty sundresses.  I made a ton of them, and while I think they are pretty in the abstract I don’t find myself reaching for them.

Fashion I am loving right now:

1. Graphic prints
2. Black/white/gray with a strong pop of color
3. Maxi dresses
4. Unstructured knit dresses and tunics
5. Skinny jeans and pants
6. Flats and wedges

What I’m not feeling:

1. Florals
2. Dresses/tops with back ties or sashes
3. Super fitted/structured garments
4. Sandals and heels

With those in mind, here are my outfits from the second week of me-made May along with commentary:

Me-made item: Simplicity 2219

Comments: This dress remains my favorite handmade item ever, and no I am not exaggerating!  I love the print, which is interesting without being overwhelming, and the style of the dress itself is very graceful.  In fact, why haven’t I made another of these?  I think I will have to put that on my list!

Pattern review: I loved this pattern, but after making it I do have one comment.  If you use a knit with lycra it will stretch over time.  I’ve taken it up at the shoulders twice, and I’m about to do the hem again.  I reinforced all my seams, but this is just a lot of fabric!

Me-made item: Colette patterns Beignet skirt

Comments: I’m surprised by how much I still love this skirt, and how well made it is (it was my third project.)  Colette patterns have super instructions!  I love this outfit – the stripes go well with the yellow.  I would rather have a different shirt, but I’m eternally low on solid colored tops.

Pattern comments: I would not make another skirt from cotton twill – this wrinkles are epic by the end of the day, and it does not stretch at all, leading to a slightly odd look when sitting.  The lining has shrunk slightly unevenly, and is now prone to sticking out of the bottom when I sit.  I’m thinking of removing it entirely, as it doesn’t help with wrinkling and I don’t wear this in the winter!

Me-made item: Simplicity 2443 (dress and jacket)

Comments: This outfit doesn’t really work for me.  The blue of the jacket doesn’t go with the dress, and both pieces work better with other items in my wardrobe.  I keep trying to wear these sandals, but I just don’t like them (or sandals in general for some reason – I own very few!)

Pattern comments: I’ve made it twice, so I must like it!  I actually wear the grey version of this dress more often, but I love the blue as well.  The jacket never fails to get compliments, but I don’t really like it with the dress in the pattern.  It’s too boxy with the gathered skirt.

Me-made item: Vogue 1179 (dress)

Comments: I like this outfit.  It’s comfortable for teaching but still professional, a difficult balance.  The shoes are keds with wedge heels – love them!  The cardigan is by Rachael Roy and is my favorite in the world.  I’m so glad the style has gone to long cardigans again!

Pattern comments: This pattern is awesome.  I’ve helped a few other people make one as well, and it looks great on everyone!  I want to make another in the future.

Me-made item: the obi belt (and I also altered the dress pretty heavily from its original state.)

Comments:  I wear this outfit pretty often – it’s one of my current favorites.  The dress is a knit, so it’s comfortable, and the belt makes it more interesting (it’s a bit dull on its own.)  I love the bateau neckline – why don’t I own more of them?

Pattern comments: I’ve made this belt twice.  This version gets worn more often, but I love them both.  I want to make one out of leather!

Me-made item: Vogue 8469 (dress)

Comments: This is an example of an outfit that doesn’t feel like me anymore.  This dress is only a year old, but I have to admit that even when I made it originally I had doubts.  I don’t like to use the phrase “too young,” as I pretty much think you should wear whatever makes you happy.  What I am thinking is: not sophisticated enough.  The print makes it cutesy, and the thick black band (and back tie, which you can’t see) make it seem a little cheap to me.  I love color and pattern, but this one doesn’t do it for me – it feels like wearing a costume.

Pattern comments: See the above paragraph.  I think this pattern has a tendency to look a little too home-ec for my taste, and I don’t recommend it.

Me-made item: Simplicity 2603 (cardigan)

Comments: I know, pants!  One thing I’ve been trying to do this year is incorporate more silhouettes into my style, and pants are a big one.  I like them, but I do have a hard time finding well fitted jeans.  These are from NY and Co, and I think they fit me because they are a petite (I am all torso.)  I like this outfit, even the pairing of the pink wrap with the brown top.

Pattern comments: Hasn’t everyone made one of these?  It’s a great pattern, but if I made another I would go for the shorter version.  This one can only be worn tied.

I’ve also used the gel-nail system I bought myself twice more since I posted.  I thought I would post them for anyone interested – feel free to ignore!  The first manicure lasted 2 weeks!  The second lasted only 4 days, but that’s my fault – if you use regular polish between the layers it must be completely dry before topcoating, and I got impatient.

This is a neon purple (by Massini, a brand I can only find at Meijer stores) topped with a Konad stamp in zebra print.  You can see I had trouble getting the black stamp excess off my cuticles, but that’s ok – it didn’t last that long anyway!

This is Misa “Hot People like you,” a sheer neon pink with a little shimmer.  I used two coats of that, then used 2 coats of a black/silver glitter, and finished with another coat of the pink.  I read about this on a nail blog – it’s called a jelly sandwich, with glitter in between.  I really like it!

12 thoughts on “MMM roundup week 2: Style Evolution

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one whose personal style seems to be going through a constant revolution. I’d be happy to take those red sandals off your hands, I’d been looking for the perfect pair of red, strappy sandals…they don’t happen to be a size 7 or 7.5 do they? 😉

  2. I love the maxi dress. I don’t think the print dress is “too young” – it’s just the black band that makes it look strange and maybe a bit becky-home-ecky. I also love the black and white print with the red obi belt – fabulous outfit.

    Long cardigan – immediately adds 10 to 20 years to the age of anyone wearing one (and I say this as someone who wore one regularly in her 20s) I never, ever wear one now because it makes me look exactly like my mum!

    I absolutely love that dark blue wall that you have to use as a backdrop for your photos. The only place in my flat that I can get a full length photo is against my bedroom door and it’s a boring off-white.

  3. I’m really enjoying your round ups. It’s so helpful to have the pattern reviewed after its been worn for a while. Love the wrap top!

  4. I really like all of these, but my favorite is the yellow and black outfit! What a great combination.

  5. Gorgeous outfits! I really love the maxi dress– so chic! Thanks for the note about fabrics with lycra stretching– I don’t have too much experience working with knits, so that’s really helpful!

  6. i love the giraffe print dress with the obi belt, it’s my fave of the week (well, a very close second is the yellow beignet!) it’s nice to see another sewing blogger going thru a style evolution as well… i’m still figuring mine out, but we seem to be on the same wavelength: leaving a cutesy, girly style and looking for something more sophisticated, sleek and comfortable.

  7. I like the sandals! I know, but they are so cute on you:). I wanted to say that I am sorry for your loss of Sarah Jane. I lost my constant companion nearly two weeks ago, a Parson Russell terrier named Jill. We were out on our evening walk and she was surprise attacked by a German shepard who was running loose in a pack of dogs (I live in rural Cashmere, Wa). She died in my arms. The pain of losing a beloved animal companion is unlike anything else. I don’t expect the hole in my heart to ever heal. So I empathize greatly with you and Mark.

  8. wow! In those days i’m in the sewing something mood, I love your yellow skirt, and the other outfit are lovely!

  9. I am interested to hear more about the gel manicure, I am slightly confused it sounds like you are doing regular polish and gel combination? Please give me more details. Thanks a lot!

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