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So many thanks

Thank you so much to everyone who wrote me about Sarah Jane.  I showed the comments to my husband, and I know they made him feel  better as well.  I wish I could respond to you each individually, but right now it’s too difficult for me to talk about her.  Know that your words and prayers were truly appreciated.  My friends and family have been wonderful throughout this time – truly I did not know how much support we had, and I am very grateful.    I am feeling at peace with our decision, and every day gets a bit easier.  My other cats are a comfort – Leon (my Maine Coon) who has always been my cat, has taken to lying close to Marc on the sofa, almost as though he knows how much my husband misses having a cat by his side.

People cope with sadness in different ways.  Routine is very comforting to me.  I like to be busy (in general, but especially at difficult times.)  I find talking about my feelings to be extremely difficult.    My Myers-Briggs type is INTJ, which explains a lot about me!  My husband and best friend are all the same type, and we all have this issue.  Which is all a very long way of saying that, though it feels a bit frivilous, I have been taking my me-made-May photos.  It makes me feel better to continue with a project.  I missed the few days where I was the most upset, but otherwise I’ve been trying to get through.  Here are the newest photos/pattern reviews: not my best, but I’m pleased that I took them!

Friday, May 4th

Me-made item: Vogue 8231

Comments: I didn’t finish the entire dress, but I did finish and wear the top on Oaks day (KY derby eve).  I wore this to play the piano for a fundraising brunch.  Funny story: I arrived at the venue on time, having set up my borrowed digital piano the night before.  It worked fine then, but when I turned it on Friday morning I got an error that could not be cleared (something having to do with the soundbank.)  I ended up sending my husband on an emergency piano retrieval mission, and had to play a Casio digital keyboard.  It was not my most shining moment (really, could anything be shining on a Casio keyboard?) but we got through!

I don’t really like the top with these pants.  I was going for a sort of retro cigarette pants look, but I think these pants aren’t quite skinny enough.  This is a place where photos  really help me out – I thought they were ok in the mirror, but I didn’t like any of the photos.  Oh well – I will finish the skirt soon!

After the brunch I changed clothes and went to a cookout at a friend’s house.  Alas, I did not wear anything I made there, but I figure I had met my goal for the day.

About the pattern: well, obviously I haven’t made the skirt, so I’m not doing a full review yet.  I can tell you my alterations:  I used double fold bias tape to finish the armhole and neck edges, and I eliminated the sleeves (I really love bias tape by the way – it makes everything so neat!)  I removed 1″ at center back and tapered the side seams in towards the waist, as it was a bit boxy on me.  It does wrinkle a bit, but not as bad as I initially feared!

I used self-fabric covered buttons on the back.  I cannot recommend buttons on your back unless you never lean back… cute, but not super comfortable!  I will do a full review later, when I finish the skirt.

Saturday, May 5th

Me-made item: Jalie pleated cardigan

Original post: here

Comments: Derby day!  Note my lack of giant hat.  I went to a party and then out for drinks with friends in my neighborhood later, and my goal was to be comfortable!  At most derby parties you tend to sit around, occasionally watch races, and eat lots of little foods, so comfort is key!

Pattern comments: I really like this cardigan – it’s comfortable and long, but not sloppy.  Unfortunately, the pleated detail is lost in this fabric, but it’s still nice!  I would make it again, but my pattern is lost.  Maybe I will buy it again someday.  My fabric is wearing out – not that it’s bad, but I’ve worn this to death!

Sunday, May 6th

Me-made item: McCall’s 6069 

Original post: Here


I can’t get over how much longer my hair has grown this year!  And yes, I picked this photo because Leon was in it – he has to be around when I’m taking photos!  Today was mostly for catching up on things – I went grocery shopping (and made an excellent roasted sweet potato/apple salad with sweet balsamic dressing.)  I also took a nice long walk and met my Mom for coffee to discuss plans for my graduation next weekend, and I did a new set of gel nails (the last ones lasted over a week without chipping, but I got bored – I think I could easily get 2 weeks!)

Pattern comments:

I think I might like it more now than when I finished it.  It’s casual and comfortable, and it’s easy to wear in lots of situations.  The back can be a problem – if I don’t watch, and the shoulder seams fall back, it exposes my bra strap.  I don’t think this is a pattern failing – rather, I needed to shorten the armhole length.  This has become a common alteration for me – it seems that I have a short armpit – shoulder length.  The cowl drapes stay in place, even though I didn’t sew them down.

I spilled dressing on this at dinner, but luckily it washed out.  I still may go back and add some hems to this dress, but it’s wearable as is – this was before I had figured out a strategy for hemming knits.

That’s all for now.  Hopefully I will have time to work on my graduation dress tomorrow, so that  I can finish it this week!

7 thoughts on “So many thanks

  1. Hi Jessica,
    Well done on persevering with the Vogue dress/top. It looks lovely! Your whole blog is an inspiration – I tend to modify op shop dresses but haven’t yet progressed to making my own from scratch. Question: how do you manage to take such flattering self-portraits? Do you have a second pair of hands to help out or are you using some kind of self-timer?

  2. As a fellow INTJ I understand you completely. I, too, find it easier to write down my emotions rather than express in a way it’s normally expected. It’s totally OK though;)

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