Don’t faint or anything, but I finished my dress!  No photos yet – I’m waiting for a day/night when my husband is home.  Now that the time has changed it stays light later, so hopefully I will be able to get them soon.  As I write this, it’s 73 degrees outside – spring is here!  This excites me, even if we didn’t have much winter.  Would you like to vote for my next project?  I’ll go with majority rules.  Otherwise I’ll spend a week dithering over what to start!  It’s between these two (I am in a suiting sort of mood)

McCall's 6518

McCall’s 6518:  This is springing up online already, with very nice reviews!
Vogue 8231 (oop)

Vogue 8231: From my lonely OOP patterns.  This has large buttons running up the back of the top, and is actually two pieces.  The fabric is washed and ready to cut!


Help me to choose!