New Vogues at last!

I’ve been stalking the website for weeks, seriously.  My diligence was rewarded – I love the new patterns!  There is a lot of assymmetry, which I’m finally coming around on, and lots of patterns for knits/ponte, which suits my current preferences.  Here are my favorites:

Designer Patterns

1280, Donna Karan Design

It’s funny – before I started sewing I would not have considered myself a Donna Karan fan.  Now that I’ve sewed several of her designs, I recognize her skills.  I love the straps on this dress – they are unusual without being too crazy and strappy.  It’s very wearable I think – in ponte knit the form fitting details should work!


1287, DKNY

This season’s awesome DKNY dress.  I like this a lot – and I like that it comes with a slip pattern.  Giant pockets are a plus… it’s like a more wearable version of the Vena Cava dress I made last summer.

1285, Tracy Reese

Love her designs.  This dress is particularly wearable I think!

1286, also Tracy Reese

Love the back.  Odd that they have a different model in the back view!  I don’t know where I would wear this, but I’d imagine I could find somewhere!  The seaming on the bust is really neat, and is lost a little in that print.


Do I like this?  I think I do.  The seaming is fun and trendy.  I worry about her arm placement in these photos, as it looks like there might be a fit issue.  This one I will need to see made up before I can decide.


This is a great basic dress (I think it’s also a wrap style – lots of those this spring!)



I love this one!  The assymetrical hemline looks more modern than weird.  I would wear it with slim pants like the model (and I have a ton of cotton shirting ready to be made up!  However, let’s take a moment to pity that poor model’s hair, which has been tortured into a most unnatural shape (seriously though, I’m glad to see this model back, as I think she’s so pretty!)


How elegant is this top?  I love the low side ruching and the elegant neckline.  I will definitely pick this one up!


This is really cute in stripes.  It would be considerably less interesting in another print, but I think this is a time where I might copy the envelope!

Vintage Vogue

I like these much better than the last few batches.  Shortened to a more modern length, both are very wearable.


The blue dress is actually a wrap style.  I can’t tell if it’s similar to the famous walkaway dress or not.  Either way – cute!  Love the styling on these too, as I covet a pair of cat eye sunglasses (only my husband’s horror has prevented me from buying actual prescription cat eye glasses to wear all the time!)

So, strong collections from both McCall’s and Vogue this year… I can’t wait to see the Butterick patterns!  I love sewing for warm weather – the colors and patterns appeal to me far more than winter.  In the winter I just want to hibernate, so that’s mostly what I do!


7 thoughts on “New Vogues at last!

  1. I’m not that tempted by any of the patterns (mainly because I simply wouldn’t wear them, as lovely as they are, and because I have too many patterns). I wanted to comment to say that you *MUST* get cats eye glasses. I have a pair, distance only even though I usually wear varifocals, and I get at least one compliment from a complete stranger every single time I wear them.

  2. 🙂 the 8784 dress is made up in my bedroom curtain fabric. I originally purchased the fabric (from JoAnns- they still have it at my location, linen blend) to make a dress but then started loving the idea of new bedroom curtains. Glad to know it still works for a dress too!

  3. 1287’s the ‘must-sew’ for me in the new collection. For some reason most of the rest don’t grab me, but possibly that’s because the weather here has just gone cold. I couldn’t get a t-shirt under that first one, lovely though it is. I’m strangely drawn to the blue asymmetric tunic though!

  4. I’ll be sewing a striped version of that t-shirt too! I also love the DKNY dress, it looks like it would be comfortable. Will have to wait for a serious sale somewhere though as Vogue patterns are horrible expensive in the UK.

    What was it with the art direction for those pattern photos though? Why were most of the models balancing on one foot and all tilted to the side, it’s really not a helpful way to model garments!

  5. I think that pink one has ruching into the sleeve seam and that’s why it looks funny. If you look at her crooked arm, you can spot it a little better 🙂

  6. personally, i was not in love with any of the new ones, but i can see you doing wonderful things with your selections. i look forward to seeing which ones you choose!

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