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Butterick 5247

Pattern: Butterick 5247 (OOP)

Fabric: Poly sweater knit, 2 yards


I had my doubts about this one.  It is, after all, a big blocky sweater with no real shaping.  The sleeves are dolman, which is generally iffy.  But I had this sweater knit, which is complicated enough to really need a simple pattern.  And I liked the idea of a tunic, especially as we have seen our coldest temps this winter in the past few days.  I was kind of unenthusiastic as I sewed it, but you know what?  I really like this sweater!

I have always worn fitted clothes, and the current fashion for oversized (with skinny pants) has been hard on me.  It took me at least a year to find skinny jeans that I liked (this pair is from Charlotte Russe, believe it or not, and I’ve also had luck with the ones at the Limited.)  But now that I have I’m embracing it!  Back in the 80s I loved this look – drapey top with a chain belt worn low.  I didn’t wear it then, as I was 9 years old and firmly in my nerd  stage, but I was so envious of my older cousin and her awesome belts!  I found this belt last week at Goodwill, and I’m trying out the style after all these years!  All I need are some stone washed jeans, an ill advised perm, and an unsuitable boyfriend who is in a metal band to complete the picture.  Ok… maybe I don’t need those things.  But the point is, after swearing that I would cling to my bootcut pants forever I’ve finally adjusted to the look.   I find that I take awhile to get used to trends, as my style is not super trendy.  After awhile I figure out how to make it work for me, without making it look like I’m wearing someone else’s clothes.

As for the pattern?  Well, it was super easy to sew.  It only had 4 pieces.  I had a little trouble with being short on fabric, as I had only 2 yards when 2.25 were needed.  I ended up cutting a length about an inch longer than the tunic (as I knew I wanted to wear it bloused out.)  I had to seam the neck piece, so mine is a little strange.  Speaking of that piece, it’s the only bit I don’t love.  It’s neither a cowl nor turtleneck, but somewhere in between the two.  I think I would like it better if it could decide!  Even so, I really like the top.  The sleeves I shortened by an inch.  I think that for dolman sleeves you should leave at least the wrist exposed.  Otherwise the proportions can be off, at least on me!

As you can see, it does work over leggings as well.  It’s a touch short with the belt – I originally went with the look above, but then decided I wanted to wear it with jeans instead.  I was teaching today, and I do like to avoid really short hemlines (but I would wear it with leggings to go out or on weekends.)    I would not wear it this short without leggings, as I don’t really think it’s a dress.  I really wanted it an inch longer, but oh well – you work with what you’ve got!  The print does a strange sort of optical illusion thing in the back, but I assure you that it is not stretched out!

I’d also like to try it with a darker belt.  I think the style works, but that belt is awfully bright.  I will keep an eye out for one, now that I have something to wear it with!  If you have this pattern (or find it) I totally recommend it.  The style is versatile, and it looks great in all the versions I’ve seen online!


10 thoughts on “Butterick 5247

  1. Looks pretty cool with that neckline. You could try it in a wide V-neck with a white singlet inside.. loving the colour on that wall btw..

  2. Very nice! I think it’s super cute with the leggings but understand your hesitation to wear it that way day to day. It’s lovely with the jeans as well. A great new top!

  3. I’ll love the monochromatic effect you’ll have going on when you change the belt.

    Nice tunic, however you wear it!

  4. Oh my gosh, I’ve had the same struggle adjusting to the current trend. I found your blog a month or two ago and I’ve been following, gaining inspiration from you and your sewing. I have sewn in the past and I really would love to start again – perhaps soon!

    The tunic is beautiful, and I love the color of the paint you have on the wall behind it, too. The two coordinate nicely!

  5. When I read your review last night, I actually had some teal blue sweater knit fabric and this pattern laying out over it waiting on my cutting table. I too did not have enough fabric and went online for inspiration! Thankfully, with your comments and input from Pattern Review, I was able to make it work with the tunic length about 3″ shorter. I was able to sew it up today and it turned out pretty cute. The self belt works for me. I wish I lived near you as it would be fun to have a Butterick 5247 party with all the gals who’ve made it on Pattern Review. Thanks again!

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