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Winter sewing pt 2

I’m pretty proud of myself for making through most of the projects I cut this fall.  I have two more that I haven’t gotten to yet, but hopefully I should get to them before the thaw (usually March around these parts!)  I think that having the projects cut really saved my productivity with how busy I’ve been.  This semester will be even busier – I’m still singing in two ensembles, teaching a full load, freelancing at churches, and taking a class/graduating!  I also have to make time for my workouts every day (I have started getting up earlier to do them then.)  I should probably state that I actually enjoy being really busy, as long as the stress is all of my own making. Moving on… since I was so successful in the fall I’ve decided to go ahead and precut some winter/early spring projects (speaking of spring, shouldn’t we be getting some new Vogue patterns soon?)  I’m trying not to buy fabric while I’m paying for school, so I went through my bins and came up with these five projects (no storyboards, as Photoshop is being buggy:)

Butterick 5247 in Sweater Knit:  This pattern is discontinued now, but I’ve always liked it.  I’m planning to make this what I call “legging length” – in between the tunic and dress lengths, so I can wear it as a dress (over leggings/opaque tights) or a tunic.  This fabric came from, and is much nicer than I thought it was going to be!

New Look 6071 in ITY jersey: I am planning to make this with sleeves.  Dress length on this one I think.  The color didn’t photograph well, but it’s a deep yet intense magenta.

Simplicity 2406 in ITY print: This fabric is from the last batch of knits I got from  They were really varying in weight and quality, but this was the nicest.  It’s thick with a lovely drape.  I’m making the long sleeved version, and I’m sewing up that back slit (I cannot understand that… don’t people wear bras anymore?)  The pattern doesn’t all for knits, but I think this style (sack with a belt) is suited to knits.

McCalls 5752 in ITY print:   I got the fabric from fabric mart.  I think it was a Maggy London print.  I love it – circles and green, how could I not?  I’m actually planning to make the cap sleeve version of this dress, so that I can wear it more than one season.  I’m thinking of leaving off the ties (as in the black one) but I’m not sure yet.

Vogue 8530 in rayon jersey: I ordered this fabric from ebay, and I ended up being a little disappointed in the colors.  They are more on the faded/southwestern side than I usually go for.  The print is also rather large, so I wasn’t sure what to use it for.  I think I’m decided on this dress, in the short sleeved version.  I have a similar rtw dress that I adore, so I would like to make another.  I think the colors will be good for spring when it gets here!

There you go – I’m trying not to overburden myself, so I think this is a good number of projects for the next few months.  Of course, as always, I may get tired of something, or get a new pattern and have to make it first, but I will try to stick to the plan!

15 thoughts on “Winter sewing pt 2

  1. Yes! Where are the new Vogue patterns? I am glad to know that I am not the only person waiting with baited breath.
    And, yes! It’s not stress, when it is of your own making and under your own control. Very perceptive.
    I like your sewing plans, lots of easy to wear, easy to care for jersey knit dresses. I wear a lot of jeans and trousers, but I am coming around to knit dresses. They look much smarter, are comfortable and don’t take a lot of effort really.

  2. LOL @ the southwestern fabric! That’s exactly what I thought when I saw your picture, glad you found a good use for it. I think you’ll have some nice dresses when it’s all said and done. 🙂

  3. I think the Vogue Spring patterns will be up soon…they are having a $4.99 sale now and a sale usually precedes the new pattern announcement. At least that’s what I’m hoping for because I’m ready for some spring patterns too! And isn’t that odd especially since it’s about to get really cold here on the East Coast…or maybe not! *LOL* Maybe I’m trying to push past this season I don’t enjoy to get to the warmer climes!

    Like your new projects…I hope they give you much enjoyment during the construction process.

  4. oh my goodness, I love the fabric you’re using for the McCalls 5752! and I completely agree about the back slit–I am so puzzled by designs that seeming require invisible or nonexistent bras…

  5. What a lovely plan! I’ve tried to make myself an ambitious plan for the winter and spring, and I love your idea of cutting ahead. Good luck! And, good luck with all of your non-sewing plans, too!

  6. Cool I’ve got the Simplicity 2406 pattern myself lined up to make for spring, so I’ll be looking forward to seeing your version. I agree about the the back slit, a bit weird and impractical!

  7. You have so many great knits here! I can’t wait to see all of these sewn up. I finally made my first successful knit top the other day, and now feel so much more confident about sewing knits! Your dresses will be great inspiration for me.

  8. Great choices! I’m excited to see how your McCalls’ 5752 turns out. I’ve had that pattern for a while, but haven’t made it yet. Bummed that the Butterick tunic/dress is discontinued –super cute.

  9. Exciting options!
    Question – you mentioned you’ll be making the first one, the Butterick sweater dress, in a length good for leggings. How much will you add to the tunic to do that? Will you just cut halfway between the tunic and dress lengths? I have that pattern in my stack to make next and I like your idea of making up an in between length. Thanks in advance!

    1. To tell you the truth, I will wait until the end to decide on length. I’ll cut the dress and wait until I can try it on to decide how long it should be. I’m in between regular and tall sizes, so I’m never sure which way to go. I just try to leave my options open!

  10. I like the last Vogue one you have there, I think the fabric will look great with that pattern. Watch the neckline though, if Vogue is showing it that wide on the drawing I’d be surprised it it didn’t fall down around your waist, I’ve been bitten by their necklines before (maybe you have too but I’d feel bad if I didn’t warn you and you didn’t know!). Looking foward to seeing the finished garments!

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