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Vogue 8771: more experiments in silhouette

Pattern: Vogue 8771

Fabric: Rayon/lurex jersey from


Have you ever finished something and then been unable to decide how you felt about it?  Because that’s where I am with this top!  Dolman sleeved tops are everywhere right now, and I must say that while I don’t mind them I’ve never found them easy to wear.  In my quest for new tops and tunics, I’m trying to get away from making the same silhouette over and over again.  I liked the looks of this pattern, and it was at any rate very simple.  I think it’s rather nice from the back:

It’s casual and not a little 80s, but I do like that view.  I find that when I try a new silhouette I need time to adjust to the idea of it before I can pass judgement.  I did get complimented by one of my piano students, a very worldly 10 year old who assured me that it was very “now and hip!”

I cut a size 8, and could have gone down a size I think.  There is plenty of easy built in!  Do watch the width of the hips though, as that area does run a tad smaller.  I constructed the top as called for in the pattern, with the exception of the hemline, which I left unfinished.  This knit is a rayon/lycra/lurex knit from  It’s very drapey, which works well for this pattern I think (the one on the website is made up in a thick ity, and I do not like the way it hangs.)  The fabric is metallic, which doesn’t photograph well, but I assure you that it is black with silver sparkles!

The pattern is not intended to be off the shoulder, but the neckline is wide.  It falls to the side naturally, so I just decided to go with it and wear a black tank underneath.  Other pattern quibbles… well, overall I thought it was well drafted.  It was a little tricky getting the cured sleeve panels in without puckering.

So in conclusion I’m reserving judgement until I have time to get used to the shape.  I’m sure I will wear it, as it’s comfortable and trendy.  This is one of the pieces I cut during my cutting marathon.  I’m pleased so far with my results of that experiment, as I guarantee you I would not have ever made this if it wasn’t cut and ready to go!

19 thoughts on “Vogue 8771: more experiments in silhouette

  1. That’s a great top on you. I do know what you mean about trying different silhouettes, it’s something I’ve been doing for the past few months, sometimes successfully, sometimes not. This is definitely successful.

  2. I have this pattern! My first attempt at making it was absolutely disastrous as there was too much stretch in my chosen jersey. I do want to return to it and try again, especially after seeing yours!

  3. Argh, that pattern! I picked it up after seeing it on your site and picked too heavy a knit (it was such a beautiful cranberry color though) and then I cut it too small. The sizing and the hand meant it didn’t drape that well, so an around the house pull-over/sweatshirt I now have.

    As for how it looks, my husband’s comment was “it looks pretty cool when you put your hand on your hip,” but otherwise we were both kind of undecided about it. I’ll probably try it again in a lighter weight fabric like you made. It was super simple though which runs in its favor for experimenting again.

    I like how yours turned out. I keep imagining it in my cranberry color and sighing.

  4. I like the seaming on this top, it looks really comfortable but still with a little shape to it.
    I like to cut out projects marathon style too, it makes my back hurt but better to just hurt once in a while then every time I finish a project.

  5. I also made this top and have mixed feelings. I love it until I get to the bottom…just a bit too snug for my liking.

  6. I really, really like it on you. I too was hesitant about the dolman sleeve but I bought a very drapey sweater last year and love it. I think the trick is the fabric being thin enough to cling a little to show some shape.

  7. I love the whole look. Pants fit well. Shoes are stupid cute. And the blouse is very current; it’s so cute, you’re forcing my hand. I’m going to have to try it!

  8. I like it: the cut, the drape & the fact that it’s comfortable for you. I do think that you could use a bit of color: brown? wine? to bring out the coloring in your hair, eyes. Though it could be the photo doesn’t to justice to the dazzle you say it there. Even a nice golden, I could see for you! Good luck. Great sewing & posting!

  9. I made this also in a 2 way stretch jersey knit. Try making the long sleeve version. It balances out the dolman sleeves and you can push them up which helps. It is an 80’s kind of vibe. As you can tell, I had to get used to this pattern also and i was on the fence about it at first.
    You look very nice in everything you wear including this pattern.
    Thanks for sharing your sewing endeavors, i am a fan.

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