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Happy belated Thanksgiving!

Well, it’s been a crazy week for me!  As promised, I spent several evenings cutting, and I now have eight projects ready to sew.  Well, ready to sew if I ever get my sewing room back in order!  I am glad to say that the situation is improving, and I hope to be finished this weekend.

See?  It’s getting better!

I found a thread rack (on the right in the photo) at a church rummage sale, and I’m going to hang it behind the desk.  I also picked up an office chair (with wheels!) as a doorbuster at Staples today, so I can finally banish that awful diner chair to the basement!  The cutting table and iron are downstairs now, but I’m putting them down by the windows.

Speaking of those windows, I’m thinking of making curtains for them.  I’ve been everywhere, but I can’t decide on a fabric.  The problem, I suspect, is that I don’t really love the wall color in this room  (it was supposed to be purple gray, but it’s just purple!)  I’m leaning towards a black and white print (the actual color is lighter than in this photo.)  Does anyone have a favorite source for curtain fabric?  I don’t want to spend a lot, but I don’t want something that’s going to look terrible either!

I’ve set up my exercise area in the part you can’ t see in the photo (where I am standing.)  It’s much larger than my living room, so it’s great – I did Turbofire (kickboxing) tonight, and I got a much better workout because I actually had room to do everything!  The only concern is not whacking myself with a beam (they are reachable with my hands.)

I spent two days painting my Mom’s living room, which was quite the ordeal as she has paneling I had to prepare and paint (like in the attic… never again!)  We stayed here for Thanksgiving with my family, and then decided to be insane and hit the day after sales.  I never go, because competitive shopping stresses me out.  I also used to work retail, so it’s not my thing.  I wanted the Kinect for my Christmas present (yes, I pick out my own… it is easier on my husband!) so I thought it might be worth trying, especially as the stores open so early now, meaning I’m still awake.  Sears at 3 am?  Why not?  I actually thought the experience was rather fun, as we made friends with the people in line around us, and attempted to get the crowd to join in a sing-along (no dice!)  After watching the news I expected to either get trampled, shot, or maced, but I thought there was a remarkable sense of camaraderie among the people waiting in line.  I got my Kinect, so I’m happy – I cannot wait to get some games for it!

I hope that those of you in the US had a nice holiday.  I’m hoping to get in some sewing this week, as I’m booked solid on the weekends until the new year (tis the season for concerts, gigs, and parties!)


10 thoughts on “Happy belated Thanksgiving!

  1. So glad your Black Friday shopping was productive!! It is always nice to get what you really had on your list.
    I went to JoAnn’s doorbuster sale on Friday. It was crowded around the cutting table, but the people waiting were friendly.
    Hope you get to sew soon!!

  2. Since it’s your sewing room, have you thought about piecing together some of your fabric scraps for curtains? I’m not into the crafty look too much around my house, but in my sewing room pretty much anything goes. I picked up the fabric a while ago when Hancock was having a big sale on decorator fabrics. I actually just bought curtain rods for valances today ($2.99 each at Kmart!). I’m not one for having finals at the end of curtains (our house is pretty streamlined) and just like to have the fabric show, which makes things pretty cheap.

    Our living room is that gray-purple and it works nicely with the light and feels like a warm gray. Unfortunately, the exact same paint in the foyer screamed little girl’s bedroom it was so lavender colored had to be painted over. Lighting makes such a difference.

  3. Any decorator-weight fabric works nicely for curtains (I’ve gotten some good deals at in the past). Just be sure to line them! White muslin works very well (and cheaply) for that job.

  4. Happy belated Thanksgiving to you as well. Glad you enjoyed it. Good deal on scoring the Kinect. I too ventured out in the wee hours of the morning to JCPenny for the 2nd year in the row to get a few things. Not bad at all. I think cuz all of the crazy folks were at Best Buy or WalMart:) Have fun getting your sewing room together.

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