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Vogue 1261

Pattern: Vogue 1261, an Alice & Olivia design

Fabric: poly blend sweater knit (from Joann’s last winter)


You may be saying to yourself “Self, I don’t remember that pattern!”  Well… there’s a reason for that.  Here is the pattern envelope, which bears little resemblance to my final product:

I saw the pattern and immediately wanted to make it.  I think it looks great on the model, and I’ve seen this sort of top everywhere in stores.  I held off because I just wasn’t sure about the uneven hemline, which I don’t generally find super flattering.  Lately I’ve been trying to wear pants occasionally (so that I don’t get into a style rut) and decided I wanted some tunics to wear with slim cut pants.  I’m pretty picky about tunics – they  must hit no shorter than mid thigh, or the proportions don’t work on me.  I apparently failed to notice that this particular tunic was not very long, and didn’t think to lengthen before cutting.  Realizing my error, I decided to sew it up anyway – after all, I have been surprised by new silhouete’s before. This time?  Not so much.  Here is the photo, or as I like to call it “how to gain 30 pounds with one new top.”

I am, admittedly, not wearing the right pants for the style in the photo, but skinny pants weren’t much better.  This style is not for me, at least not at the length (and possibly not at all!)  I tried to convince myself that it was fine, but I knew it wasn’t.  In the end I had to do major surgery to the top.  Here is what I did:

– I straightened the hemline and shortened the top by 2.5 inches.

– I reshaped the side seams to get rid of the A shaping.

I did not alter the neckline or the sleeves.  I should note that the sleeves are kind of small, and also short, so be aware of that.  It took me several tries to get a good fit, but I’m pleased now!  Here is the rear view:

I removed the center back seam, and I sewed the seams the normal way (the pattern calls for the seams being on the outside, which isn’t my thing.)

The other bit of oddness was the collar.  The lower edge of the cowl is meant to be finished with a bias strip of the fabric, folded in half with the cowl edge in between the two sides of the bias strip, and top stitched down.  I don’t know… that seems really odd to me (and still leaves 2 raw edges!)  I ended up not treating that edge at all.  My fabric is not the same on both sides, so I may go back and hand stitch the inside of the cowl down if it bothers me to see the back.  Right now I’m fine with it.  You can see what I mean here:

When I was new to sewing, this would have totally freaked me out.  I’m pleased to have progressed to the point where I know how to recover from a disaster!

I am still planning to make some tunics, but this time I will measure them against an existing tunic for length, and avoid uneven hemlines entirely.  I’m cleaning out my closet this weekend, so I expect I will return with some wardrobe plans soon!


21 thoughts on “Vogue 1261

  1. Your final version of this top looks wonderful. I, too, was rather leery of the shape of this garment, though I thought that the neckline was interesting. I ended up not buying this pattern, though now you’ve got me thinking…

  2. This looks great! I would probably have just gotten frustrated and chucked the whole thing. I think one reason the tunic length didn’t work so well was that you have such an eye-catching print on the fabric. I’m guessing a solid color or more subtle pattern would have been more flattering.
    Good save, though 😉

  3. I love the way the top turned out. I too have seen the style around everywhere but have been hesitant to try it out. You did a great job saving the project. 🙂

    PS You always mention you have a pear shape but I have never been able to see it in your pictures. This (new version) shirt is very flattering on your shape and accentuates you in all the right spots. 🙂 Very, very, flattering.

  4. Hi Jessica! Your top looks great, especially with the changes you made to suit you better. And the fabric really pops! I love it! I have the same pattern and made View B too (in boring black though). I made the mistake of adding 3 inches to the length, now it’s too long on me and does not have the same effect/style as the pattern picture. Here’s my version if you are interested:


  5. This looks lovely on you. The latest version that is, I agree that the first one wasn’t the most flattering (although you always look beautiful). Great job!

  6. The top looks really nice! I skipped over that pattern for the same reason you had doubts: the hemline and the a line shape ending right at the hips. You made it into something fantastic. I love it.

  7. I tried a pattern recently with an uneven hemline, too. I was hoping I would be surprised and it would be flattering… it wasn’t. Great save! Your new top is fabulous.

  8. Your alterations make it so much more flattering. I am built the same as you (although larger than you) and I also cannot do that hip length uneven hem. This is perfect though!!!

  9. And thusly fabulousity ensued. Great alterations!
    Usually cowl ( or even cowl´ish ) collars are sewed with a serger for a knit fabric. Or then if it´s not a knit, the collar is sewed first to neckline, then it´s folded in two and the raw edge is turned inside the collar and then the collar is topstiched to place. If it´s a collar that´s meant to stand upwards, the method is reversed and the top stiching is done on the outer side. Or for neatness… it´s hand stiched.

  10. Wonderful work! I think we have similar builds and styles, so I love to see your work and read what you do to make things fit. I’m also a petite, pale redhead, and it seems you have already sewn all the patterns I choose. Thanks for shortening the learning curve for me – although I must say I am still a bit nervous about cutting a smaller bodice than hips – with the result I have made couple dresses too big.. Bummer, but trying to keep my mind in the learning process rather than focusing on the final result. Thanks again and I can’t wait for your next dress!

  11. This looks great – in fact you always make the fabric at JoAnn’s look great. Somehow I walk in and see nothing, then you prove me wrong with your projects.

    1. esos arreglos han mejorado ….el modelo de tunica te cae muy bien.crees que ese modelo de tunica podemos usar las mujeres de talla small o pequeña.

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