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Exciting things afoot!

I’m very excited to finally tell you all that I’ve been published!


I was asked to interview the featured designer for the Winter 2011 issue of Knitscene magazine.  I had a great time doing the interview and writing up the profile.  Alexis designed the  Figurehead shawl, which I mention starting in the article.  I love her designs in the issue, in particular a really neat sweater dress.  I recommend checking it out!

I have long harbored a secret dream of writing for publication, and I’m hoping this is the first of many opportunities.

My other news?  I’m going back to school!

Due to several issues, I left college with one class remaining for my degree.  Yes… I am that person.  I’ve finally decided that now is the time to finish what I started, so I will be taking my last class and graduating in the spring.  I have felt ashamed for years that I didn’t graduate, so embarrassed that I avoided dealing with the problem for years.   I have several friends who have been instrumental in convincing me that this is where I need to be, and I am very grateful they are in my life!

I had planned to work on getting my sewing room back together this weekend, but I traveled to sing a wedding instead.  I’m hoping to get things in place, because I’m really feeling the itch to make something!  I’ve been knitting on my Kirra sweater, but it’s slow going and a lot of waffle stitch.  I hope to finish soon, because I keep imagining what to wear it with.  Not to mention, it’s been cold, and I’m ready for some sweaters! .

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend, with more crafting that I have managed!







17 thoughts on “Exciting things afoot!

  1. Congratulations on being published! Your writing on your blog is always fantastic – I hope your secret dream of doing more published writing is realized. Also, good luck with the classes!

  2. Congrats on the article and I hope I get a chance to read it.

    Good for you. I also regretted not finishing my degree the first time around and I agree, though in some ways you don’t really need it (and I’ve been told if I just want a degree I could have majored in anything) but I’m doing it just for me. You’ve got it easy – only one class.

  3. Congrats on having only 1 class to go! I’m so glad to hear you’re going back. An education is so important for many reasons. Way to go!!!

  4. Congratulations on so many things! It will feel so good to finish your degree. And being featured in a nationwide publication? Must feel at least as good (if not better!)

  5. Congratulations on both the article and going back to school! Both are very exciting, and hopefully they will lead to even more exciting things in the future. 🙂

  6. How exciting for you, in both regards — congrats! (Knitscene has become my favorite knitting mag, and I LOVE the designer spotlight feature.)

  7. Congratulations on going back to school! It takes guts to face the parts of ourselves that we’re not proud of and even more to try to improve them. Good luck!

  8. Congratulations on being published! I hope you have other opportunities, and that writing pieces like that can become a regular part of our life.

    As an Academic Advisor, I am thrilled to read that you are going back to finish your degree. Unfortunately, I see too many students who – for a variety of reasons [some better than others] – leave college with only one course or just a few courses to go. It is such a shame for them to lose out on the “prize” when they have worked so hard to get so close to the finish line.

  9. Wonderful news on so many levels. Terrific that you have been “published” and marvelous that you are finishing your degree. Never too late. I went back 15 years (and four children) after I had completed my AA degree. Was a total challenge as a single mom, but did it full time over two years and never regretted it. The degree made all the difference in income and opportunities over the past 23 years. But I loved it even more for the sheer joy of learning. Best of luck with all your future endeavors.

  10. It sounds fun to go back to college! I have a good friend who was supposed to graduate in 1987 but was missing a credit…he finally just graduated. He likes to tell people that babies were born, grew up, and actually graduated in the time he took off from school!

    Anyway, enjoy it, and take something fun — what are you thinking of?

  11. Congratulations on… everything, really!
    And I have a total 3rd floor envy! Bonne chance on getting it all sorted. Just imagine, how wonderful it will be when all is ready and done.

  12. That’s amazing!!! How exciting to be published. And congrats about going back to school. I loved being in school. Don’t be ashamed about not finishing. I was a college drop out as well if we’re all confessing here. I went back to school to finish my undergrad after being gone for 5 years. And then I went on to get my masters in voice performance. Go for it. It’s so worth it.

  13. Many, many congratulations on going back to college! That is so very exciting! Nerve wrecking too, I well remember, and at first it feels like you’ve never been to school let alone college before. But you can focus on the one class and you will get back into studying mode. It’ll all come back!
    It must be so wonderful to know that you’re working towards graduating! I can easily believe that you felt blocked from doing it before, so to have the courage and energy now – it’s just simply fantastic! We can always keep learning throughout our lives and this enriches our lives immensely. I’m so happy for you!
    And getting published, wow, that’s really nice too! I hope it’s the first of many, many times!
    Enjoy both.

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