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Butterick 5672

Pattern: Butterick 5672

Fabric: Double knit (rpl blend) 2 yards


This was my favorite pattern from Butterick this fall.   I’ve been waiting for the weather to cool down so that I could justify making a dress out of a heavier fabric.  It got down to 45 last week, which is good enough for me!  This is a style that I have struggled with.  I like the idea of side pleating, but in practice I find that it often looks bulky.  On this dress it doesn’t, in part beacause it has a waist seam, and also because I made it pretty fitted!  Here is  a closeup of the pleats:

They are stitched down  for several inches, which also helps to keep the front from blousing out.  The pattern itself was very simple.  I eliminated the lining, and chose to finish the neckline with a simple turn under. This is the length as drafted, and I often have to shorten Butterick patterns.  Other than that, it fit very well.  I cut between the sizes, going between an 8 on the bottom and 10 on the top.  The actual construction of the dress took about 2 hours – it was very quick!  I did not use the instructions, and took a totally different order of operations so that I could try it on.  I ended up taking in 1/2″ from the underarms to upper hip, as it was just slightly roomy there.  I didn’t get a great photo of the back, but the fit is decent.  I would eliminate the rear darts if I made it again.  I did remove all the ease from the sleeves – there is no reason for that in a knit, and there was quite a bit of ease too (2.5″ or so.)  I do this for all sleeved garments, even wovens, because I find that the ease causes them to fit my shoulders poorly, and also because I hate easing in sleeves more than anything!  I could lie and say that I have a scientific process to do this, but in fact I just measure the sleevecap and sleeve, subtract one number from the other, draw a horizontal line between the notches on the sleeve, and then fold out that amount on the pattern piece before cutting.

I’m not sure what I will make next – I have no weekends until November, so hopefully I can manage to squeeze in some time!





39 thoughts on “Butterick 5672

    1. I think it could work, but I’d recommend the sleeveless version. Beginners seem to really have trouble with sleeves, and this particular sleeve had a lot of excess ease that I removed. The dress itself is easy to assemble, especially if you leave out the lining. I turned under 5/8″ on the neckline and stitched to finish it. I would do the same on the armholes if I had made the sleeveless version.

      Hope that helps!

  1. I just bought that pattern a few weeks ago during the 99 cent sale. Your version is GORGEOUS! The fit is perfect for this style. Very wise to make it so fitted.

  2. Looks fantastic on you! I’ve never seen side pleats like that, but they certainly add interest.


  3. Thanks for your review! I was waiting to see how yours turned out before I gave it a try. I is super flattering on you and I love that fabric, too!

  4. A beautiful dress and great fit. You have an interesting method of removing the sleeve ease. I share your sentiments exactly on hating to deal with all that ease, like you say not needed especially on knits.

    My method of removing the ease is by cutting three vertical lines then overlapping them to take out the ease. Your method sounds much quicker. Would you please show it in a little tutorial if you have the time. It would really help!

  5. This is great. I didn’t really notice the pattern when it was released, but now I’m seeing a bunch of lovely versions around and I want to make it now! I made a doubleknit dress last fall that you recommended and it got a lot of wear, the fabric is great for cooler weather.

  6. I love this dress so much! It’s great to see some of the design details (that are hard to see on the Butterick model!) Your version is making me want to sew this up! It’s perfect for Autumn!

  7. The fabric looks so lovely. I have the same fabric and wasn’t very impressed with it. But it looks smashing in this version you have done . I was thinking of shirtdress like the Chloe snake print dresse, but havent found a shirt dress pattern for knit yet

  8. Beautiful dress and so ‘figure flattering’. I am going to channel Billy Crystal and say “You look marvelous”.

  9. What a beautiful dress. I check your blog all the time to see what patterns really look like when they are completed. Love everything about this dress, and so happy you posted it because I wasn’t too sure about the pattern when I saw it on the web. Now I have to make it! Your work is amazing.

  10. Your method for fitting sleeves into the sleeve cap sounds pretty scientific, okay, mathematical to me. And completely clear! Thanks for this. I just go this pattern and am itching to try it out.

  11. I am so confused about the pleats. How are they sewn so that the stitching does not show and how are is the fabric brought together to make the pleat. If possible can you send a pic of the inner part of the dress where the pleats are to my email TIA

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