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Vogue patterns, Winter 2011

I was just thinking it was time for some new Vogues – and they went up on the website!  I quite like this batch, and found some patterns that will most definitely be on my list.  I can’t wait to pick these up when they go on sale!  Here are my picks:


1271 and 1270 are both Kay Unger designs.  Both would make great day dresses that would transition well into evening.  I’m imagining navy blue or black for 1271.  I have some wools that would work.  The other dress would also make a great LBD, or perhaps something a little more fun.  The bow detail reminds me of the Michael Kors design I made last year, which looked complicated but really was not bad.  One of these will definitely be made in black – I have a number of knit black dresses, but nothing really structured.



I am intrigued by these two Very Easy, Very Vogue patterns (8763 and 8764.)  I’ve seen a number of these draped dresses recently.  I will have to see it made up, but I think the color blocked version has potential.  The other dress seems rather 1960s inspired – I like it!

8766 is an Easy Options pattern.  I really like most of the versions shown, especially the lace overlay.

I also like some of the separates (shocking!)



8780 is a nice version of a waterfall jacket.  I still love this style, so this is a must for me. 8777 has a selection of vests.  I like the unusual seaming on this one, though I must confess I am unlikely to wear one – vests just aren’t for me!



8769 is a fun tunic – I love those sleeves! 8771 is a knit tunic with dolman sleeves.  I like the brown version – the long cuffs and rounded hem on the other version just seems odd to me, but I love the looks of the other!  I might lengthen it to wear with slim pants, but I would not use the rounded hem.

There are also two new vintage Vogue patterns.  They aren’t for me, but I think they are great!  I have a bunch of vintage patterns to make up already, and these both have details that don’t work for me (the sleeves on that 1950s dress wouldn’t work – they have that sort of faux bolero thing going on, and I really prefer set in sleeves.)

I am off to go through my fabric – I hope I have some that will work for these designs!

7 thoughts on “Vogue patterns, Winter 2011

  1. i have been reading your blog via google reader. i find your vintage taste a great way to use the thrift store fabrics in a whole new way.

    just a quick question, i was going to try making my own skirt from a pattern using silk fabric and was wondering how you felt about it or if you have used it before. Was it easy to work with or very difficult.

    thanks for answering if you have time

  2. I am so bummed! I went online last night and went to purchase a bunch of these new patterns since it said they were on sale for $3.88 on Vogue’s website. By the time I registered, but before hitting purchase, the sale ended and it defaulted back to full price. How mad am I?!!! I guess when it hit 9:00 pm my time in San Diego it was midnight on the east coast and the sale ended. Boooo! Now I have to wait until Joann’s has their next sale.

  3. I really like the new offerings from Vogue as well, esp the fancy Kay Unger one. Glad to see your blog posts again!

  4. One more comment here- I’ve been reading you (subscribe by email) for a while and know you have experience sewing many fabrics. In a few days I am going to undertake my first knit dress. I did some searching of Google for tips, and basically what I found said if you don’t have a serger, and your seams need to stretch, use a wide zigzag with a short stitch length. Also saw a lot of read the machine’s manual too.

    Do you have any other tips for this? The pattern is one I have been looking forward to for a while but have been afraid to actually start. Thanks in advance.

  5. Alright, I just figured out when the Vogue patterns next go on sale – I’m going to pick up 8771. I have to say of all the sewing blogs I read (and I read a lot of them) yours is the one I actually take patterns from. And then actually make them (since buying patterns has little to no correlation with actually making the clothing).

    Thanks for the great reviews, I appreciate them.

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