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Vogue 1250: on the bandwagon

Pattern: Vogue 1250, a DNKY design

Fabric: Starlet knit (from 2 yards

Notes: Thanks so much to everyone who offered input on this dress!  I decided to give it one more try.  I cut the bust down by around 2 inches total, and also took an inch from the hips.  It’s snug, but by no means is it uncomfortable, nor does it make me feel self-conscious (my biggest fear with a  tight dress!)

I’m not entirely certain how the dress is meant to fit – certainly on the envelope it looks big for the model!  I know that I had to cut down the smallest size offered, which is not generally the case for me.  But maybe it’s supposed to have that ease – oh well, on my figure it was too much!

My favorite bit is definitely the neckline.  I don’t always love a cowl neck, but this one is just enough.  The way the dress is constructed is odd, as there aren’t side seams below the waist.  I think this makes the dress harder to fit and adjust – I ended up creating hip seamlines to give the dress more shape.

This is certainly outside of my box – I don’t often do straight skirts.  But I’ve been thinking – why does dressing always have to be about hiding something?  If I ask myself logically I certainly don’t truly believe that there is anything wrong with my shape – and yet I have always dressed to obscure the lower half of my body.   That doesn’t seem right to me!  I believe in dressing to flatter your shape, but it’s a slippery slope from that to self criticism (at least for me!)   I’m trying to change that.  I do love full skirts, but my wardrobe could use some more dresses like this (my husband, for the record, loves this dress on me!)

The wrinkles across the waistline in these photos are from my habitual “hands on hips” photo pose.  I would have retaken them, but I’m having some issues with posed photos right now – my new camera won’t work on my tripod, so I have to grab moments when we are both home at the same time.

I’m not sure yet what’s up next – I need to go through my patterns and match them to fabric again.  I’m looking forward to fall and fall sewing!  I haven’t managed to do much on my knitting in the past few weeks – it’s been so hot that even I didn’t want to knit!  Hopefully I can get back on that wagon soon – I will need some new sweaters this fall!




27 thoughts on “Vogue 1250: on the bandwagon

  1. Fantastic! I’m glad you’re appreciating your shape — which looks pretty ‘darn’ good to me. & I like the belted version of the dress (rather I imagined a self belt due to the fitting…) & whatever else you did to spiff it up. Very Good Dear, as my husband likes to say.

  2. You have such a great shape and it is perfectly flattered in this dress. Glad you decided to keep it. I know it’s hard to see yourself the way others see you but you’ve got nothing to worry about it looks awesome.

  3. You do look amazing in this dress! I ended up adding side seams too and isn’t the neckline to die for. It really is a flattering neckline and one of the reasons I love the dress so much.

    I totally understand what you are saying about hiding your lower body. It’s not a dress people would think a plus size woman would make and wear and someone has even commented that they don’t think anyone with a protruding abdomen should be making it…but I love this dress and I’m fine with me so four versions and many compliments later I’m contemplating making a 5th one.

  4. Your thoughts on this shape are so interesting. I was actually drawn to follow your blog and drool over all your dresses because you often choose the full skirt and I am less likely to do so. I feel like showing my shape in a bit more fitted dress actually makes me more secure. Like I’m saying “Look everyone, I do have a nice shape.” I always think I need to be super skinny to pull off the full skirt otherwise I feel like I”m saying, “I’m really poofy under here, but trying to disguise it with a full skirt.” So we’re sort-of opposites. It’s funny, because, I’m not insecure about a full skirt on me in pictures, just in real life while I’m wearing it.

  5. Wow, I love your version! I didn’t like my first try either, but maybe I’ll have to try again after seeing yours. It is super flattering on you!!!

  6. This dress is gorgegous! Your version is soo much better that the pattern envelope! I agree with Cennetta, this dress would compliment many body types as proven by both you and Carolyn!! Her versions are beautiful on her too!! Very nice work!

  7. Love your mods to this! It is beautiful on you too. I’m glad you didn’t decide to make it a wadder as it’s quite flattering to you. Shows just how lovely curves are 🙂

  8. Hmm. Quite the conundrum. I had an issue with a ready-to-wear suit – it was comfortable but it was somewhat boxy looking. I took it to a tailor (I know I could have done it myself but it would have taken too long for me to do it – it had a lining) and did the nip and tuck and afterwards it was snug (best not to gain weight afterwards!) but looked great. It was a trade off though now with my weight gain I can’t wear it – spandex anyone? Long story short, I agree with your husband the dress does look great on you but obviously the designers had in mind comfort over style.

  9. This dress must be one of my favorites from everything you´ve shown.
    It fits you very nicely and I think any man would be proud if their wife looked as smokin´ as you do. The dress only underlines the aspect of stylishness.

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