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Shopping adventures

We have a car again, so I can finally get out to Joann’s again.  While I was there, I saw that they had the new (autumn) Simplicity patterns for $1.99.  They aren’t up on the website yet.  I only got one, the new Cynthia Rowley pattern:

It’s for stretch knits only.  View A (blurry in the upper left corner) has a cowl neck, and I think that’s the version I want to try.  I love Cynthia Rowley’s patterns – the dresses I’ve made  from them are among my favorites!  Speaking of that, I also went to TJ Maxx tonight, following a tip I got on the blog to look for workout clothes there.  I had success – a sports bra and two pair of yoga capris.  But what else did I spy?

This is the original Cynthia Rowley dress that Simplicity 2443 is based on!  I’ve made this dress from doubleknit twice: here and here.  It may be my favorite dress.  So naturally I had to try on the original to see how it stacked up!

The short answer is that I prefer mine.  The dress is made of an odd knit – it’s thick but very rubbery, reminds me of thin scuba fabric.  The exposed zip is cute, but I don’t like zippers in knits because they bubble – as this one does when I’m not contorting for a photo.  It wasn’t very well finished on the inside either – the straps aren’t as nice (and I believe they are a bit thinner than the pattern straps.)  I was so excited to find an inspiration garment at a place I could try it on!  I didn’t buy it, but it was only $30… perhaps  your TJ Maxx has it also?

Finally, I’ve finished a dress!  No full body photos yet (tomorrow!) but here is a preview of McCall’s 6277, made in a silky knit fabric (the actual color is brighter… this photo went through a filter.)

12 thoughts on “Shopping adventures

  1. Some people don’t believe me when I tell them that home-sewn clothes can be much nicer than RTW. I love that you found validation for all the time and talent you put into creating your own clothes. I have been contemplating making that dress for myself. I should stop procrastinating, lol.

    Good news about the exercise clothes at TJ Maxx. I’ve had a miserable time shopping for my own workout wear. I’m having a hard time nothing fits when it all is made out of spandex…but such is the case. I’m too picky for my own good.

    Can’t wait to see your latest creation. It looks pretty in the preview.

  2. Love the “spy” photos. What a great idea for inspiration to sew your own! I don’t even think to photo in the dressing room for wardrobe ideas. And wow, the original didn’t stack up.

  3. The “real” one is adorable on you (the scuba effect doesn’t come through in the photos). I like the top part so much, I think you should draft skinnier straps for you next incarnation. Just to switch it up a bit. 🙂

  4. It’s funny isn’t it – I’m sure we get pickier about RTW though as our sewing skills grow! There was a shop here in Sydney where I used to buy a lot of clothes… but lately when I go there and try things on I reject them – poor fit (I am a slight pear shape and no longer want a gaping bodice) and also poor finishing! I guess there’s no way back!

    Look forward to seeing that latest dress!

  5. I am excited to see tomorrows pictures- I’ve been clutchiong thta pattern and claiming it will be next for several weeks- your review will be a big help! it looks great!

  6. Love the exposed zipper in the RTW version. If you hand picked it into the knit it would work well I believe, with no bubbling.

    I always have a tape measure with me, and I’m not afraid to use it! 🙂 Taking measurements of different garments, or style elements are 2nd nature to me at this point. I also sketch ideas I see, so I’m never without a small spiral notebook.

  7. That is interesting that Simplicity gets their patterns out to the stores before they go up on the web, BMV seems to do that the opposite way.

  8. The fabric of your dress is beautiful, as is the finished product in your most recent post. The print is very pretty. Re: inspiration garments: I always like to look at them and try them on, too, when I can. The experience always makes me very pleased with my sewing skills and thankful that I can fit something properly to my shape. My biggest inspiration disappointment was at a Chanel boutique – the summer ivory suits were completely unlined and serged – on a $5000 item! – and the $1250 blouses were 100% polyester. Ugh. So, here’s to being able to sew a properly fitted garment from lovely fabric that’s finished just the way you like! Cheers!

  9. okay….I came across your blog while I was looking for this dress online! I recently got this dress in black at TJMaxx. I was able to find one in orange as well. LOVE THEM! Unfortunately, this dress is pretty old and stock is limited. I know nothing about sewing…would you be willing to make me one in white?
    Love your dresses!

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