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Vogue 1179

Pattern: Vogue 1179, a DKNY design

Fabric: ITY Jersey from (sold out) 2 yards


I decided to make this dress on a whim, inspired by Carolyn’s beautiful version.  I think this may be the fastest dress pattern I’ve made – I spent maybe 2 hours on it yesterday before going out (including cutting) and then perhaps an hour this afternoon after church!  The pattern consists of only three pieces – front, back, and cowl neck.

I was really nervous about how this would look on me – I typically avoid dresses without some sort of a waist seam, as I like waist definition as a rule.  In fact, my wadder last week (McCalls 6347, which I do not recommend at all) failed because it was semi fitted and had no waist seam.  It just looked dumpy on me.  This dress though?  I’m thrilled with it!  I cut a size 6 in the shoulders and upper chest, and blended to an 8 from the waist down.    I would ordinarily cut a larger size (between a 10 and 12 usually) but I wanted to make sure it wasn’t too overwhelming, and the measurements  on the pattern checked out.

This dress is even pretty flattering from the side and back (for a dress that is essentially a pleated sack!)  The only thing I might caution is to watch out for the pleats if you are on the large busted size – the dress pretty much hangs down from them, and I had to make sure to wear a non padded bra or it looked odd.

I did not use the instructions, as I didn’t need them, but I do know that I constructed the cowl differently.  I basted the cowl WS together, and then sewed both sides of the cowl to the neckline.  I felt no need to hide that seam, as the instructions ask, because you can’t see it anyway.  I also changed the armholes – the instructions called for putting clear elastic in them to stabilize, but I just did a baby hem.  My knit is lightweight, so it worked out.

This fabric was part of a batch of ITY knits I bought from earlier this year.  I’ve almost used them up – it’s time to get more!  I really love ITY knits, though the quality varies.  My machine sews them well, and they have a lovely drape that you don’t always get from cotton or rayon knits.  This particular piece of fabric has a crazy print, so I’m glad I was able to find a pattern that doesn’t require breaking the print in half.  In fact, I totally recommend this pattern for this sort of fabric.

I took exactly the hem called for.  Four inches seems like an awfully deep hem, but it helps to control the volume on the bottom of the dress.  I topstitched the hem down with a single row of stitching, and you really don’t notice it in this print at all.

I would definitely make this dress again, and I recommend the pattern.  Sometimes it’s nice to try something new!  One thing I’m working on right now is making clothes that are practical for me.  I find that I wear my knit dresses more often than anything else.  I have to dress up all the time, but I usually am singing or playing when that happens – and either way I need to be able to breathe and move!    I’m actually almost out of knits, so I’m planning an order!








23 thoughts on “Vogue 1179

  1. I love your version! This dress seems to look good on whoever wears it. Yours is particularly pretty in that lovely print. The colours are gorgeous.

  2. Love it! You did a marvelous job and I enjoyed your remarks. Knits are fantastic, thanks for blogging and sharing your experiences. I like to read Sewing Fanatic, Carolyn’s blog too.

  3. That’s a lovely, flattering dress on you! I love the neckline especially. I’m recently discovering that drapy cowl-y necklines work for me (I’m small busted, too).

  4. Love the colors of that print! Definitely something I could see myself wearing. 🙂 And the dress looks like a winner–well-fitting without being too clingy (which seems to be hard to do with knits).

  5. Thanks for thinking my version is great but yours is beautiful too! Isn’t this a wonderful pattern and isn’t it amazing how this works on so many different body types! You should definitely make it again.

  6. I really like this! I’m so happy you posted it because I have some really great floral knit fabric that I’ve been waiting to be inspired to use. I think I just found my pattern:)

  7. What a great version of this dress! It’s a sack dress that doesn’t look like a sack. I am out of time for this summer, but you tempt me to try one for next summer!

  8. I just pulled a red knit and this pattern for a “vacation project”! Let’s see if I get it sewn up. I am nervous about that 44″ bustline and it’s so hard to tell if that’s just the right effect or if I will get swallowed up in it. Thanks for the heads-up on the 4″ hem, too.

  9. I find designer Vogue patterns weird. They give instructions as if the fabric is woven?? fold over knit hems and facing? crazy! love the dress.

  10. I love this dress. It looks really comfortable. Like you my preference is to wear dresses. I wish I could sew. In stores I see dresses I like but I don’t like the fabric or vice-versa. Also I think it’s very weird that when shopping for clothes my size goes from size 6 to 12 – depending on the store. Do you find the same with Pattern’s? Say McCall’s patterns fits bigger than Simplicity? Or is there a more standard sizing in patterns and they all fit the same way? Best to you – enjoy the hot summer you’re having, up here in Vancouver BC we are just this week starting to have hot weather (in the 20’s C, I think that’s in the 70’s F)

  11. This looks awesome, the fabric rocks! I got the pattern because I saw so many cool versions across the blogosphere (and because I had a gift card) but winters almost here and I haven’t made it so I’m doing a giveaway.

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