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New to me

New Camera

The photo drought is over!  I had just decided that I couldn’t afford a camera (we had a major car repair this month) when my Mom decided she wasn’t using her old Dslr, and offered it to me in indefinite loan for my birthday yesterday.  She used to be a photographer, so her things are nicer than I would buy for myself.  It’s a Nikon D2H -it isn’t a new camera (and hasn’t been since 2004!) but it’s a huge upgrade from my old point and shoot.  I’ve spent a great deal of time experimenting with the lenses and settings, so I hope you don’t mind me indulging in a little show and tell (starting, of course, with photos of the cat.)
Angry cat
I love this photo of Sarah Jane, because it captures her adorable crankiness perfectly!  This photo is not retouched at all – I can’t believe how much difference it makes to have control over the settings.

I used a 50 mm lens for these shots.  I’m not so good with the other lens yet, but I love this one!  This is a closeup of the fabric of my Kirra sweater in progress.  Isn’t the combo of sparkle and texture lovely?  I’m really enjoying this knit, even though it is a bit repetitive.



My husband is a bit of Lego maniac – we have them all over the house!  I’m finding them great for practicing on, and then he gets nice photos of his sets to post online.

I am very excited to be back with photos.  Thanks to everyone for your input on my fitness discoveries.  I’m taking your advice and trying different things out – this weekend, I’m going to go try a beginner  Zumba class, and tomorrow Marc and I plan to explore on our bikes (yes, I own a bike, but I haven’t ridden it much since college… as I am with a car for the next month it seems a good time to pick up the habit again!)  I also found out that since my husband works at a university, I am entitled to use their facilities for $20 a semester.  I’m not convinced I want to work out with college students, but I think it will suffice until we recover from the financial blow of the car repairs, at least in the summer when most of them are gone!

I have not had a good sewing week – I tried to make a dress, and instead made a terrible wadder that I tried to relegate to a nightgown, only to find it too ugly to even work for that!  Hopefully I will be back on track soon – right now I’m so busy that I haven’t even had time to decide what to make next – perhaps a knit dress from Vogue 1179?  It looks easy to make and wear, and right now I am all about the easy.

19 thoughts on “New to me

  1. How lovely that you have a camera again! So far your trial shots look quite amazing if you don’t mind my saying so. 🙂
    Just out of curiosity, what bread is Sarah Jane? She’s absolutely adorable!

  2. Love your photos. Sorry to hear of your dress gone awry, I’m sure you’ll be back to fabulousness in no time.

  3. How lovely that you have a camera again! So far your trial shots look quite amazing if you don’t mind my saying so. 🙂
    Just out of curiosity, what breed is Sarah Jane? She’s absolutely adorable!

  4. LOL You gave me a good giggle at the Lego comment. My bf is a Lego fanatic. Our spare room is literally jam-packed full of Legos. He has about 70% of the Star Wars ones they have released, most of the Space Police, some of Atlantis, plus a few other collections. Its insane. That room is referred to as the Lego room.

    Glad you’re enjoying your new camera. I have a not quite pro quality DSLR- you can’t change the lenses but it has all the bells and whistles, though it’d be nice to have a little more range in some of the settings, like the f-stop. I’d also like a newer one with better options, but its not affordable and I really don’t take enough photos to justify it right now.

  5. 50mm lenses are fantastic – you can get such good effects in close up, great for craft projects! Good to have you back (and your cat is gorgeous!)

  6. I was also hesitant to work out at a university for fear of running into my students in the locker room. Hello, naked teacher awkwardness! The key, I found, was going early in the morning. Very rare is the college student who gets up to work out at 6 am. I hope you like the zumba class! I’m wondering if you might like yoga or pilates as well; it seems that lots of the grace from dance would translate to those, and they’re completely non-competitive.

  7. I work at a university up in Canada, and the facilities are actually great to have. Many staff and faculty use them, in addition to the students. So, if your husband’s university is anything like that, you’ll hopefully feel okay!

  8. Fantastic photos. You will have fun with that camera.

    Re: working out with college students, when I was 32 I went back to college and had access to their pool and exercise equipment. I noticed that in the locker room, the college girls were much more modest than the “adult” students. The 20-year-olds would walk around the locker room wrapped tightly in their towels, while the older students were much more relaxed and not so self-conscious about anyone accidentally seeing their bodies. I found that very interesting!

  9. Have fun with your new camera! I love photographing, as much as I love sewing. And it only gets more fun when you are doing it longer and learning more and more. But I guess that’s the case with everything.

    The glittery knit looks cute!

  10. Love your photographs. Shows real potential for art photos. Now I see where all this visual acuity (good taste) comes from. & am impressed with your technical grasp of the camera’s workings.

  11. That’s wonderful that you were able to rescue Sarah Jane! She is a gorgeous cat. The reason I asked about what breed she is, is because by the few photos of her I’ve seen on your blog, she looks strikingly like a Forest Cat. Perhaps she is a purebred or mix. There are two types of Forest Cats. Siberian Forests, and Norwegian Forests. They look fairly similar to most folks but their facial shape usually is the giveaway.
    I have a Siberian Forest Cat that was given to me, which was nice b/c I never could have afforded one.(As a note, Sarah Jane looks very similar to my Sadie) Purebred Forest Kittens are very pricey. Forest cats have some of the most interesting characters of any cat breed around. My siberian is the most hilarious, loving,intelligent, loyal cat I have ever seen!
    Sorry for such a long comment, I’m very fond of my Siberian, and was excited to see your Sarah Jane.

  12. Yes do the 1179, I’m having a giveaway for that pattern on my blog so if you know anyone that wants one for free send them over. I really liked that pattern won’t have the time to make it before winter sets in so I’m happy to pass it on XD.

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