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Fall patterns

Yesterday the heat index in Louisville reached 118 degrees.  Now  look – I love hot weather.  I don’t even mind the southern humidity, which people around here always complain about.  But!  My car died on the highway yesterday afternoon (a failed temperature gauge caused some major engine damage, and I will be carless for several weeks.)  Standing on the side of the road, with the heat from the pavement turning my legs red, I realized that it was about time for me to start looking forward to fall.  Luckily, when I arrived home the new Vogue patterns were up on the website!  Here are my Vogue picks for fall, plus a few new Simplicities.


Clockwise, from top left:

Vogue 1257, DKNY – This dress looks like a wrap, but it’s not – I love mock wrap dresses, as there is no chance of wardrobe malfunction, but you get the flattering style.

1255, Rebecca Taylor – The website claims this is a dress.  I’m pretty sure it’s a tunic, but that may just be my modesty talking again.  It would look great over jeggings!  Takes a ton of fabric though, and I am pretty sure all those ruffles in a light fabric would make me crazy… but I like the looks of it!

1256, Badgley Mischka – Another mock wrap.  I’m unlikely to make this, as I don’t find the open shoulder look to be my thing, but I think it would look fabulous on!

1258, Vena Cava – The ties are cute!  I might make the skirt a bit more full, and I’m not sure about the sleeves.

Tracy Reese – The last two dresses are both by Tracy Reese, and I plan to make them both!  Her designs are full of great details, and these look stylish without being too bare.

Simplicity 2145This is obviously meant to be a copy of the Duchess of Cambridge’s engagement dress.  I love it, and I plan to make it from an ity or matte jersey.  The pattern calls for mostly wovens, but knits are way down on the list of fabrics you can use.  I’m pretty sure the original was silk jersey.

Simplicity 2154I love the vintage patterns, and this has great style.  I wouldn’t wear it all at once, but the blouse and cardigan look great!

Mccall 6408A nice variation on the waterfall jackets that have been popular lately.  I love the belt!  I didn’t care for McCall’s early fall pattern, except for this one.  I think they look kind of young, which is fine, as young sewers need patterns, but it’s not my look.

Simplicity 2150 I love jackets, but I find them frustrating –  they never fit, and they pull/tug etc all over the place. This one, without a closure, looks great to throw on over dresses!