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month of skirts: Skirt #2

Pattern: Simplicity 2413

Fabric: pale blue chambray, from the Lisette fabric collection at Joann’s


I am now resorting to blurry cell-phone photos.  I promise to take some better photos once I buy a new camera, but I wanted to review this pattern while I could still remember what I did!  I had previously the skirt from view A of this pattern, which I like quite a bit.  This skirt uses the same pocket pieces, but all the others are different (my skirt has no pockets.)  I was interested in the high waist, and what looked like an easy project.

I remembered measuring the waistband for this skirt on my first make and thinking it must be wrong.  There are no waist measurements printed, a serious oversight in a skirt pattern!  I usually make a size 10 for the waist of a garment, occasionally a 12 (I don’t like a binding waistband.)  On this skirt I actually had to add length to the band, giving me around a size 14.  So be aware – the waist on this thing runs smaller than your average pattern!  It’s easy enough to fix, as the band is just a rectangle.  The other view of the pattern had pretty normal sizing, so I don’t know what was up with that.

I did not make the waist stay, and I didn’t interface.  This fabric is pretty non-stretchy, and with the band folded and slipstitched in place it’s got plenty of weight.  I trimmed 4 inches off the hemline.  I wanted to like the longer length, but I found that the chambray didn’t drape well.  In addition, I started worrying about a chambray skirt midway through – there are several local religious groups that seem to call for ladies wearing long chambray skirts, and I didn’t want anyone to ask questions, as when you wear skirts everyday you are already suspect.  I’m pretty sure that at this length I’m safe!

Overall I am pleased.  Here are my pros and cons:


-I like the general silhouette

-the length works with heels or flats

-Should match lots of different colors.


Weird sizing

– the directions were rather overly complicated – I didn’t use them.

This project took two days, from cutting to wearing.  It was very quick, but then I didn’t use the pockets, and I made up the waist treatment on my own.  Recommended for those who enjoy a high waistline!




8 thoughts on “month of skirts: Skirt #2

  1. First comment from me – I’m more of a lurker (horrible word!) – love the skirt, it really suits you, but then everything you make looks great! Just want to say, love your blog and projects, it’s really inspiring, also your brave post about your eating issues was really touching. My eldest daughter suffered with anorexia for some time, happily well recovered now, but your post really resonated for me xx

  2. What a lovely skirt! I wish I could bring myself to love chambray, but as you pointed out…it makes me think of religious groups and things my mother wore when I was a kid.

  3. Looks lovely! I also found that the waist runs small–I measured at a size 12 but didn’t believe it and made a size 10 (and usually I size down to an 8 in Simplicity). I can just barely get the thing zipped, and it doesn’t leave a lot of breathing room! Otherwise, I’m enjoying the skirt and may make another (with the bigger waist!).

  4. That is a great summer skirt and I think you nailed the length. The mid length ones are cute but for some reason they seem tricky to get just right. Maybe they only work with certain fabrics?

  5. I just bought this pattern last week and was going to make it using a lightweight wool for fall.

    Project RW patterns seem to be hit or miss in the directions dept. sometimes they are overly complicated others they are really simple. Makes me wonder if there are too many people doing the technical writing.

    I used this same fabric to make a similar skirt (Cynthia Rowley, Simplicity 2215). It washes well and is really light and comfortable. Enjoy your new skirt!

  6. Thank you for the review of this pattern. I bought it a long time ago and after reading what you said about the waist I’ll know what to do if I have the same problem. The same thing happened to me on another skirt pattern and I was super frustrated and never finished the skirt.
    I thought it was funny about what you said about the skirt length:)

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