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On my needles: July

Well, if July is the month of sewing skirts, then it must also be the month of starting entirely too many knitting projects!  I had to frog the cardigan I had started (Nespelem) because I wasn’t getting gauge and it would have been tiny.  I will need to buy yarn for that, but I’m on a spending ban for July.  As I said before, I broke my camera, and I need a new one!  My birthday is in July, so that’s what I’m buying myself – a Canon rebel.  Right now I’m using my old camera, which has a broken viewscreen.  In spite of that issue, I will say that it takes better photos than the camera that just broke!

In the past few days I’ve managed to start three different projects, based on your feedback on my project ideas, and here they are:

I opted not to use the recommended yarn because I found this one.  I love the sparkles (there are both blue and copper colored strands,) and it’s much lighter weight than the recommended yarn (while still getting the same gauge in my swatch.)

Edda is from the Kim Hargreaves book Whisper.  I’m using the recommended yarn, Rowan all-seasons cotton.  I love this yarn, in spite of declaring my hatred of heavy cottons yesterday – the acrylic content gives it a little bounce and great stitch definition.  I am using size 6 needles, one size down from the recommended 7s (I can’t find any size 7 needles – and I can’t order them this month!)  I’m making a size up to compensate.  The color is accurate in the yarn photo – it’s a warm honeysuckle pink, very pretty!

Finally, I’m making this shawl.  The pattern is by Carol Sunday, and I’m using her yarn line, Eden 3-ply (I purchased a kit.)  I’m very excited about this project – I loved this shawl as soon as I saw it, and I love that there are multiple patterns to copy the look!  The ruffles are knit at the same time as the body, using short rows.  I prefer this to picking up and knitting later, or seaming the ruffle on.  The color is dark blue – a bit darker than in the photo.  I think this will be a very versatile shawl.  I chose a neutral color, hoping to get lots of wear (since it will take ages to knit – that’s a lot of shawl in sport weight yarn!)

So there you go… my knitting report for the upcoming month.  We’ve just bought a Roku for our TV and canceled cable, so I expect I will be watching a lot of Netflix streaming while working on these (I love the streaming service!  I can never bring myself to schedule tv time, and I don’t have a tivo, so I like being able to watch things whenever I want.)

Coming tomorrow (hopefully): a completed beignet!  My lovely husband actually bought buttons for the skirt, at my request, while he was out, as I knew I wouldn’t have time to go while Joann’s was open before at least Thursday!  He bought two sets, and told me he would return the ones I didn’t like… yes, this makes him a keeper.