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On my sewing table: basics

I have seen a lot of bloggers lately reflecting on the idea of sewing basics vs sewing special pieces.  It’s probably obvious from reading my blog that I don’t sew many basics.  I don’t sew shorts, t-shirts or undergarments, and I don’t knit plain black sweaters.  I can buy all these things easily, and I want to use my sewing time making this I can’t buy for myself.  I sew a lot of dresses, which are their own outfits, so I probably don’t really need that many basics anyway!

But lately?  I’ve noticed one thing I lack in my wardrobe: skirts!   Sure, I can thrift skirts easily, but they are never the ones I want.  I like a skirt to sit on or above my waist, as I don’t think a low-rise suits my shape.  I own a full, thrifted (and refashioned) chambray skirt which I love, but other than that I have no skirts in solid colors to match the tops in my wardrobe.  As a result, those tops never get worn, which is a shame!  So I am declaring July to be the month of the skirt!  (I know I stole this idea from another blogger – can anyone tell me who so I can give them credit?)

I’m starting out simple:

I know I said I was making a chambray Beignet, but I thought again… all the pencil skirts I wear have one thing in common, they are all made of stretch wovens.  So I’m making a plain black beignet in a lovely black RPL woven.  I am leaving out the lining, pockets, and belt in order to simplify things.  Right now I’m looking for buttons – when I find the perfect set I can get the side seams fitted and finished!  My other beignet is not comfortable, and it never really was… I’m hoping my stretch fabric idea works out!

Other candidates for the month of the skirt:

My goal is to make up three skirts, including the beignet.  I’m definitely wanting to make the chambray skirt, so the other is tbd (possibly the other full skirt, as it is after all still summer!)

We will see if my boredom interferes with my plans – as much as I love wearing skirts, I get terribly bored making them sometimes!


9 thoughts on “On my sewing table: basics

  1. Ugh my basics are woeful too and I really have been trying but lately my sewing has been so slowed down. I really like the idea of concentrating on one item type for a month, good luck, I’m looking forward to seeing your results 🙂

  2. Those are very pretty skirt choices. They are each distinct. I love skirts but I never wear them. I think it’s out of laziness (not wanting to wear tights or cute, often uncomfortable, shoes with them). Looking forward to how they come out.

  3. i too have been thinking about skirts lately! and particularly, the perfect chambray skirt, which is impossible to find. can’t wait to see what you make!

  4. I have been loving the idea of sewing a chambray skirt. I have a perfect pattern for it too. I really like sewing skirts, since they are easier and quicker than dresses (and easier to fit!). Hope you have fun with it this month.

  5. Participating in Me-made-June also made me realise that I need more basics. So that’s what I’m setting out to do for my upcoming projects, both for summer and fall/winter. I have not decided anything more than that though.

  6. I’m interested to see your version of 2413…I bought the pattern last summer after seeing your paper bag waist version of it. I love my skirt, but have since realized that I either made a size too big, or the style makes my butt/hips look HUGE. I’d be tempted to “slim-i-fy” is somehow, but the side pockets (and my general laziness) might make that difficult. Anyway…have fun with the skirts!
    PS…I should show you my skirt but I don’t even know if I took a pic! If I take one, I’ll share it.

  7. What a good idea. I focused June on finishing UFOs and was trying to decide what to focus on in July. I even have patterns and fabric for at least 3 skirts I’ve been planning to make for way too long now.

  8. I’ve noticed that you use quite a lot of Simplicity patterns. You’ve said that you shop at Joann’s, and I was wondering if you ever see Simplicity patterns on sale? They are 40% off every day at Joann’s, but I have yet to see them on sale for $0.99 like McCall’s during their big sales, such as July 4 sales. I also shop at Joann’s (that’s all that my town has…), and there are a bunch of Simplicity patterns that I really want to buy, but I don’t want pay for them when they are not on sale…

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