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McCalls 6069

Pattern: McCall’s 6069 View A

Fabric: Rayon Jersey from Sawyer Brook fabrics (originally from Milly)

Notions: 3/8″ elastic

I think I might recommend this pattern to knit beginners.  There are 6 pieces, but I only used 5 (I left out the pockets – they would have shown on this fabric.)  The only tricky bit is sewing the optional shoulder strap in the back, but even that is easily gotten past.  I don’t really know how long this dress took, because I only worked on it in short little spurts.  I really wanted an easy to wear summer dress, and with a few minor issues I think that’s what I got!

Issue #1 is the back.  Even with the guard strap you can still see my bra!  I do have an extender to lower my bra, which is probably what I will do.  I didn’t see anyone else having this issue, so it may just be me.  I thought the bodice was maybe an inch too long for my torso.  I think it’s blousing a bit more than it’s meant to, but I like the look from the front, so I’ll just make the bra adjustment!  I would not recommend leaving off the strap – you really need it to hold the shoulders up!

I cut a size 8 on top, and a 12 on the bottom.  I would watch the ease on the skirt – if you are like me, you won’t want it too clingy, and it’s designed to be about the same width as the bust measurement.  I did not hem the dress, and as yet I haven’t hemmed the armholes either.  I may actually go in with binding on the armholes – this knit does not take to hemming well,  I will probably leave the skirt unhemmed – I like the length where it is, and I don’t think a hem would add anything to the look of the dress.  I occasionally leave a knit unhemmed – I find that even with stabilization, knit hems sometimes look off.

The rayon knit was lovely and soft, but I have to confess that I perfer ITY and poly knits – rayons are just too soft for my machine.  This one wasn’t too bad – the last one I used kept skipping stitches, no matter what setting or needle I tried!

Other things to note – the instructions for the strap were odd.  I wouldn’t clip to the triangle for the strap until you are ready to sew the shoulder seams – otherwise you may be off.  You should also note that the waist has a 3/4″ seam allowance, and that the elastic casing is sewn through all layers, not just into the seam allowance.  It should show both lines of stitching on the outside of the dress.

I’m seeing this style everywhere this year.  I’m a fan – it’s cool and easy to wear, and it looks great on almost every figure!  I did not make the self-belt, and as yet I don’t have an “optional purchased belt” that matches.  I want a white belt, but I don’t have one.  A dark color cuts me in half too much for this dress, so I’ll have to look out for a white one – nothing too heavy looking.  I highly recommend the pattern to anyone who is looking for an easy summer project (or looking to start out in knits!)



14 thoughts on “McCalls 6069

  1. Beautiful dress! I have made that one three times already and will make one for my mom soon too! I used the square neck front for the back and now have no issues with my bra showing. just an idea. 🙂

    1. I wondered if that would work! That’s great to hear that it’s a valid option. I wondered too if drafting a version that’s a cross between the square neck/back and the main cowl front. Time to check out Pattern Review. For more word on this one. Thanks gals!

  2. Hmmm…I made this one and didn’t have any problems with the bra showing in the back, maybe your knit stretched or something? Anyway, this dress is fabulous on you, and yeah, the pattern is fabulous too. 🙂

  3. dear green apples, try another underbraa, one that’s hiding, down your back so that it not popup. 😛 will bore elegant as you allways do 🙂 kisses to you, Portugal, some people(me) love your blogue and your wardrobe.

  4. This looks like a great pattern! When you posted your plans for this, I thought it was for wovens, for some reason, but it is obviously fabulous in knit. I love your version, and the color is perfect for you!

    1. I don’t like polyester wovens, but I find them find in knit fabrics. ITY knits are my favorites, and they have polyester. It all depends on the weight of the fabric, but I don’t find them hot, and they wash/wear much better than rayon or cotton knits!

  5. I really like your fabric choice- it’s wonderfully bright and summery. I have a thiNg for cowl necks and this is lovely. I’m not such so comfy with cowl backs though but you carry it off so well. I’ve made a simplicity cowl knit dress that’s nice but is a bit more clingy! This looks perfect combination of style and comfort Really flattering!

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