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Moth Wings Shrug

Pattern: Moth Wings Shrug, designed by Mimi Alelis (Interweave Crochet Summer 2010)

Yarn: Nazli Gelin Garden, a little over 2 balls

Size: 33″

Hook: 1.25 mm


Well, this took longer than expected!  I made this shrug for several reasons:

1. I wanted to practice crocheting from charts, because I have some Japanese patterns coming up in my queue

2. I accidentally bought the required yarn

3. I thought it would be quick

Don’t let the small size make you think quick – this is made up of individual motifs joined together, with an edging around the outside.  It took forever, and I was pretty over it by the time I was done.  I think it’s pretty – nicer than I was expecting, to tell you the truth!  I have a few notes about the pattern:

The gauge swatch calls for joining 4 motifs, blocking, and then measuring.  Yes, that’s a pain, but I recommend doing it.  I had to go down several hook sizes from the recommended size to get gauge.  I dislike the fact that your gauge is the only thing that determines which size you are making – the fabric looked best in the tighter gauge of the 30″ size, but that would have been too small.

I picked the 33″ size because it was an inch and a half bigger than my chest measurement.  I have broad shoulders, but this fits.  I was worried at first – you really can’t tell the size until after blocking!  I would recommend sizing up – the sleeves are also on the narrow side.

Let’s talk about blocking.  I blocked the piece flat before sewing the shoulder seam (I soaked it and then pinned it out.)  After completing the sleeves and collar I blocked it again – and then attacked the collar with my steam iron and some spray starch.  I recommend starching to collar to get it to stand up!

To make this shrug, you making motifs which are joined together on the 4th round.  This means that there were at least a hundred ends to weave in.  I don’t recommend waiting until the end to weave them in – do it as you go.

The yarn was lovely.  It shines beautifully, though it is on the more slippery side of cottons.  It could be compared to a size 5 crochet thread.  It’s definitely thicker than my size 10 threads, but finer than a fingering weight.  Be careful with tension – I found it hard to maintain a consistent tension with this thread.  I wonder if my tension issues are due to my technique?  I hold my hook like a knife, and I know some people hold it like a pencil – I just can’t get the hang of that!

It was a good project to get back into crochet, even if it took longer than I thought!  I have a love/hate relationship with the craft.  I love to do it, but I think it’s hard to find good designs.  I don’t like when crochet is used to imitate knitted fabric – it’s too dense.  It’s lovely in these sorts of lacy designs!  The pattern is recommended, but size up and be ready for it to take a while.

And, here is my whole outfit, for me-made June:

Dress: Thrifted

Shoes: Bass… I am really loving these shoes this summer!