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Me-made June day 2: belted

Dress: Ann Taylor

Belt: Kwik Sew 3758, blogged here

Cardigan: thrifted

Shoes: Cole Haan

I really like this outfit, but it wasn’t what I was planning for today.  I planned to wear the dress that goes with the belt, Vogue 8631.  But… that dress has some issues (I do seem to be getting my problem garments out of the way early in the month!)  Basically, the dress is too big in the top/chest area.  I can’t wear a slip under it because it shows in the front, but I won’t wear it without a slip because I feel in constant danger of flashing the public.  The dress doesn’t really have any closures other than an inside tie and a hook and eye on the wrap.  I cannot imagine how that could be secure… and even with the belt the top gapes open, and I have fears about the bottom part.  I have a lot of wrap dress fear (too many years spent living/working near the windy waterfront!)  On the other hand, that belt?  Love it.  I don’t even care that the dress isn’t that wearable, because I got an awesome belt out of the deal!  I need to make even more of these belts, because they go with everything, and they are so comfortable!

I do have hope, by the way, for the dress.  I’m thinking of buying a slip made of knit material.  All of mine are silk and lacy, and I don’t think they work.  What I need is something with a built in bra that doesn’t come up too high on the chest, and I would be in business!

I wear a lot of black.  I think it suits me, because I’m so pale.  I really love to wear all black with a splash of something extremely bright, like a belt or a cardigan.  I used to not wear black at all, so it’s funny to realize how much of it I own – I have five black dresses, because  I keep buying them at thrift stores!

If you’ve read this far, here’s a photo of my crocheted shrug blocking.  It’s not finished, but I went ahead and blocked the back and sides (it still needs sleeves and edging.)  I gave it a soak in some peppermint Dr. Bronner’s (which I like for cottons) and then pin blocked it to open the motifs.  I can’t tell about the sizing yet, but it  looks like it should fit.

BTW, I caught my cat, the one who likes to sleep on wet things, pullingl out the pins with his teeth, presumably so that he could have a flat (wet) surface to lay on.  Apparently I now have to lock my blocking away from him entirely – cat hair I could deal with, but not him hurting himself!

If you’ve read this far