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McCall’s 6070

Pattern: McCalls 6070

Fabric: Ity print from and upcycled black rayon knit from an old dress

Notions: 1/4″ elastic (for the shoulders)

This dress… it gave me troubles to start with!  I bought this print from, but I was a bit confounded on how to use it.  I think it’s pretty, but I didn’t like how it looked if the print wasn’t matched (but that’s a huge pattern repeat… no matching unless I was making a mini-skirt!)  I also wished the stripes ran the opposite direction.  I hit upon the idea of using an old dress, which had great quality fabric, to make the top part of this dress out of black.  I made the ties out of the print, to tie the top and bottom together.

I cut the dress fabric on the cross grain, to get more of a vertical stripe.  Since I was only using it for the skirt, there wasn’t any problem with that.  I originally cut the maxi length, as you recall, but I wasn’t happy when I tried it on.  The dress, on me, has far more of an empire line than I thought (I don’t think the envelope photo looks empire waisted, though the drawings do.)  The skirt is a dirndl – ie a gathered rectangle.  I realized that I prefer my maxi dresses with some flair, as I looked oddly like a closed umbrella:

Notice that it was also rather short – I needed another three inches, as it isn’t hemmed in these photos. A maxi should be almost floor length to be the most flattering.  You can also see that it had an issue with mobility – that hem was narrow, and while I’m not saying that I always walk like a dude, I like to have the option, you know?

I removed 15 inches from the hem – it’s about one inch shorter than the length marked for the shorter length dress. Other modifications… I did not use the elastic called for in the waistband.  I made a size 6, where I would I usually make an 8 or 10, and it fits securely without any elastic.  I did use the elastic in the shoulders, which I thought was a very clever way to gather them!

Sorry for the blurry back photo – by the time I realized, it was dark!  I really like the back opening – it’s fun, but not too bare.  And the bra report?  (Because you know I always worry about that!)  I can wear a normal (not strapless) bra with this dress.  The back opening isn’t too low, and neither is the front.

My Mom bought me this necklace, which is made of beads that look like hematite (but are likely plastic.)  I love it, but I would have made it shorter.  I’ve been thinking of trying my hand at beading – if any more experienced jewelry makers have book recommendations I would appreciate it!

I didn’t go anywhere exciting in this outfit – just to pick up my husband from work, go to Ulta for shampoo (thus my terrible ponytail hair!) and to be the most dressed up person to ever eat at a Five Guys.  I recommend the bodice of this pattern – it’s lovely – but I might use a different skirt if making it again.  I think a flared skirt would be lovely, and give an even nicer shape to the bottom.

15 thoughts on “McCall’s 6070

  1. I agree with this pattern being too ‘short’ as a maxi. If I made it again I will be adding length. Unfortunately, I don’t think the print I used would work as a shorter dress.

  2. I agree that the length of the long version is just a bit too short for a maxi dress. And I like maxi dresses to me more flowy too. BUt the shorter version looks great, very cute on you too!

  3. The shorter version is definitely better! You’re right, though, it looks way more empire in real life than it did on the envelope. I’m glad I saw yours before I tried this pattern for myself…empire waists are NOT my friend!

  4. Thanks for the heads-up regarding the hem width of the long dress. I will make it long, but cut the skirt to be flared and less gathered. I like empire waists, but will use the same fabric all over so I don’t cut myself in half visually.

  5. Pretty dress. I love your idea of using a solid on top. I made this pattern with a print but lost some of the top design with its business.

  6. I think you made a great call going for the shorter dress, for all the reasons you specified. Strangely enough I’ve never made a gathered dress! Though I would assume it would naturally be less flattering than a fitted / flared. I love the shoulder gathers and the back ties.

  7. I think it was smart to cut your version to a shorter length – it looks great!

    I was just about to cut this pattern out, so I’m glad to hear that you like the back and I’ll probably use a different skirt and make it longer.

  8. It seems counter-intuitive, but the proportion is a lot better in the short version–much perkier.

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