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Finished: Audrey in Unst sweater

Pattern: Audrey in Unst

Yarn: Manos Silk blend, 750 yds

Notions:  1/2″ black buttons

I am pleased to announce that I think my knitting dry spell is officially over!  I still can’t say exactly what caused it… perhaps bad associations with my past, or even just burning out – but I’m back again!

This is the Audrey in Unst pattern, from the Fall 2009 Twist Collective.  I wanted to make this sweater as soon as I saw it – the lace was pretty, and I knew the cropped shape would work well with the full skirted dresses that I keep making.

I bought this yarn (Manos Silk Blend) about two years ago, at Loop yarns in Chicago.  I loved the pretty color at the time, and immediately knit part of it up into a shawl… which then sat, unfinished for years.  I frogged it to make this sweater, which I do not regret.  I wore this outfit to a concert I was singing in tonight (chamber choir music) and then out for dinner/wine with choir friends.

The flat shoes are very practical for standing up, and I only took the sweater off when I was actually singing (old stone churches are very cold, even in May!)

About the pattern: I quite liked it.  The twisted rib is really pretty, and I love the overall shape.  I did shorten the cardigan and the sleeves, because I was limited on yarn.  I used smaller buttons than called for in the pattern (my buttonholes came out small.)  It does have some gaping if I button it up, as I mentioned, but for the moment I’m leaving it as it – I do not wear cardigans buttoned entirely!  I will do my buttonhole tutorial on a different sweater, but I haven’t forgotten!

I’m not a huge fan of one piece knitting.  In this case, the body was fine, but I found the sleeves a bit unwieldy.  I would rather knit them flat and seam them in.  The sleevecap shaping is great, using short rows to get a set in sleeve effect on a seamless sweater.  It was a bit hard on my hands though, so I’m not sure I would do it again.

The yarn was lovely in texture and color, but I must warn you – it does pill quite badly!  I’m not sure I would use it again.  I didn’t alternate skeins, though I know you should on a hand dyed yarn.  Even so, I think the skeins all matched pretty closely – even the one line I can see (over the ribbing) does not bother me.

The pattern is highly recommended!  It’s not for absolute beginners, because the sleeves and the i-cord neck binding are both a bit difficult at first.  But if you’ve made a sweater or two, go for it!

24 thoughts on “Finished: Audrey in Unst sweater

  1. So pretty! I love the color and the style!

    I also wanted to say that when I decided to take up knitting your blog was a huge inspiration to me; it made me truly believe that it was possible to create handmade items that didn’t look homemade. I am still a newbie knitter, working on finishing up my very first cardigan, but whenever I get frustrated I look to your blog for inspiration. I’m really glad to see you’ve gotten your knitting mojo back!

  2. Gorgeous! I love knitting one-piece sweaters, because I so hate sewing knits together. Weird…I love knitting, and I love sewing, but I hate sewing my knitting!

  3. Yay for an end to the dry spell! I sometimes will go without knitting sometimes up to a year or longer (just time constraints or less than stellar results of past projects or lack of a good pattern). I like how you paired the cardi with the dress!

  4. Wow this is soooo lovely. The colour, and the style. It suits you soooo much. I’m so glad you were forced to make the sleeves shorter. Its perfect 🙂

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