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Stopping before I even get started…

I think I’m not going to be making Butterick 5600 right now.  This is an example of how frustrating it is when finished bust sizes aren’t printed on the pattern envelope.  When I got the tissue out, I realized that the smallest bust size of this dress would have almost 8 inches of ease on me (and wouldn’t fit in the hips, so I’d have to grade out three sizes!)  I know it’s meant to be blousy, but I know my own frame well enough to know that I cannot wear something with that much ease without looking like I’m playing dress-up.  Belting can only do so much!  So I’m putting that away right now, and thinking of other projects.

This is Vogue 8469, one of their “Very Easy, Very Vogue” patterns.  I bought some lovely black voile from Fabricmart during their sale last week, and I plan to make the sash and midriff in the contrasting color.  If I have a break today (not likely, but you never know!) I will cut the pattern.  I think I can manage without a muslin… famous last words, I know, but here’s hoping!

Another thing that spring brings to mind for me is crochet.  I learned to crochet before I could knit, and it’s something I have always loved to do.  Unfortunately, it’s somewhat hard to find decent crochet patterns.  I personally don’t like crochet in thick yarns, which is what many US patterns call for (I do love to make doilies, but that’s another topic…)  I have a ton (really, a ton) of Japanese crochet and knitting publications, and those have great crochet patterns for thin yarns.  Since I haven’t done much crocheting lately, I’m going to start with a pattern in English (the diagrams in the Japanese books still scare me!)

This is the Moth Wings Shrug, published in Interweave Crochet magazine last year.  I managed to accidentally buy the called for yarn last week – I thought it was pretty, and I thought of making a doily (for my planned “wall of framed doilies,”) but then I realized that this pattern actually calls for this yarn (well, thread really… this is about equivalent to #10 crochet thread.)  I think this will be a lovely topper for sleeveless summer dresses.  It’s made of individual square motifs, which are joined with slip stitches as you go (much better than having a million ends to weave in later!)

So that’s my plans for the week.  I’m also working on that buttonband tutorial – it may be next week before I get it up, as this weekend is the Kentucky Derby, and I live right in the midst of it.  I have a friend coming in town to stay with us for the festivities, and parties to attend (though we will not actually be going to the race… I am not really a racing fan at all, I just like the resulting parties, where people wear silly hats and then remember why they swore to never drink another mint julep.)

17 thoughts on “Stopping before I even get started…

  1. Sorry to hear the dress didn’t work out, but I love the moth wings shrug pattern. So feminine! Since you accidentally bought the yarn, you have to make it now. Destiny. 🙂

  2. Oh, I’m very excited to see how you like Vogue 8469. I just started sewing (partly inspired by you!) and I’m on the lookout for an easy summer dress to try.

  3. That crochet shrug is so pretty! I can’t wait to see the FO. I’m with you on crochet with thick yarns; it always feels too dense and thick to me. I also love to crochet doilies, but I was never sure what to do with them. I never thought of framing and hanging them (forehead slapping moment!).

  4. I love Vogue 8469! I made a version in bright blue linen blend a few years ago and wear it all the time in the spring and summer. Its very comfortable and flattering. Looking forward to seeing your version – I love the idea of the contrast midriff and sash!

  5. I think B5600 is one of those patterns that look easy and like it will fit any size but it takes alot of work to make that simple & easy work…I know because I’m in the midst of a version now. So I totally get you putting the pieces back in the envelope for another time!

  6. Oh! I’m happy to see you make that shrug. I’ve contemplated making that pattern, but I don’t think shrugs work on my thick waisted body. Plus, I have to be very motivated to complete granny square projects. I love for my crochet to be continuous – the kind of thing where I can sit on the couch, put my feet up, and crochet for hours on end. I’m looking forward to seeing how your shrug turns out.

    I’m sad to hear about the Butterick disappointment. I actually bought that pattern after seeing you post it, and I’m planning to make it in a brown chambray. But after hearing your and Carolyn’s frustration with the pattern, I may put another project in front of it…

  7. You are a very talented lady! I’m about to feature you on my blog, but thought I’d give you a heads up before I do. You can check out what I’m doing by going to my blog and clicking on the Show and Tell label on the left hand side of my blog. Your post will be added tomorrow morning.

    1. Pierrot yarns (Japanese company) has a lot of crochet and knitting patterns here The patterns are in both Japanese and English. Also, they have a group on ravelry and there are other people on ravelry who can help with Japanese patterns.
      I knit a tank top from a Pierrot pattern and while I didn’t understand everything, it came out great.

  8. “Belting can only do so much”
    Wise words! Good for you, for recognizing that it wasn’t going to work. Sometimes I stubbornly keep going in situations like that and then, of course, regret it.

  9. Thank you for posting your frustrations about B5600. I have noticed that more and more on new patterns. It seems to me that many new patterns have no measurements listed on the envelope. I often base my pattern purchase on sizing, and with all of them varying so much, this makes it difficult. The Vogue pattern you’re going with looks adorable.

  10. As for crochet patterns, have you checked out They have a huge pattern database and plenty of thread patterns.

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