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Buttonbands… ugh

You may be wondering where my Audrey sweater is – isn’t it finished by now?  Well, yes, but I am having some technical difficulties!  All was well until I attached the buttonband.  It looks fine buttoned until you move at all, then this happens:

The buttons and holes are lined up, but I think the band itself is a bit long.  It’s picked up and knitting onto the finished fronts, and I used the pattern ratio of stitches to pick up, but I really think there should be fewer.  There is just too much fabric to stretch out between the buttonholes.  I’m not in the mood to rip back, so I’m going to try reinforcing the band with a grosgrain ribbon first.  I plan to do a tutorial on that, as I have seen a few people asking for one.

On my next sweater I’m going to use my sewing machine to make machined buttonholes.  I know a few people who do, and they don’t have the issues with flimsy buttonholes that I always do!

To make myself feel better, I’m wearing a successful sweater project today:

This sweater is Honey from the Kim Hargreaves book Nectar.  It was fun to knit, and the yarn (all-seasons cotton by Rowan) has held up like iron.  And look – pants!  I don’t like wearing pants anymore, but today I was in the mood for some reason.

Look for another post today with my next sewing project!

17 thoughts on “Buttonbands… ugh

  1. My humble recommendation was going to be trying grosgrain, so I hope it works out! I’d love to see how you machine buttonholes come out as I haven’t had success with them on my knitting – but I think I didn’t interface enough, or I should have put some type of stabilizer on the top, too.

  2. Ughh, buttonholes are the bane of my existance too.
    Love what you’re wearing today by the way…the sweater and gorgeous and the pants look great!

  3. Love your Honey cardi! Looks great with your pants. I did not know you could a sewing machine to do button holes on knitted projects! ( I have not been knitting for very long) Would love to see a tutorial on putting ribbon on the button hole bands

  4. Pants! They look fantastic on you – especially with your gorgeous sweater. Your legs look amazingly long! Did you sew the pants yourself?

  5. You have amazing talent (and experience)! I have problems crocheting to patterns that don’t fit my body; I’ve spent countless hours ripping it out and starting it again. ug. Your second sweater is chique.

  6. Ugh, I hate picking up stitches and knitting the band that way.. it never quite works out. Totally feel your pain on this one (although I actually think it looks fine).

  7. I’ve just re-discovered crocheting by taking a class from Cal Patch where I learned mostly about crocheting on the edges of knitting. It was like a revelation. I’m finishing a cardigan now on which I think I’ll do all of the edges including the buttonband, in crochet. Making buttonholes in crochet was nice!

  8. You are really ripping through the sweater patterns! I wish I had your dedication and energy! The dark colors look great on you today!

  9. I was going to say, “I should ‘favorite’ that gorgeous Honey sweater” — and discovered it’s already in my favorites! That really came out lovely, and the charcoal gray works so well with the pattern.

  10. I have been a long-time admirer of your blog and your sewing projects – you are very inspiring! Your blog is inspiring me as I hope this year to finally improve my (very basic) sewing skills.

    But this is the first time I’ve seen you in trousers, so I had to comment (or pants as I think Americans call them). You look great in trousers!

  11. Do you think it would lie any flatter after it’s washed? The Honey sweater is really nice–I like the monochromatic look of the outfit.

  12. if you look at the picture of the orange sweater in the original image for the pattern, it looks like the button holes are supposed to be wavy like that!

  13. Have you had the Kim Hargreaves book, “Nectar” or did you just get it? I’m looking for it so that I can make the sweater “Honey”….You look gorgeous in yours!!

  14. I just found your blog and I think your work is beautiful. The more I look at blogs the more I think I need to branch out from just sewing and finally learn how to knit. Thanks for all the beautiful inspiration.

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