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Buttonbands… ugh

You may be wondering where my Audrey sweater is – isn’t it finished by now?  Well, yes, but I am having some technical difficulties!  All was well until I attached the buttonband.  It looks fine buttoned until you move at all, then this happens:

The buttons and holes are lined up, but I think the band itself is a bit long.  It’s picked up and knitting onto the finished fronts, and I used the pattern ratio of stitches to pick up, but I really think there should be fewer.  There is just too much fabric to stretch out between the buttonholes.  I’m not in the mood to rip back, so I’m going to try reinforcing the band with a grosgrain ribbon first.  I plan to do a tutorial on that, as I have seen a few people asking for one.

On my next sweater I’m going to use my sewing machine to make machined buttonholes.  I know a few people who do, and they don’t have the issues with flimsy buttonholes that I always do!

To make myself feel better, I’m wearing a successful sweater project today:

This sweater is Honey from the Kim Hargreaves book Nectar.  It was fun to knit, and the yarn (all-seasons cotton by Rowan) has held up like iron.  And look – pants!  I don’t like wearing pants anymore, but today I was in the mood for some reason.

Look for another post today with my next sewing project!