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Decisions (In which I am bad at them!)

I spent Easter weekend in Cincinnati – I was hired by a downtown church to sing their Easter masses, and we stayed with my husband’s family.  I had intended to finish up my Audrey sweater, but I left the instructions at home!  Still, it is nearly finished now (I worked on it last night while I performed my lone Easter tradition – watching Jesus Christ Superstar.)  Here is where I am:

I shortened the sleeves to elbow length – I turned out to be just a tiny bit short on yarn, so I finished everything except the sleeves and weighed my remaining yarn to determine how long I could make them.  This yarn (manos silk blend) is beautiful, but I can’t recommend it because it’s pilling while I knit with it – not a good sign for the longevity of my sweater!  I have not bought buttons yet.  Due to the intensity of the color, I can’t match the yarn, so I’m trying to find some contrasting (likely black) buttons that are unusual.

While in Cincinnati, I visited my favorite yarn store there (Knit On in Newport) and bought some yarn for my next knitting  project:

I’ve never used this yarn (Cascade Ultra Pima) but it has the most beautiful shine!  I have wanted to make this sweater forever, but I’m just now getting to it.

Obviously I haven’t been sewing, since I’ve been away from my machine, but I am ready to start my next project tomorrow.  The problem?  I can’t decide which of these dresses to make!  The first:

Vogue 8728 in poly charmeuse.  This pattern had a rather bad review posted to Patternreview the other day, which only makes me more anxious to try it out.  I read through the directions, and they are definitely vintage – the dress uses lapped seams, and sew-in interfacing.  It also has an unusual method of gathering the neck, involving tear away stabilizer.

Butterick 5600, which I mentioned last week, in chambray with pink buttons.  I would probably use the little puffy sleeves as well, but that’s not certain!

So… what say you all?  Which one should I make next?  Otherwise it will probably take me all week to settle on one!

28 thoughts on “Decisions (In which I am bad at them!)

  1. I’d like to see you make the Vogue pattern as it looks really interesting and since seeing it am considering it for myself, so please make that one next! The Audrey sweater looks amazing! Why not get some shell buttons, the iridescence will pick up on the shade of the sweater if you don’t want black?

  2. Oohh thats a tough one.
    I think I would go for the most difficult first otherwise I would put it off I think! It looks like a fab dress!

  3. I vote for the Vogue pattern, too. I like the pattern…love the fabric, should be an amazing dress. I also vote for the mother of pearl buttons(okay, no original thoughts from me today!)not matchy but classy.
    Thats all…unoriginal out….

  4. I was reading your post in Google Reader and the next post to show up had a finished version of Butterick 5600, very strange indeed!

    I love both the dresses, I think it depends on what type of fabric you feel like dealing with, personally I’d always choose cotton over something slippy unless I was feeling particularly confident that day in my sewing skills!

  5. Your Audrey is looking gorgeous, but I’m sorry to hear it’s already pilling. I also can’t wait to see your Anais. It is such a nice design. As for my dress vote, the top one is lovely, but if it were me, I’d probably go for the Butterick, as it looks easier to complete.

  6. Please make the Vogue dress. I have that pattern and would love a review on it. I really enjoy reading your blog and you have the best taste in patterns and fabric.

  7. I look forward to seeing both of these dresses. I’ve had the Vogue one on my wishlist for a while now, waiting to see how it works out for someone else so I’d love to see it on you. The Butterick is a nice design too, somehow I’ve overlooked it – until now.
    Happy sewing!

  8. I was just saying a few days ago that I didn’t know of any good yarn stores in Cincinnati, so I’m glad I read your post today! I don’t get across the river very often, but I’ll definitely make a special trip to find Knit On. I’ve only recently started trying to teach myself how to crochet, and the yarn at Jo-Ann and Hobby Lobby leaves a lot to be desired. Thanks for the tip!

  9. The Vogue, definitely. I love that one.

    Your Audrey is beautiful and I especially love the bold colour. I adore Kim Hargreaves’ designs and am looking forward to seeing your finished Anais.

  10. I’d like to see the vintage vogue for completely selfish reasons – I’m hoping to sew that one up soon too!

  11. Definitely the Butterick. It has such a comfy/casual look to it which would be complemented by the use of chambray fabric; comfy casual chambray!!

  12. I vote for the Butterick 5600 since it’s more spring-y than summer-y (nautical stuff makes me think of summertime) and because it’ll be a less stressful project to take on after your trip.

  13. Like others, I want to see the Vogue design — I am about to cut it in a practice thinish, poly satin, and then make it in silk crepe or thin cotton. However, I think the second dress is probably simpler and more satisfying to make next — it looks like you could wear it right away, while the vogue dress seems more laborious and finnicky.

    As much as I would love to see the vogue dress next, this is for more selfish reasons; so in order to be honest (and less selfish), I suggest the second dress is the one to go with –the pink buttons look great.

  14. I definitely love the shirt-dress, although it looks a tad like something you could find retail, like at Gap, or even Target on a good day.

  15. I vote for the Butterick – you’ll be able to wear it with your Audrey sweater. They would look great together!

    Also, last fall I crocheted a baby dress in the Casade pima in the same color you chose. I loved it! It was smooth and easy to work with. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on it.

  16. Butterick 5600, for purely selfish reasons, I have that pattern and am interested in seeing it made up. The blue and pink look great too.

  17. I vote for the Butterick because it has more everyday wearability. The Vogue is gorgeous, though. And I just have to mention that I too have a thing for Jesus Christ SUperstar. I didnt grow up in a religious household but I had watched that movie 100 times before I was 10. Once I went to Sunday school with a friend and started quoting some of the lyrics. The teacher must have thought I was nuts.

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