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I’m off this week, due to the public schools’ spring break.  I feel like I was just on vacation (because I was) so I didn’t have any real plans for this week.  Inspired by Carolyn, I’m declaring this week to be a sewcation!  I’m hoping to get to three garments, and I’ve already begun a spring maxi dress (above.)

I haven’t seen anyone else tackle this new Simplicity pattern (2219.)  So far it’s been lovely to sew, though the corners do require a bit of thought.  I’m doing a self-lining, as I do with almost all lined knits.  I bought this fabric on ebay, my number one source for nice knit prints.  It’s a really nice quality rayon with a bit of a textured appearance.  I don’t own any knit maxis, and this is the first of two I’m planning for warm weather.  It should be finished today (the skirt bit is not complicated.)  What else am I planning?

Butterick 5603 (another new (well, old pattern, new reprint) pattern) in this cotton/linen print.  I love the tied shoulders.  Here’s hoping it looks ok, since I know I won’t be able to match the print at every seam.

Butterick 5491 in rayon knit print.  I used to own a dress with a similar cut, and I wore it until it fell apart.  Hopefully I will have enough of the fabric to self-line, because my Joann’s is already sold out of this print!  If not I will pick up some cheap, thin knit to line (I dislike tricot, which is what people usually recommend to line a knit.)

So… wish me luck, as I turn my third floor sewing room into my personal sweatshop this week!

20 thoughts on “Sewcation!

  1. Good luck on your projects. I love the Simplicity 2219 – I think you picked a beautiful fabric for it! I almost made it for myself, too, but I was worried I wouldn’t wear it? Crazy! Maybe I should look around for a similarly beautiful print!.

    1. I bought it at Joann’s last week. It’s in one of their special collections – the one with the nautical/American theme. They have another color of it in their normal linen section. I love it – and it doesn’t wrinkle too badly!

  2. Yeap ~ me too turning green with envy! I have a few days off next week and will have 5 days to sew but nuthin is as good as an entire week! I hope you get all of your projects finished.

  3. I plan to make the Simplicity 2219 maxi dress for this summer, but I don’t have the fabric yet. I love your fabrics. Have a fun sewcation.

  4. Sounds like fun! That maxi is such a great design, I know it will turn out lovely. Thanks for the ebay tip for knits. just re-stocked a bunch of knits as well.

  5. Hi,

    I am ateempting the same maxi dress though in the shorted length. Will try to sel line just as u are doing. Love all ur dresses and the way u put them together

  6. Hi,
    Had a question about 2219. did u add the interfacing as suggested in the pattern? I did and I think I dont like it. Would love to knwo what you did

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