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Spring fabrics, mmm day 27

This afternoon my serger decided to stop working.  I panicked, imagining myself having to buy a new one, but as it turns out it just doesn’t work correctly with larger cones of thread.  I usually use Guttermann Todi-lock or Maxi lock, but I had bought a large cone of black.  No good – it wouldn’t spool correctly, and repeatedly broke the needle thread.  I had to go to Joann’s to pick up some black serger cones.  They had a 25% off your entire purchase (including sale items) coupon this weekend, and it was madness!  When I got my ticket for the cutting table there were 20 people ahead of me.  I decided to get some fabrics from their new Spring collections, at least the ones that were also on sale – I doubt I will be able to get them so cheaply before they hit clearance!  As I’ve said before, Joann’s seems to be trying to improve their garment sewing game, and the new collections are very nice.  I also got to see the Lisette fabrics, though they were not on sale, and they seem like nice quality to me.  Here is what I got:


Clockwise from top left: 1. Rayon/lycra knit for Butterick 5491.  My obsession with painted looking fabrics continues.  2. Linen/cotton blend print, to make retro Butterick 5603 (the tie shoulder version.) 3. Poly charmeuse to make the new Vintage Vogue reprint 8728.  I am not a huge fan of polyester, but I wanted to make this dress cheaply to start out with.  I do love the nautical print! 4. Stretch cotton sateen for DKNY pattern Vogue 1220.

I also found a yarn in my stash to use for my sweater:

This is Manos wool/silk blend.  I have part of it knit into a tuscany shawl (which will never be finished) and I’m ready to frog it.  I am not totally decided on the pattern, but I’m leaning towards Audrey in Unst.  I think it will look great in this color, and I have just the correct amount of yarn.

Finally, here is my me-made-March outfit of the day.

Sweater: Knitted by me, the “Not so shrunken” cardigan

Dress: Vogue 1225, Tracy Reese design

Shoes: Mia

This sweater is really too big for me, so I’m wearing it wrapped around a bit.  I love this dress (and yes, it still needs a hem… I am so chicken about hemming knits!)

Sweater closeup:

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Upcoming projects, Simplicity Summer 2011

I made a muslin of the Lisette pattern, and I feel like fitting it would be more than I’m up to right now.  I have a rather narrow upper chest (at least compared to my giant singer’s ribcage) and tend to avoid higher necklines.  This one wasn’t super high, but it definitely needed adjusting.  The darts on the pattern are the sort that don’t close on the top, and I have trouble getting those to lie smoothly (in addition, the darts would need to be lowered by an inch on me.)  I don’t want to do anything complicated right now, so I’m putting it away and looking for another pattern for my city fabric.  Later on I think I will try the cute jacket from the pattern.  In the meantime, I’ve cut this project:

Simplicity 2281

It looks straightforward, but I am going to check the bodice length – it looks to have the possibility of being too long.  I’m not doing the waist decoration, but I am considering piping the waist seam – it depends on how it looks when I baste to fit.  This fabric is a rayon challis that I bought off ebay, possibly vintage.  I love the polka dots!

Since I enjoyed knitting the shawl (and my hands didn’t suffer too much, but I know I have to be careful,) I’m planning to make a sweater next.  These are the two patterns I am considering:

First is Anais by Kim Hargreaves.  The second sweater is Audrey in Unst by Gudrun Johnston (from Twist Collective Fall 2009.)  Which one I make rather depends on which one I have yarn for – it’s going to require some digging!  Both look to be good sweaters to wear with dresses, which is my goal.  I have remarkable few cardigans that I feel like work with the dresses I now favor.

Lastly, Simplicity has released their Summer 2011 patterns on their website.  My favorite is 2178, the Cynthia Rowley dress:

The shoulder treatment is fun.  I have a slightly crinkley rayon that might work for this, in a hot pink/black gingham.  I have been at a loss what to make with it, but this might work!

I also like the two new Project Runway patterns:

They aren’t perhaps setting the world on fire with innovation, but both these patterns are very pretty summer dresses.  I don’t own any similar patterns.  The rest of the patterns are a wash for me – I’m not feeling any of the sportswear, and the other dresses aren’t my style.  There is a rather nice steampunk costume pattern, which I would definitely make if I were invited to the sort of costume party where people actually wear elaborate costumes.

Perhaps today I will get in some sewing – I have much to do to prepare for my recital, but I think I have time!