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Vogue patterns, Summer 2011

I was surprised to find an email from Vogue in my inbox this morning.  Summer patterns already?  Yes, please!  Vogue is reliably my favorite pattern company, and I found plenty to like here.

8728 is my pick of the two new vintage Vogues.  It must be from the 1940s.  I love the ruched bodice.   I have a pretty rayon crepe that might work for this dress.  The other new Vintage Vogue is a beautiful ball gown, which I have no use for, but if you do it is beautiful!

1235 and 1236 are both DKNY designs.  They both look easy enough, and are designs that would be flattering on a variety of body types.  I would leave out the pockets in both (pockets bother me unless they are a design element.  I’m forever removing them from RTW clothes because I hate when you can see the pocket bag from the outside.  I think I’m the only one.)  I would make the first design in a jersey print with a solid waistband, and the second in a seersucker (but a more cheerful colored one than the version modeled!)

1249 is by Mark & James (a Badgley Mischka sub line.)  Ok, so I know jumpsuits are controversial, but I really like this one.  The bodice is boned to help it stay up. I think with the right shoes it could be very lengthening.  Plus I like the ruffle, and I’m imagining wearing it under a jacket.  Calls for crepe matte jersey, and I would make it in black or navy.

8723 goes on my list because it uses border prints.  I don’t buy border prints as a rule (because I can never find good patterns for them) but I have one that I really want to use up this summer!

8727 is an easy options pattern that includes this shaped midriff dress.  The pattern also includes a halter option, but I don’t do halter necks (they have never looked right on me for some reason.)

There are some other strong patterns that wouldn’t work on my body type, but I think will look fabulous on others.  Overall a pretty strong collection!  I can’t wait to get started – the 1940s dress is first on my list!


5 thoughts on “Vogue patterns, Summer 2011

  1. Awesome! I was also really pleased with the offerings. I did a very similar post this morning and picked almost the exact same patterns. 🙂

  2. I love that jumpsuit pattern, but how exactly does one go about using the restroom while wearing one? Do you have to take the whole thing off? You made some cute choices, I really like that 1940’s dress. 🙂

  3. I love the same patterns (and always leave off pockets!) Not sure I could pull off the strapless jumpsuit but love the look. Definitely the best selection of the past 12 months.

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